[Closed - open call] - creatives dao council - 5 positions- results soon

Amazing the amount of people participating and applying, I am excited by this near community, I know that one day not too far away I will be able to have the rank and experience to post it, hehe, at the moment I can say that @FritzWorm has everything I need for the position, he has helped me Much like many new members I think it fits perfectly, regards.


Hey guys,

That’s actually an amazing idea and I am highly interested in this opportunity. Since I am not part of any DAO yet, this would actually be my first council position, if I get the chance to. But I do learn fast and would learn the things I don’t know yet.

Before I started at Near in the Project Ops/Community Mods Team I started several not Blockchain related projects.

Here is a list of them:

A MANS BEARD is the biggest beard community in the German speaking area.


Bartliebe brings people together who love beards, whether man or woman, which currently has over 5,500 members.


BeardNight is a series of events held at barbershops, where men are taught how to properly groom and shave their beard through creative workshops.


The Beard of Fame
The Beard of Fame is the first social beard model contest. Every week on Tuesday, we start the The Beard of Fame Contest, in which any bearded man can participate by posting a good picture of himself with a beard.


Barberguide is a search engine that shows you the best barber in your area by entering the zip code or the city. For this I have already identified over 700 barbers from the German speaking area and transferred in a database, which is made available to the community in a beta phase in a Google Doc table. There have been over 200 registrations with email to the Google Doc database so far.


Elite Bartmann
Elite Bartmann is a grooming & lifestyle brand for the well-groomed man of today.


Sisyaner is a community for people who love EDM/Techno parties and festivals.


begood records is a music label which organizes techno events and supports newcomer Djs.


I built the communities from scratch and also created the content myself.

This year I am planning to launch my own DAO on Near with the mentioned Sisyaner Community. And I also started to work together with Mintickt and the Near German Guild and we are planing to launch a DAO soon as well.

To me, I have several years experience as an entrepreneur, I speak 3 languages and learning the 4th. I would describe myself as very creative and communicative.

My telegram handle is @ iamkemoo

Here is a screenshot of my stats.gallery:

Since I work for Near as Community Mod I am highly active in the official Near Telegram group. But I also joined the Creatives DAO group and looking forward to be part of the community.

Thank you for offering this opportunity and good luck to all participants.


With the way you perfectly organised the production workshop at the C1 guild, and with the way you put in so much passion in growing to growing your guild and the Nearcon family shows you deserve a spot in the creative dao… I’m looking forward to seeing you as a council member in the creative dao…


Thank you so much my bro… it’s always positivity with you @larkim :pray:t5: God bless you!

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I’m new here. I’m searching and learning about everything. I might be abble to apply not now, but maybe soon.


:blush: :blush: :blush: bless you girl… fresh and smooth one i promise always… .love and light :sparkling_heart:

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you have the potential, go go JOY ill love seeing you there also with me :smiley:


Ohh Hi :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: just trying my luck but i still prefer to Vote people like you , you are so Good for everybody and supporting The newbies Go Sterryo :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


you definitely have wings, you fly… you are an angel. :raised_hands:

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I was thinking and have a suggestion:
let’s make a trial period for new councils to check their work and ability.
What do you think?


Thank for your suggestion! The current council will ponder that idea.

Let me just say that, during February, both the current council and the new council will be on the role. Also, as discussed during the community meetings (hey everyone, join our TG channel: Telegram: Contact @CreativeGuilds ), both the new council or the community might feel the current council ‘needs’ to stay in position until the April Open Call. We’ll let the community decide on that, when the time comes.

Does this feel reasonable @mr_free?


Also, @ everyone: 2 more days to apply! Everyone who thinks they would be a nice addition to this council, please submit yourselves. The next Open Call is (most likely) in April, only.

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Please describe the Open Call, what is it?
How the community will vote (via AstroDAO, open for everyone)?

Probably I need to clarify what I mean. I mean that the ‘trial period’ - it’s the time when new council deep in the DAO work and work it for free. After that, the candidate and the other councils decide to continue cooperation or not.

The Open Call is organized by the current Council of the Creatives DAO, in order to increase the number of council members and guarantee rotation.

Votes will be cast by the current council. At this moment, the Creatives DAO is not a ‘universal’ DAO (don’t know how to call it; the votes are not cast by the general community).

From what I can tell, there are no Vertical DAOs working in that manner at the moment. Probably (my personal guess) in the future DAOs will be able to vote on other DAOs proposals; or even token holders may be able to vote, similar to what happens in other chains. I guess we have to wait and see the development of the ecosystem to find out.

The details for this specific Open Call are in the first post in this topic, I think it’s clear about what entails the position.

Hope I clarified your doubts.


