[CLOSED - NFT ARTISTS WANTED] 15 Valentine's Day Cards for a good cause #maksimourhero

muti loves to collaborate, even more so creatively and for a good cause.

Therefore we will support the @marmajfoundation with their project #maksimourhero.

The idea is to mint cards for Valentine’s Day with the theme of love and positivity. The cards will be sold and 90% of the funds will go to maksimj.near, a 10 year old boy which is currently undergoing heavy chemo therapy, to support the treatment. More infos about the event here.

The NFTs will be minted through the mutiDAO in the MarmaJcards store on Mintbase through a custom function call.

Each artist who has not minted yet in that store but would like to create an NFT (visual and/or audio) will receive 1.5 $marmaj tokens per NFT (at the time of posting around 46 USD), which can be exchanged to N or any other currency on ref.finance. If you post your own custom function call for the NFT in the mutiDAO, you’ll receive another 0.5 $marmaj token.

For now each artist can participate with 2 artworks, we are looking for 15 artworks in total.


  • deadline 13.2.22
  • theme: love/positivity/Valentine’s day
  • max. 2 artworks per artists
  • artist has not yet minted in this store
  • sold for max. 1N in the store
  • as many editions as desired
  • 1.5 $marmaj for the artwork
  • 0.5 $marmaj for the custom function call
  • first sale revenue: 90% to maksimj.near/ 10% to marmaj-sputnik-dao.near
  • royalties: 50% to artist / 25% marmaj.sputnik-dao.near / 25% muti.sputnik-dao.near

How to participate:

  • post your entry & nearname here in the forum
  • once approved, send the artwork to muti.collective@gmail.com
    OR post your own custom function call in the muti DAO to receive the additional 0.5 $marmaj tokens
  • we will then send you the tokens to your wallet

Custom function call instruction & GUIDE

“owner_id”: “tabear.near”,
“metadata”: {
“reference”: “wqhip5PgRIISV42NwKd-0KS8lSa_Kn_S_j3NVOn-CnE”,
“extra”: “art”
“num_to_mint”: 5,
“royalty_args”: {
“split_between”: {
artistnearname.near”: 5000,
“marmaj.sputnik-dao.near”: 2500,
“muti.sputnik-dao.near”: 2500
“percentage”: 1000
“split_owners”: {
“maksimj.near”: 9000,
“marmaj.sputnik-dao.near”: 1000

the 2 bolt lines are what need to be edited for each NFT; the remaining code stays like this



This is beautiful, I’d love to be a part of this and see in which way I can help. I will be sending my 2 art works to your email. For the past few weeks, I minted two 1/1 arts on paras in my ‘Peoples of the world’ collection. Peoples of the world collection are very rare 1/1 arts that shows the life and struggle of people everywhere around the world and this is an awesome opportunity to create 2 inspire by this kid. You can check out the 1/1’s I currently have on paras. Cell of the world , Lagos Metropolis

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Filipino Guild Artist want to Collaborate with Muti and Marmajchan

By February 10 i will post the Artworks here of some Artist from the Guild who are not Into NFT but support Filipino Guild in our team from Facebook,
Ill also encourage them to Comment here to inform they are the artist of the Cards we sent​:relaxed:
For now i already collect 2 cards and as chloe said in marmajchan TG some of the cards will be sent in muti to fulfill the 15 artworks while others will be minted in marmajcards store in mintbase​:relaxed::relaxed:

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Sounds good!

BTW i had an error in our mail in the original post, the correct mail is muti.collective@gmail.com. :slight_smile:

here are my entries in 2 different styles


Here are my two entries!


Here are my 2 entries to this lovely project :slight_smile:


Awesome! Please send the 2 files to muti.collective@gmail.com :slight_smile:

Nice ones! Please send the files to our mail :slight_smile:

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Thank you! Please send the 2 files to our mail muti.collective@gmail.com so we can mint them :slight_smile:

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Here’s my entry x



Awesome thank you! Please send the file to our mail muti.collective@gmail.com :slight_smile:

here is my first


Super nice! Please send the image to our gmail & add your nearname :slight_smile:

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oooooops, forgot about it :sweat_smile:

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Here is my entry :slight_smile:
This is a short video with audio and poem created by me. Pic is taken in Gerês, Portugal.
Here is a screenshot of it



Hi I’m new here in near forum and I want to join with the collaboration :blush: by the way I am an artist of the FilipinoA Artist Guild :heart: hoping for positive feedback thankyou :heart:

Near Wallet: amazinggrace011522.near


Hello im new here in Near forum and i want to join
with the collboration , by the way i am an artist of filipino artist guild.and I’m happy to join her :blush:


Good day! I’m a Filipino artist and I want to join in this collaboration, by the way I am a member of Filipino Artist Guild. Here’s my artwork.:relaxed: