[CLOSED] RaindropsDAO 'Raindrops LitVerse Festival' 2nd edition | July 2023

Hello Team,

I represent RaindropsDAO, a global community that aims to support and empower artists, poets, developers, and authors all over the world. We are excited to share our plan of action for our upcoming event and how we can make it even larger and more impactful than our previous event.

Our previous event, the Raindrops Art Festival, was a huge success.

Raindrops LitVerse Festival
Our festival provided an open platform for artists, musicians, and other creative individuals to showcase their talents and connect with like-minded people from all over the world.
We held an on-spot painting competition, which gave artists the opportunity to showcase their skills and compete with each other in a fun and exciting environment.
We also held an on-spot art auction, which allowed attendees to bid on their favorite pieces and take home a unique and one-of-a-kind art piece.

Our mission for this event is to Onboard Web3 Authors to Near Space and create value for the ecosystem by hosting both an offline and online event. We aim to achieve the following objectives:
Create more than 100+ Near Wallets and send NFTs to participants to increase awareness and adoption of Near Protocol and the RaindropsDAO community.
Organize the first Metaverse Event for the Near India Community to bring together creators and enthusiasts from different parts of the world.
Influence people to join Near University and Near Certified Courses by connecting them with 30 big influencers and authors globally on this event.
Invite 100 best-selling authors to talk about Near and influence people to join the Near Protocol.
Create a new set of artwork and passes for the Web3 community, which will be available on our Raindrops Project, providing open access to connect with our 300 authors community.
Holders of NFTs will get early access to Near Event, Raindrops LitFestival, and online seminar sessions and Metaverse meet-ups.

We hope to make this event even more successful and impactful than our previous one, and we are excited to have you all on board with us!

Our event website: www.raindropsfest.com (more details to be updated about the event)
Here is the link to the pitchdeck: [RaindropsFest 2023.pdf - Google Drive] to give you more idea of whats in plans
Since it is a literary event, we are inviting other sponsors to support the event, but NEAR will be our main ecosystem sponsor/partner.
We had approached NEAR INDIA HUB, who advised sending the proposal to the Marketing DAO.
NEAR INDIA members will be speakers during this event and will promote and talk about NEAR and its future plans.

  • Guild name RaindropsDAO
  • Funding scheme: One Time
  • Funding Details
  • Total requested amount in USD and NEAR (price based at the time of posting) $3000 USD
  • NEAR Wallet ID / DAO bernarddsa.near
  • Wallet owner’s name: bernard dsa


CREATIVES/SWAGS + NFTs - $200 (50 Students)
WALLET CREATION - $50 ( 100-300 Nos)

(all the above mentioned will have NEAR Logo along with RaindropsDAO logo)

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Raindrops LitVerse Festival was held on June 11–12, 2022, at Sarjapur, Bengaluru, India.

One of the old media coverage done by our author:

Our post-event media coverage:

This event was a memorable one with over 2500+ literature lovers. This has opened a new dimension for writers, creative folks, and web3 enthusiasts. Raindrops LitVerse Festival has built a strong foundation for literature lovers to explore the world of web3 and build a community of like-minded folks. Raindrops Books Private Limited, the publishing firm behind this mega event, is happy that they have been able to bring back literature lovers under one roof. Ever since the pandemic, things have been difficult, but now everything is back and it is good to see an engaged crowd at the Raindrops LitVerse Festival. (excerpt from the article)

Hi @bernarddsa – thanks for the proposal. A few questions:

  • Can you supply any information on how many people adopted web3 and/or NEAR as a result of your 2022 event?
  • Your current web site is still in its 2022 version, when will the 2023 event details be public?
  • How will receiving the funding requested benefit the NEAR ecosystem as much if not more than your initiative? We allocated funds to projects that can directly add value to the NEAR ecosystem.
  • Why was the NEAR India HUB unable to assist with funding given that this is a regional event?


