[CLOSED ----- OPEN CALL] Adding Minters to the "marmaj.mintbase1.near" Smart Contract

Hey there @duOCELOT, while we appreciate your submission, it would be more appropriate to submit a creative piece similar to what you are planning to mint on the store if selected. You can look at the other submissions for guidance. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Please feel free to edit your submission, including a creative piece that defines love/positivity/support for you.

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i have a chance? ^^ @marmaj

Seems like this is your first post on the forums and you did not include a submission… You must include a submission in order to be selected.


Hi I’m Millodang, a digital artist and NFTs artist , for me love is the greatest power that transmits the most positive energies, love is the harmony of small but always present souls. together even against the big world.

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wow, nice project guys

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Thanks you !


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This [OPEN CALL] is now closed. Thank you to everyone who has submitted entries. We will still be selecting artists to join the marmaj Mintbase store, but we will do so by selecting artists from the Marma J Foundation NFT collection form.

If the marmaj DAO council feels as though an artist’s NFT submission fits the theme of the marmaj store (love/positivity/support) we will reach out through the submitted socials to invite them to submit a proposal to mint on the store.