[Closed] Procd Dao's Marketing Proposal for September 2022

Hello @marketingdao-council
We are soliciting our first request for marketing funding so that we can publicize our Near approved projects.
Below is our request for support and we count on the collaboration of Marketing Dao so that together we can promote our work in the Near Network ecosystem


DAO: Procd DAO
Type of Financing: Monthly
Project: Social Media Management September
Council: @dazo @Joy @TayOlua
Links: linktr.ee/procdbrasil
Target Address: procd.sputnik-dao.near

Request Amount: 450 USD in Dai

July was our first month and we focused on building the Dao team and supporting the proposals being developed. August we understand the importance of working on our marketing so that we can further expand the dissemination of our content. Our media work is being talked about with all Dao members, we had meetings with people from marketing and we understand that we need to spread our content on the social network and in the Near community.

Procd Dao is looking to build its team through onboarding with people who are not yet members of the Near community. For this reason we are gradually building up our marketing to be able to follow and support every detail to the new onboarders.

In September we will be starting with the designer and social media, and from October we intend to have also another person for twitter. In September Dazo our council will be managing Dao’s twitter while onboarding the integrant for twitter.

Our marketing roadmap


Monthly assignments for the social media management position are:

  • Instagram: Management, 4 posts per week and stories - 200 USD
  • Designer: Creating artwork to promote Dao on social media - 200 USD
  • Twitter: 3 posts and retweets per week
  • Telegram: Community calls, sharing rewards, exchanges between members and artists and updates about Dao - Telegram will be managed by the councils
  • Promoted promotion on instagram - 50 USD

Actual numbers:

  • Twitter: 7 followers (new page)
  • Instagram: 486 followers
  • Youtube: 627 subscribers
  • Telegram: 4 members (new channel)

Reach the following numbers by the end of the month: (We will update metrics per monthly report)

  • Twitter: Reach 100 followers
  • Intagram: Reach 500 followers
  • Telegram: Grow to 20 members

Procd Dao Social Networks


Price: 450 USD in Dai
Thank you

Procd Dao

Social Media - @mariagabriele is majoring in Performing Arts at UNESP Art Institute. She is currently participating in the Cósmicas program - a project by Tomie Ohtake Institute.
Peripheral from Brasilândia neighborhood, she sees herself as an actress and producer in a process of formation and construction.
Recently she was approved for the Young Cultural Monitor Program of the SMC (São Paulo Municipal Secretariat of Culture).
Through ACEPUSP (Cultural Association of Students and Researchers of the Universities of São Paulo) she completed the free course “It’s all ours! Cultural Production for Beginners”.
By Casa de Cultura da Brasilândia she concluded the workshop “Career self-management for peripheral artists and producers”.
Last year she was a vocation artist for the Theater in the Vocational Program, but she started her studies in Theater some years ago having even passed through extension courses at SP Escola de Teatro.
He has already appeared as production support in the technical sheet of the Saraund System event held at the Alceu Amoroso Lima Library, and was present as social media in Atonito at Sesc Instrumental Brasil.

Designer - Dennis is 26 years old, a Graphic Designer specialized in Social Media for Artists.
He has 8 years of experience as a Graphic Designer, working both offline and digital. He works very well in a team, likes to dialogue, always tries to learn from his colleagues, and like every good dreamer, wants to conquer material goods, travel the world, and be an example to his daughter Laura.



Unfortunately, couldn’t find any Near Ecosystem mentions on youtube…

What is the value for Near? It looks like you have your commercial project and wants to get some extra money from Near Community.


Hi @Dacha thanks for your answer.

Procd Dao is starting its activities as Dao and is in its second month of activities and projects. If you take a look at our media roadmap you can see that we will start feeding Near’s content to our social networks from September because the content is still being executed.
As soon as our material is ready we will be feeding the networks with our new web3 language talking about our projects.

For you to know Procd, we were never a commercial company but a collective of culture, art and independent artists. In 2020 with the pandemic and distancing everything stopped and the face to face meetings ended, I confess that I had even given up Procd (because I am the founder and creator of this project) and took the decision not to carry this project forward, but not everything is as we want and the world changed and brought us new formats and new technologies to work with.
I became an Nft artist and started to explore new technologies, and in the process with my research I met Near and that is where I am dedicating myself exclusively at the moment. With Near I started to see new possibilities and since then I am making the transition from Procd web2 to web3 and bringing all these artists that I had the opportunity to do projects in the past into web3, nft, metaverse, forum and getting to know Near’s blockchain.
What we have in our youtube and instagram videos are historical records that tell our story in the past and all the content visualized there was made with our own money, because this is what you see on the channel is what we love to do.

