[Closed] NEAR X RVCJ Media - APRIL 2022

I planned the content and gave the write ups and rvcj designer designed, after that It was shared with @Lolson_tg & @baxoff for the feedback before posting.

I don’t think I did wrong here as the Kitchen guild has a good experience and both the members are Degens council as well.


Sure no worries, I would wish to hear comments from other @marketingdao-council
as well after going through proposal, last report and comments.

I appreciate your suggestions and ask again if you wish to see the designed content that we will post, I will ask some designer to help me design and show to you. Just lmk if I need to do that first in your point of view.

Thanks AVB! GN from my region :v:

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@marketingdao-council :slight_smile:

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Let’s not tag them much mate, rest councils (Lorraine & Klint) will surely review the proposal soon. :v:

Yes, pls stop spamming us.

All these posts have already been assigned to the Marketing DAO and Council members will work their way through when they have a chance. Tagging them everywhere actually just adds to the clutter and makes it harder to navigate to the forum. Thanks


I haven’t seen anything in the material across the social media links that is NEAR specific. Don’t get me wrong- it’s cool + nice pop culture stuff. I think it’s just not really a Near initiative. So it’s a “no” from me.


Just curious, you have already been approved on the creative DAO… What was the purpose of applying again on the Marketing DAO?

I guess you are referring to other post @Klint . I would be glad if you go through my proposal and give me some feedback/suggestions.

Hi @Klint , Thanks for your comment. If you have read the proposal, you must have seen that the target is general audience and the NEAR initiative here is to bring that audience’s attention to NEAR. As far as I know from my experience here, MarketingDAO supports direct marketing promotions as well, it can be considered such reason why the earlier councils (Some from NF) approved the proposal in Jan.

And those NEAR links are to redirect people to read more info from the brief infographics because it’s not possible to cover whole article in the insta post right?

The interested people visited those links, they shared the content and even saved.

As You have a great experience in marketing since many years, It’s my pleasure to get some suggestions to improve the plan or any other feedback


I don’t understand why you link my proposal here…

Hi @so608 :blush: , Waiting for your comments here as I have two councils with ‘yes’ and two with ‘no’

I will go ahead with the changes or any other suggestions based on your comment as your vote matters to approve or reject the proposal :innocent:


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@so608 I would appreciate your comments here. Thanks!

The nature of the media on the Twitter and Facebook accounts seems mostly identical and not geared in particular to Near or Crytpo. These are Meme accounts. It’s a hard no from me.


I would say if you’d read the proposal well and understand the idea I clearly mentioned the audience is general and not crypto savy.

Nvm I appreciate your reply, Thanks!

Hi @marketingdao-council @David_NEAR Hope you all are doing great!

I would request to close this proposal because RVCJ’s service charges are changed due to new crypto tax law in India. The tax introduced recently is flat 30% on the amount received. That’s why they changed their crypto/NFTs promotion charges because the current amount after deduction falls below their capacity to adjust.

Since two councils are in support and two in rejection and the last one doesn’t seem to review the proposal. I request to close this seeing the service charges change.

I will come up with better ideas in near future. :rocket:

Thanks @Dacha , @cryptocredit for your support and @satojandro @Klint for your valuable suggestions :hugs::green_heart:

All done, thanks for the heads up!

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Thanks for everything chief :fire:

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@zubairansari07 I see that this is closed, and I wanted to comment and apologize for missing your tags before. I try to stay up on all the proposals, but for some reason, the emails coming to me for this one got filtered out into spam and I didn’t see this thread.

I have recently moved to a better system for monitoring proposals spearheaded by Dacha so this won’t happen in the future.

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No worries Lorraine, I asked to close this due to price change. You can still comment your suggestions on this, maybe that would help me next time in future.