[Closed] PaperlessDAO | funding proposal | Jan-2023 - April-2023




NearBooks DAO will be a publishing arm of NEAR. It will publish books, content on a website. (This category includes books, stories, articles, and anthologies written by NEAR members and others from outside the Near Ecosystem.

  1. We have many writers and poets here who have written books and poems, many of which have lately been submitted to an ongoing bounty. We’ll promote and onboard such talented people to the community and other aspiring artists.
  2. We will have our store on Paras/Mintbase where we can have these books, magazines minted.
  3. The main reason for doing this is that we have phygital access (a buyer can buy the nft and will get a physical book sent out)

How this works:

Here comes the fun fun of working on this project. Since I am already active in this space of books and content publishing, I have access to Amazon Sellers, [https://www.barnesandnoble.com] etc so I can get any books on their system. So a buyer will buy a NFT and we will ship the physical copy of the book to the address. This exclusive offer will be available to the first 100 buyers only. This will create a portal for the new web3 of interested folks to join the NEAR ecosystem. They can buy physical copies and will get direct access to the NFTs and vice-versa.

I have a team of my own and I can manage the entire plan and execution. I have spoken to other publishers as well, but that will come later as we move ahead.

Refer to report : [REPORT] PaperlessDAO - October 2022


Jan-2023 - April-2023

  • Setting up the website, Plans, Proposals, Collaborations etc
  • collaborations with other publishers and onboaring their authors/poets and their books.
  • Warehousing of the books, Print on Demand, etc
  • I will organize an event for these authors and poets to have a LIVE experience of the Near Ecosystem.
  1. Bounty for Writers and Poets to Onboard them to Near

  2. PaperlessDAO Publication by the top Authors and Sell it as NFTs and Physical Store

  3. Virtual Session with Paperless Community

  4. Physical Event In Bangalore in association with other near projects/DAOs

  5. Marketing and Promotions in Colleges and Universities


By February 2023, we will have onboarded 300 new people and have 700+ people in the near ecosystem (buyers, lookers, people who want to have a basic understanding of how it works, and people who want to try buying NFTs).

Total number of People Onboarded is 360

  • Guild name: NEARbooks DAO / PaperlessDAO
  • Funding scheme: Monthly / Quarterly
  • Initiative summary, be sure to include:
    • Expected impact and value you foresee for the NEAR ecosystem/community - Onboarding of new members and new books/book art/illustrations etc
    • Metrics for measuring success: We have plans of having over 700+ real people joining the ecosystem by April 2023
    • Estimated timeline and achievement milestones April 2023
  • Funding Details
  • Total requested amount in USD and NEAR (price based at the time of posting) $4000
    • NEAR Wallet ID / DAO jackierodz.near
    • Wallet owner’s name Jacqueline Rodriguez aka Jackie Rodz

Funding Breakdown

Bangalore Event : 1500$
(Venue, Snacks, Creating NFT’s, AR/VR exp, wallet creation)

Social Media: $500
(Guests, Special Promotions, Shoutouts, Near Protocol Promotions)

Community Bounty 1 : 200$
(creating content/poem/story which will be created and minted as NFT)

Community Bounty 2 : 200$
(creating poetry NFT’s on mintbase)

Authors Bounty :300$
Virtual Session on Zoom - 0$
Marketing and promotion in Universities $300
Posters, marketing materials Swags/Goodies $200
Travel + Stay $300 (2 nos)
VR headsets (on rent, 2nos) $200
Book Printing + Distribution $300

I am open to council members who are interested to join this DAO provided we work together. I am very happy to bring my dreams here and look forwards to extended support.

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Hi @JakieRodz – thanks for the proposal. I can’t support this at this time. I do think the use case is interesting – books, NFTs, publishing via the blockchain, I do see something interesting there. That said, when I went to review your social media and your previous report, I found:

  • Your project has 5 Twitter followers and posts that are not content rich. There are grammatical errors and misspellings. This is even more important to get right if your project is about writing and publishing.
  • Of the titles published on Amazon that are listed in your October report as being part of the project you were previously funded for, the publication dates are all April 2022. Can you explain how they were part of the project reported on in October? That timing seems odd to me.
  • There are no reviews, there’s no descriptive content for any of the titles, there’s no mention of NEAR anywhere.
  • The pricing of the titles is ~50GBP which to me is far too expensive to get any traction around a digital title under normal circumstances

There’s just not enough here for me to support this proposal. I encourage you to keep building and come back when you’re able to demonstrate growth, traction and professional quality examples of your product/content.


Hi @JakieRodz thank you for your proposal.

I have reviewed and read your report from past activities and although i like your ideas, i feel unable to support and would echo the comments by @so608 - i just dont see how it helps in achieving the Near ecosystem goals.

In addition, i have been unable to find NearBooksDAO or PaperlessDAO on Astro - perhaps you can share a link and details of team members.

Moving to Closed