I even tried to take care of the social networks as a council service but I noticed in practice that it is impossible, there is no way to be a designer, manage the posts, prepare the content, do onboarding talking to each person, make several meetings, report, proposal and still support the projects of our team. It didn’t work out, we really need the marketing team and I will still try to take care of twitter this month.

Important also to know that Procd Dao has been a challenge for me as Dao because I am making sure that all members and projects are 100% done by new members. People that don’t know the Near, Nft, blockchain and web3 ecosystem yet, so it is a hard but interesting job, as I said it is a challenge that I proposed myself, and the people we are bringing are all excited.

Thanks for the opportunity to talk a bit about our work and I hope to have better clarified our transition to web3 with Near’s support.

Best regards

You can get to know our projects through the links below

Hi @Dacha, how you doing?
We get your point, not surprised you could’nt find any Near Ecosystem mention at our channels.
@Dazo has been here for a few months, but me and @joysoares just got in the ecosystem, brought by Dazo so we could get to know new opperating possibilities, and expand our professional experience.
We had never heard about Near before Dazo showed us topics and projects that made us feel connected to other artists in the ecosystem and, since then, I love to research and obersve how cultural production happens here because it’s completely different and strangely similar to how we opperate, mostly at public cultural spaces here in São Paulo.

Just so you can know a little about how we opperate:
Procd has never been sponsored but has produced a lot of free commercial material to marginal artists, such as singles and videoclips.
Take 95 is also a non sponsored cultural initiative that produces free material to autonomous social initiatives, underground artists and local entrepeneurs for marginal development.
We basically do the best we can do for as much as we can afford and work a lot to make it seen so we can really sell it and make it more sustainable at every stape we take collectively. Well, every step costs a lot, so we could only take tiny steps until now.

We brought with us our mission to support other independent artists and most artists we colab have never heard about Near before we mentioned and felt a little overcharged at first, having to face so many new concepts, tools not to mention the language challenge. We reflected about it and felt responsable about making online professional spaces like crypto ecosystems more accessible to marginal artists and producers, conscient about how most times future delays to reach us here in Brazilian hoods, and we can imagine it happens at many places around the world.

By experience, we know art can make anything feel more familiar and through art we can talk about anything, including money, tech, work and other many topics around Near, it’s actually what we already do as artists, educators and cultural producers.
We believe Near ecosystem is a very productive space for our social, professional and financial development and we can see how curious people around us are about the ecosystem. Near Ecosystem colides with our professional contexts, making the experience even bigger, producing a social impact that’s already materializing around our Dao since we’ve started onboarding people.

Sorry for writing a book, but we’ve been really challenged to new perspectives here and It could even make us hopeful again!

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While we’ve been supporting a large number of artists’ projects across Brazil and beyond.

There isn’t a clear line for me with the Near Foundation to generate some of the key metrics such as wallet creation, transactions, new use-cases for development on Near, or furthering the overall ecosystem growth in different parts of the world.

It’s a no from me.

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Thanks for your proposal,

This may be more suitable for Creatives DAO.

I do not think this proposals has a close enough relationship with the NEAR ecosystem or the core areas of interest the Marketing DAO is tasked with promoting with community funds.

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@satojandro I completely understand it.
As a Dao focused on bringing people who don’t know about crypto ecosystems in general, we realized that our main function at first is to educate people we already work with and people who already see us and to be well understood, we have to smoothly change our visual and technical language to Web3 language so our audience does’nt feel confused about what we are doing.
We’ve been teaching people about Near ecosystem everyday because it’s a complex process and our intention is to biuld a strong knowledge around the ecosystem tools so we can onboard people who will be active by knowing what to do around here, then meanwhile we can’t formally show off the process but It’s been a huge internal and local movement. This is a really new space for people around us!

If I may, I’d like to leave here my first project powered by Near and hosted by #nomadelabel-dao. I proposed the graphic edition, marketing and distribution to Creatives Dao as you suggested here and we’ve been biulding distribution and marketing strategies.

We are preparing for distribution and my production team will be responsible for publicizing the work and reaching out to media outlets. My strategy has been to seek consultancy, mainly with Nomade members, about possible distribution formats on Web3, since I am still new here, and at the same time, to research my audience’s intimacy with blockchain platforms and briefly educate them about them so that, at launch, familiarity will increase the number of hits from our audience.

Thanks for your attention! We appreciate the possibility of dialogue and soon the seeds we’ve been planting will grow strong and beautiful :seedling: