[CLOSED] Near x Art Dao Budget For August '22

Bullish and super excited for this months project!


Happy to be a part of this month’s project. Greatness​:hibiscus:


Thank you for your contribution. We are happy to have you.


Hello, team! I hope you doing good. We would just like to get some clarification from your end. Let’s work on it, let’s go?

Kindly shed us some light and looking forward to your answers :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Hello captain,
We are doing good. Thanks for asking :grinning:

Yes, I Just updated the proposal with a more comprehensive breakdown.Please check proposal here . Thanks for pointing out. :sunglasses:

We kick started the saving on Juky by saving $300 in DaI in our dao tresury. For this month, we wanted to save more in Dai but @williamx recommended others so we updated the proposal to kickstart our initial goal for saving which is to become self sustainable.

We already channeled the months to milestone 1 of our sustainability goal.

IN the past few month, we onboard over 10 creative artists to work on different theme/topics; but for this month we decided to limit the number of artist to a minimum of 5 in other to help us channel a good amount of funds towards our sustainability.
What makes up the funds $700 are:

  • Production cost - $250 This cost will include cost of materials and time spent in creating the works. Materials include the following but not limited to:

  • Stretcher

  • Prime

  • Canvas material

  • Oil paint

  • Frame

  • Wood

  • Hong brush

  • Stable brush

  • Linseed oil

  • Canvas

  • Iroko Wood

  • Venial Wood

  • Videoshoot $200: We shoot standard videos for this physical NFTs produced. The number of artists we are working with this month reduced the cost for video. Also, when we purchase our organization’s camera, the cost for video cost will reduce significantly.
    kindly check our youtube for some videos

  • Reward for artists - $50 for each artists. The reason why this artist are getting paid is for their creativity, time invested, the craft is their source of livelihood and thd Near x Art Dao collects the art from them and keeps it in its private store till the nft is sold.

Every artist gets 60% from the sales of this NFT and 40% goes to the Dao treasury. The 40% may include cost of shipping to anyone that buys/collects this NFT of art. Feel free to have a walk around our store, buy some amazing NFTs of art and get its physical form delivered to your doorstep. Thanks for your patronage in advance. :star_struck:

I am happy to always clarify. Thank you for going through the proposals in details.
Please let me know if you need clarify on any other thing.
Warm regards,
Near x Art


Goodday! @kc_sollano @williamx

Just checking to be sure we were able to clarify your questions. Please kindly let us know if you would be needing any additional information. We are just one call away.:smile::ok_hand:t4:

We look forward to receiving your response.

Thank you :smiling_face:

Hello, team!

Your Creatives Moderators cannot support this proposal for the following reasons:

We hope that the team takes this as learning opportunity and we’ll be looking forward seeing NEAR x Art DAO next month.

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Hello fam,

Purchasing a camera is not for anyone’s personal use but for the Dao activities. We are creatives and camera is a major, in our sustainability journey. It will not only make things easy but save the us cost in always renting a camera. Thus, the funds is going to the community and impacting the community.

Check our YouTube for videos

Check out here for pictures

I stated the reasons clearly in the updated proposal. I would be stating the reason why we need a camera again.

100% of the time, the service of a videographer is employed and the cost for renting a standard camera is an average of $300. We have been renting camera’s since the inception of the Near x art Dao. If the Near x Art Dao purchases it’s camera there will be no need to rent a camera.

@ kc_sollano there’s a strong misunderstanding here. You asked for the proposal to be updated and clearly stated. Which I did. Everything there was clearly explained. @williamx asked the similar question and I answered it and updated the proposal with an in-depth information of the proposal.
I urge you and the @creativesdao-council to take a look at this again.

Hi captain, @ kc_sollano
The near x art Dao comes up with different proposal and different prices every month. The only activity that come up every month is the Utility NFT which is one of the major goal of the Near x Art Dao ( @ted.iv and @Paul can testify to this because they have been the one attending to us since the inception of the Dao) and for every month we always work on different themes and type of NFT of art.

For June: We created art on the following theme

  1. Dedicated art to Nearverse
  2. Dedicated art to creatives in the Near ecosystem
  3. Dedicated arts to the founders of Near
  4. Dedicated art to the builder of Near.

For July we created the following art on the following theme for July

Creating utility with nft for July

  1. Dedicated art to the victims of Ukraine and Russia war

  2. Dedicated art to climate neutral

  3. Dedicated art to world peace

We always bring activities that has never been done in the Near creatives vertical.

For example

  • Contemporary Dance : I will say it with so much excitement that no DAO under the creative vertical has done something like this activity. Moreover we do not have any contemporary dancer in the creatives DAO.