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Thanks @so608

  1. The 2022 event was held on June 11th and 12th. Although we did not become active until August 2022, we started RaindropsDAO with the goal of onboarding event participants to the NEAR Ecosystem. We recognized the value of introducing these individuals to our platform and empowering them to become active members of our community.

  2. While we have prepared the necessary data, we are currently in discussions with a number of speakers, sponsors, and collaborators to confirm their involvement in the event. We understand the importance of ensuring that all aspects of the event are finalized before we make the information available to the public.

  3. In addition to the metrics mentioned, there are three additional key performance indicators that we will be monitoring closely:
    a) Increasing the number of individuals onboarded to the NEAR Ecosystem
    b) Encouraging all event participants to create wallets and become actively engaged with our platform
    c) Facilitating the showcasing of their artwork on both Mintbase and Paras marketplaces. We believe this will be a valuable opportunity for artists to connect with potential buyers and showcase their work to a wider audience.

  4. During our last two meetings with Nearhub, we received positive feedback regarding our proposal to hold a panel discussion on the ecosystem and the advantages of being in the Near Ecosystem. Nearhub has expressed interest in attending and participating in this panel discussion, which is a great opportunity for us to showcase the benefits of Near and build stronger relationships with potential partners.

In addition to discussing the panel discussion, we also talked about the possibility of sponsorship and were advised to send our sponsorship proposal to the Marketing DAO. This will allow us to gain more visibility and support for our event, which could lead to even more positive outcomes for our team and Nearhub.

Thanks for your proposal Bernard,

I do not support this proposal. See notes and reasoning;

  1. There is not a strong enough connection between attendees (literature community) and the NEAR strategic goals. Priority right now are developers and builders. For general users there would ave to be a strong connection to the target app within ecosystem they are expected to become users of.
  2. As the ecosystem evolves, we have also moved past the lower thresholds to simply ‘onboard people’ by opening a wallet or providing information. Going forward, to be able to justify the use of Community Funding, we’d like to see a much more comprehensive plan that considers how to Aquire, Convert, and Retain the target audience. An example of this would be partnering with event organisers to create unique experiences for attendees that leverage NEAR core stack such as Keypom - (ticketing, NFT drops, etc.)
  3. A couple extra things to consider - if we were willing to proceed with the event, there would ahve to be a lot of planning and reassurances around the NEAR branding, presence, background of speakers, etc.
  4. In general, seems like the subject matter of this proposal would be best suited for Creatives DAO. Alternatively, India Hub should have discretion to fund it as well.

Hope you find this helpful. Let me know if you have any questions,


Well, @satojandro I understand that we need to make changes that are best suited for our supporters, sponsors, and well wishers. Our main agenda is not just to onboard people, but also to add value to the ecosystem. To do this, we have recently onboarded a new team that has been working hard on preparing for the event.

Perhaps we could connect over a call to discuss how we can make this event more impactful. We are not just planning a one-off event, but we want to make this a regular occurrence. Our goal is for NEAR to become our ecosystem partner and for us to work together to create a thriving community.

In order to achieve this, we need to think about how to involve more people in our planning and execution process. Additionally, we could explore ways to incorporate more interactive elements into the event to make it more engaging for attendees. (Keypom - (ticketing, NFT drops)

Overall, we are excited about the possibilities and are committed to making this event a success. Thank you for being so supportive, and we look forward to working together to create a better future for our ecosystem.

Thank you for your proposal. Unfortunately, I can’t support it.

Hi @bernarddsa thanks for bearing with us while we have reviewed this proposal. I cannot support it. I think in order to support in the future, I would need to see more evidence of traction and a community that is interested in the NEAR ecosystem. For example, if you had an event or initiative in the future that integrated or partnered with a NEAR dApp or tool such as Keypom, a NEAR NFT solution, etc., then it might be easier to support.

I do encourage you to keep building and participating in the ecosystem.