I would like to become a council and help to grow the Near.
I am a freelancer from Ukraine (hope this will help with the decentralization process) and I specialize in creating…creatives (mostly advertisement). So, I have some expertise in this field and I am full of ideas.
I take a part in NEAR RU(Russian speaking community of the NEAR ecosystem), which could be confirmed by @Vladislav_vl25 (one of the leaders of Near RU). I am also a member of other Guilds.
I am not a council at any DAO at that time. But I think it’s an advantage. I will haven’t a conflict of interests, and be able to pay more attention and time to DAO work.
and I am here.
Stats gallery mr_free.near's mainnet activity overview - stats.gallery
TG: @uadeveloper

All the best,


Hello all,

  • After a lot of discussion between members of the Creatives DAO council, we have decided to update this Open Call, and change its scope.
  • We will leave the original post untouched, for reference. This new post supersedes the previous one, though.
  • The same 5 council spots are available, and will be voted on by this council, as previously announced.
  • We are updating the value to be earned by each council member. It was 600$, and is now 250N.

Changes in the way the Creatives DAO work, and what made us make this decision:

  • We believe the endgame for a community of DAOs is having DAOs vote on each other’s proposals. For a long time that has been the vision for this specific ecosystem.
  • Until astrodao.com, it was not easy to implement it. With astro, there are still some technical difficulties, but it’s no longer impossible.
  • Over the last couple of months the community has been discussing the issue of decentralization of powers and rotation of council members. We have created this Open Call to move forward with that process, but at the same time it felt as if more was needed.

We propose that each DAO is represented in the Creatives DAO council, and has 1 vote.

  • What this means is that everytime a proposal is made to the Creatives DAO, every DAO in the ecosystem can cast 1 vote on that proposal.
  • We suggest that all DAOs which have seen at least 1 proposal passed in the past, can become members.
  • There are still some technical difficulties to make this happen seamlessly, but the current Council will provide guidelines (we hope to have those until February) and help in the process.
  • This leaves the current council and the future council in an interesting position: they will no longer need to cast votes, but will still be needed as moderators, helping old and new members alike.
  • We propose that council members (or moderators, since they will no longer be on the council), instead of voting, are an important part of the ecosystem. They manage community calls, they create and update guidelines, they answer doubts in the Forum and on other channels, they help members from different language backgrounds, in conclusion, they are the human face of the Creatives Community in the NEAR ecosystem.

NOTE: For all these reasons, this Open Call has changed in nature. We expect that those who showed interest are still interested.

  • We truly expect to, in this way, empower the Creatives Community and allow it to flourish.
  • As soon as we have guidelines and more details, we will announce them.

Thank you all.

Extra: A proposal on how to look at the council, moving forward:

  • Since we are changing the very nature of what a council is, we withdraw our proposal that after this Open Call another 4 Council Members are added (to a total of 9).
  • The community will cast the votes, so decentralization is guaranteed.
  • AstroDAO allows for the creation of bounties, so we suggest that, as soon as the community is ready for it, bounties for community management can be created ‘by the community’.
  • The current council will leave, as previously discussed, by the end of February (or sooner, but will still help new members).
  • We will create a group called community managers and add people who get chosen from the open call to that group.
  • These Community managers will receive a bounty each month/quarter for supporting the creatives DAO in their duties (250N/mo for now)
  • We strongly suggest that the community comes up with a way of incentivizing DAOs to vote (maybe a token, or some other on-chain incentives.
  • We also suggest that the community management expands in order to include other governance roles (e.g treasurer, social media, advisors, devs, etc).
  • Maybe even hiring a CEO to LLC the DAO on behalf of the creative community.

Hello Creatives!

I am Carolina Cavenaghi and im very interested in make part of the Creatives Council.

I am co-founder of The Clan DAO, the management DAO of The Clan Guild The Clan Ecossystem

Recently created the Brazil Guild. Introduction Brazil Guild

I am also creator of the Electric Neon Near Game that is in production at the moment by theWORKSHIP Creative Studio, that I’m also part as the marketing responsible, trough several DAOS of our Guild.

Idealizer of the Children of the DAO. we are finishing a Project for creation of a Illustrated guide to teach web3 for kids.

I’ve managed the ART2AD Project alongside with Clan Guild, that empowers Near NFT artists and promote near ecosystem at the same time.

I am also an artist, architect and product designer, and a mother of 3. I am social media manager of The Clan Guild, Electric Neon, BrazilDAO and Sky Harbour NFT game.

I am working 24/7 at Near and already onboarded directly more than 90 people on Near Ecosystem for our Guild.

My links are:

Electric Neon - a Near Game

Our Guild aims to create IRL relations, as we recently helped to build the QualDAO, and formed the BrazilDAO.

As we are focused at giving support to Brazilian Projects, it will be very good to participate and collaborate trough this Council.

Thank you for this opportunity, best regards for everyone.


I think it is a great idea to take further steps towards true decentralization of our ecosystem. I support this idea. :fist:t5:


I love this idea. Sounds good to our community :blush:


:heart::heart: wow, decentralization if our ecosystem. Yes!