[CLOSED] Reality Near App launch event - March 24th - Lima, Perú

Hi! We are Reality Near, a metaverse for educational centers and malls built inside the NEAR ecosystem. Within our project, we are building an app for AR experiences and it is launching on March.

We want to make a release event and take advantage of this opportunity to grow the community of this project and make the NEAR ecosystem known to more people. We expect it to have 800-1000 attendees, including other founders, VCs, angel investors, and common users; and at least 50% of them to create a NEAR wallet for them to use. We can contact with national media so it can be fully covered by it. We have already done some of this events, where we expected to have 60-70 atendees, and ended up welcoming 300 paxs aprox. One of our co-founders have more than 20 years of experience doing massive events, so we have the contacts, places, and everything we need to make this event succesful.

At the moment, we already have some brands interested in being part of this event, like jaggermeister, hendrick’s, and some friend brands of the web3 community here in Lima.

We need $10 000 to make this launch event possible, so we can have some tech and non-tech influencers to promote the event, rent the location, get 4-5 influencers, media coverage and press, DJs and national artists, and catering. We want to make this event unforgettable to all the attendees!

The NEAR Wallet ID for the transfer is javierbambaren.near, and the wallet’s owner name is Javier Bambaren.

Thanks for the support!

The Reality Near Team.

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Good Morning! I think its a not the best time for any events in Peru.


Good afternoon! Let us explain the situation in our country. Peru has been in a state of emergency since the start of the pandemic and because of this, and it has continued to expand. A few months ago, a political situation occurred, in which the current ex-president wanted to carry out a coup, since he was being investigated for cases of corruption and terrorism. Within hours of his failed attempt, he ended up in jail. Some conflicts did occur in the country by a very small group of people who wanted to generate pressure so that they won´t be removed from power. They were 2 complicated weeks, but finally the situation was brought under control (The information seen in some foreign media is stronger than it really was; Lets remember that every media needs to sell a story).

Likewise, the social events continued. We ourselves have participated in several, and a super opportunity is being presented for projects like Reality Near, which seeks to generate opportunities for economic and educational development. So much so, that they are inviting us to various talks nationwide, both face-to-face and virtual. This is why we want to take advantage of this opportunity to attract as many users as possible and not just from the existing web3 community.

We’d love to tell you more about the project, so anytime, let’s chat! Our mission is to help build the ecosystem for everyone in Near.

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Hi @DamianGamarra thanks for your proposal.

I note that this is your first post in the forum and the amount requested, unfortunately i am unable to support.

i suggest you focus on building organically and show the community what you are capable of.

Hi @DamianGamarra thanks for the proposal – at this stage, there’s not enough information here for me to support it. Here are a few comments I’ll share to explain my thinking:

  • As @cryptocredit mentioned, this is your first time posting on the forum, and you’re requesting exactly the amount of our funding cap. We are unlikely to fund first-time forum users to that degree without a referral from the NEAR Foundation or solid knowledge of the project and team.
  • There’s not a specific budget or explanation of costs here. That would be required for funding of any amount.
  • We require an outline of metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) along with proposals so we can track the success of a project. There are no KPIs here.
  • There’s no substantiating information about the team, experience with NEAR, links to social or projects.
  • We also do not pay for PR or influencer marketing. Those are out of our scope currently.

I’d recommend participating in the ecosystem, building up some support and community around your Reality NEAR project and coming back to us when you can propose something that is a fit for Marketing DAO guidelines.