[Closed - open call] - creatives dao council - 5 positions- results soon

The creatives DAO council position is an exciting opportunity for me to expand the frontiers of my WEb 3 foray. It has been an exciting journey so far being that two months ago, i could conveniently say that i knew not much about crypto, blockchains and NFTs, But here i am today, creating content for an NFT market place and factory like Mintbase ( i am an official author on their platform ) and other fledgling engagements within the ecosystem.

The concept of DAOs have been fascinating to me and i see the future real life implications of decentralisation. A return to true democracy but this time with digital frameworks and smart contracts handling the trust layers for humans. Its a really beautiful time for the human race and am happy to flow with this trend.

Two months into the the ecosystem and below are how i have participated, contributed and identified with the NEAR Blockchain

I created the DIscord channel for the AfrikaBurn Guild

I wrote three educational papers for the Afrika Burn Guild: “An introduction to the NEAR protocol” " What is a cryptocurrency, blockchains and NFTs"

I made a Promotional video about the beauty and oneness of the yearly AfrikaBurn gathering in Tankwa karoo, South Africa

I made a descriptive video about the collaboration between NEAR and Mintbase as an oasis for NFT creators in programming their own smart and incurring cheap gas fees with minting their NFTs

I wrote “The Ease Place of Mintbase” an article explaining the demystification of minting NFTs to the lay mind
The Ease Place of Mintbase edit.pdf (35.1 KB)

Been enthusiastic and actively online within the NxM guild got me the opportunity of being handed the management of the NxM Discord server by @vandal . This afforded me more opportunity to interface with the NxM guild and expand my leverage within the ecosystem. And in loyal servitude towards creating engagement on the NxM Server I created the NxM Discord Trivia
which engaged community members in a quiz to test their knowledge of web 3 and the NEAR Protocol after which winners were rewarded with NEAR Tokens

My regular online activity and enthusiasm got me asking questions and this got me an opportunity to create the BEATs DAO from scratch with fellow council member @Paul after being guided and tutored by Vandal. The product of that is the success of the NEAR mixtape and the organization of the beat competition which has recruited music producers into the ecosystem with active near wallets and their prompt engagement within the BeatsDAO Community

Beats DAO Introduction


Afterwards, my enthusiasm also got me talking to a university professor and an illustrative architect and together we started the Metaverse DAO. An initiative to establish NEAR’s presence within the metaverse and archive historical NEAR nFT antecedents.

I appeared on the NEAR mixtape which was a project overseen by the BeatsDAO of which am a council member. I featured on three tracks, two as a featured artiste and one as a songwriter

And most recently, under the umbrella of the Metaverse DAO and with the support of my fellow metaverse DAO council members @thephilosopher and @gushlewis , i initiated the NEAR Metaverse Magazine, conceptualized the segments, collated information for each segment, wrote the copies, and featured an article i wrote about Decentralization, Blockchains and NFTs while Gus provided content for the interviews and rafaela did the magazine diagramming

Its another phase for me in my exposure to the innards of the NEAR Protocol and my ever yearning will to fully explore the crypto space. I am ever willing to serve, grow and earn within the NEAR web3 Space.

With all love from John X


ride on leader, king sterry @sterryo


Always pretty active! John is impressive!!


It’s a go for you @thephilosopher I am staunchly behind you for I testify of your vision, intellect and hardwork. See you at the top I believe


Very impressive John X :fist:t5::fist:t5::fist:t5::fist:t5::100:


Thanks Koss, I only desire to serve and do more for the ecosystem


I feel that man, that’s awesome stuff here to doing…:tada::tada::tada:

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It’s always a pleasure to work with @JohnX !
I would like to see him as new council member in Creatives DAO. :100:


Thanks for such nice words my dear friend @Paul

It’s been a beautiful creative journey of joy and abundance with you on the beats DAO. If I reincarnated? … I would love to do this again with you😃… I am earnestly grateful


Peace like a river❤️

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Well deserved…You are a Great Man…

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Hello there,

As I got it, you suggest councils from other DAOs/Guilds to become a council in the Creatives DAO, right?
I think it’s not a good idea:

  1. it’s a conflict of interest
  2. how will they combine the job in many Guilds and DAOs and what’s the quality of this job will be?
  3. It’s centralization process, when one human is in many positions. We need decentralization.

