[Closed] REBELWISE DAO | Marketing | September 2022

Greetings @marketingdao-council, we are seeking approval of our marketing proposal for the month of September.

DAO: Rebelwise DAO Introduction

Council members / team roles

Report of Previous Months

Recent successes

As we continue to build momentum, the month of September consists of projects and events that will progress towards our goals to expand our presence within the NEAR ecosystem and promote NEAR to our network through our virtual events.

This month we will

  • Offer our first performance in the NEARVERSE on September 13th, with our community collaborators Primordia DAO.
  • Host our first producer series (1.5 hour) event that will stream live on multiple platforms, speaking about our release from last month, Warrior Vow and sharing insights into the artistic craft. → Producer Series Project Explainer .
  • Host a music video virtual premiere screening event in a NEAR virtual space, showcasing our last 2 music videos supported by NEAR.

These events will require promotion and with each social media post, we will mention that we are proud community members of NEAR. This will in turn raise awareness, build trust and familiarity about the NEAR ecosystem with our community.

We will also post our events on the NEAR community calendar and we will continue to engage with the NEAR community with the potential for collaboration.

In addition, as part of our social media posting plan, we will promote our new NFT store and provide education about creating wallets to our community, utilizing our Satori NFT reward.

Posting / Content Release Plan (September)

  • 4 posts on our Instagram and Facebook (2 images, 2 videos) + at least 4 stories per week
  • In addition to the creation of new content, we will organize previous unused content (behind the scenes, lifestyle and creative process) to be loaded into our calendar for consistent posting.

At the time of writing this proposal, Rebelwise DAO has the following metrics:

These 4 platforms mentioned will be our main focus this month and we are aiming to reach the following numbers by the end of September:

  • Instagram: 150 followers (+16)
  • Facebook: 260 followers (+15)
  • YouTube: 52 Subscribers (+10)

Additional Metrics

  • Attendance of 25 or more for our first Producer Series event.
  • Attendance of 5 or more to our music video virtual showcase event in the NEAR virtual space.
  • Creation of 2 or more new wallets utilizing our Satori NFTs.

During the coming months, we will analyze the work done to determine the best strategies for the future.

Additional Goals

  • Continued education and transition of current members into mentorship roles.
  • Continued promotion and building our presence in the NEAR community, sharing our offerings, engaging and connecting with community members.

Funding Scheme: Monthly

Funding Details for September

  • Creation of a professional promotional flyer for our producer series: $100
  • Creation of social media graphics for our producer series (4 images + 2 videos): $120
  • Creation of 3 pieces of promotional music video virtual premiere screening event in a NEAR virtual space: $80
  • Creation of 8 pieces of social media content utilizing our recent music video release, Warrior Vow: $180
  • Dedicated social media manager delivering: 4 posts on our Instagram and Facebook (2 images, 2 videos) + at least 4 stories per week: $400
  • Organization of past unused content to be loaded onto our social media calendar: $240

Total: $1120 USD in DAI Stablecoin

NEAR Wallet ID / DAO: quincydavis.near → REBELWISE AstroDAO

Feel free to let us know if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you Marketing Council! :blue_heart: :fire:

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Hi @sevenvision

This project wasn’t funded in August on the basis of it not meeting the goals of adding new wallets or benefiting the Near ecosystem at large.

Unfortunately, it is still a no from me.

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What is the relationship between the Sevenvision DAO and Rebelwise?

I note that there has been a lot of controversy around Creatives DAO projects and their participants creating a web of projects to extract maximum amount of value. These practices are not and will not be tolerated on the Marketing DAO.

Hello, would you like to apply for a Mindbase grant?


Seven Vision DAO has provided video production services for REBELWISE DAO in the past. That being said, they are 2 DAOs that do completely different things, have different audiences and different missions. They have collaborated in the past but have never asked for funding for the same project. So therefore, there is no “web of projects” seeking to extract maximum value. You can look at each of our proposals and see that they are for separate projects.

Being a member of 2 DAOs seems to be common practice among folks. Are you not also a member of 2 DAOs as well?

There is no controversy. Our proposal was denied because of a technicality - one member being a member of a 3rd DAO that was set up incorrectly when they were first learning, was never used, and there is no way to delete it.

Thanks for your response.


Will check this out, thanks @Dacha.