Probably, I am not fit the requirements, but I am ready to be a council as a volunteer for some time. I can represent East Europe (Ukraine, Russia, other ru-speaking countries).

Does it make sense? If yes - let me know, I will create the proporsal on AstraDAO


@mr_free I support! An independent candidate not belonging to one of the guilds and the DAO! Perfect solution!!!
Sincerely, Igor


mr_free is a very active participant of the Russian community. He makes amazing banners.


Hello @mr_free and all others!

Everyone can submit their proposals :smiley:

However, we need to follow some kind of criteria, so, those that do not fit the presented criteria, please present some information about yourselves so we can evaluate and compare it to all others.

The Open Call is open until the 14th of January, so plenty of time for everyone interested to submit their proposal :smiley:

Thank you so much, everyone.


Hello friends!

I’m Heverton, my wallet is hevertonharieno.near, and I’m glad to see the Creatives expand your council further.

I’m a Brazilian guy living in Portugal since 4 years ago. I came here first to do my Master’s in Political Science, after finishing my Bachelor’s in Journalism in Brazil. Outside of my academic career, or better, to pay my academic career, I worked for 10 years as a Process Analyst in large companies, so I have a lot of experience in management workflows and creating good processes. You can check more about this journey here.

As an artist, you can check my creativity in two different areas: In music, through projects like See More Glass Project which has just released a new album supported in parts by NXM, and in audiovisual through various and diverse videos produced both by my production company CUDO FILMES, and by CUDO DAO where I am also council.

Below are some indications of how fit I am for this position:

I have been a co-founder of CUDO DAO since August 2021 (you can see a summary of our 2021 activities here).
I created, in partnership with the Incubator, video tutorials that assist our communities in creating wallets, payout requests, and exchanges on Binance.
I have collaborations with other creative DAOs like MUTI, INCUBADORA and NxM.
I was part of the audio-visual team led by @VideoDon during the NEAR CON.

Below the last two proposals did by my DAO and approved by the Creatives:

With my communicative skills, my creativity and my willingness, I believe I would be a great fit for the Creatives DAO council and I believe I am a great name to make these resources reach more and more creatives already integrated in our ecosystem as well as everyone else who still needs to know about our work.

I am happy to see all these interested applications and very excited about what is to come!

Telgram: @HevertonHarieno

Thanks friends!


Hey :slight_smile: Thanks for giving us your opinion.

I understand your concerns. But as Council of Creatives DAO one should already know how to proceed with the project proposals, how to interact in Forum + TGs of all Guilds and DAOs (or at least some percentage of it… it’s like infinite groups and chats), how to vote on ASTRO, how to guide others to accomplish what’s needed. So of course we would like to have people with experience and some level of trust. Creatives DAO is a community in the end of the day :wink:

As we are preparing the way in order to have a rotation system implemented, I don’t see a conflict of interest. The idea is to be more and more decentralized.

about the time to manage it: that’s why we need more eyes in the same council. And I believe that the process will be more automated in the near future, so it will facilitate the job for everyone.

I hope I could answer your questions.

Have a nice day :smiley:


wow, my gee first of all, thank you for bringing me and my scout team to NEAR Protocol
i need to tell you how impact full that if for my members and i believe in your leading spirit and greatness this will turn out too, ride on my Gee :raised_hands: @sterryo


Sterry to the OO

our first community call on AfroStar Guild yesterday show so much of enthusiasm in you about coordinating and conveying the community, thanks for your energy. I love you. you are well deserved here @sterryo


we have a lot to do bro,this is just a start… thank you more