  • Spoken word artists

Web 3 delight event :
We are the first Dao under the creatives vertical to ever represent creatives in a global web 3 event that had over 3,000 attendees.

External visibility : The Near x art Dao is not just limited to the Near ecosystem but other blockchain company are willing to offer us free services.

I understand that you have a lot of proposals to go through and you may have not been following up with the activities of the Near x Art Dao so it is normal for this misunderstanding to happen.

Tagging @creativesdao-council to kindly take a thorough review on this proposal. Thanks in advance :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Tagging: @Dacha @adrianseneca @FritzWorm @illia @tabear @reginamintbase to kindly join in the reviewing of this with your vast experience and expertise.

We are happy to always make impact to the Near ecosystem.

Thank you for your time and support.

We look forward to receiving your feedback.

Best regards,
Near x art.


Can you let us know how the NEAR x Art DAO community members can use the equipment? How many members do you have and can you also share with us your telegram group link?

Just so you know, the majority of the moderators who participated in the discussion also contributed their fair share of opinions in reaching this conclusion.


Thank you for your response. I am happy to see where the misunderstanding came from. Indeed It is great to have someone of your persona as a moderator; that communicates and always reach for clarity.

We have been using a camera for our Dao activities since our inception in May. We shoot videos for the NFT of art we produce ( link to our YouTube to see some of the videos)

We also employ the service of a photographer who takes pictures of events we attend ( like the Web3 delight event ).

Tagging some of the artists in our community that have featured in some of our video contents. ( I would have tagged more but there’s a limit of just 10 tags per post.

Mama Saturn NFT of art video

  • And many more ( Aboved users mentioned were onboarded by Near x Art)

The equipment will be used in following ways by the near x art Dao members:

  • To shoot our NFT of art videos : It will be used by our creative artists to shoot the type of video highlighted above.

  • contemporary dancers ( we just kickstarted this segment and we plan to onboard atleast 15 contemporary dancers this month)

  • Spoken word artists: We are currently onboarding spoken word artists, our spoken word artists will make use of the equipment in creating their spoken word nft.

  • Ghetto photography: It will be used to produce picture NFT of ghetto communities by photographer onboarded via the ghetto photography initiative.

  • Event coverage: It will be used by the Near x Art Dao community to cover community members activities in events like web 3 delight which I and our community members were present on stage to speak about the Near x art Dao and give visibility to Creatives vertical of the near ecosystem. We employed the service of a photographer who took these pictures. When we have our camera, we may not need a photographer anymore.

So far, the creatives Dao has allocated $670 to near x art for video shoot, with addition of $300 for this month’s shoots making a total of $970.

We currently have

[quote=“kc_sollano, post:10, topic:27086”]

Oh, this is another misunderstanding here. I responded to @ williamx 's question then I updated the proposal with the response I gave. This is what @ted.iv has corrected us on, that if we make any additional information to a proposal in the comments section, we should always update it in the original proposal post for transparency sake.

These updates were made before the proposal was reviewed and prior to you and williamx’ comment. The update was as a result of the adjustment made on the Contemporary Dance Class

It’s always good to know we practice the decentralization we always talk about. Indeed the creative’s Dao is a strong decentralized arm in the Near ecosystem.

Thank you once again @ kc_sollano for communicating and giving us a room to shed light on your concerns. We are happy to have you moderate things here.

Please let us know if you have any other concern. We are just one call away!

Warm regards,
Near x Art.


Goodday @creativesdao-mods, Happy new week!

We are happy to have answered your questions and clarified on the misunderstanding you had earlier on. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

We look forward to receiving your approval.

Thanks and have a blissful week ahead.

Near x art.

@creativesdao-council :slightly_smiling_face:


@kc_sollano Your feedback will be much appreciated. @Supercoolkay was able to make clarifications on your questions and concerns.

Now that all the misunderstandings from the moderators side for closing this proposal as been cleared, we await your approval.




We apologize, but the decision has been made by the majority of mods. Next month, we hope to see NEAR x ART DAO with an improved proposal and thank you :slight_smile:

Oh wow,

But the decision was made without clear understanding and it’s only fine for the @creativesdao-council to revisit the proposal since all your questions were answered.

After all there’s no rule of that say the @creativesdao-council cannot open a “closed” proposal.

Thank you for your understanding.

We look forward to receiving your feedback.

Warm Regards
Near x art

We are not implying this and I completely understand where you are coming from. However, the clarification you sent here recently, could’ve been replied to the proposals where these questions were initially asked rather than trying to change the decision once the final verdict has been made. I believe mods gave enough time to cater clarification in order for us to support yet we’re given a copied and pasted remarks.

Then again, replied that we are hoping to see you next month and that is only few days from now.

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Thanks. The clarifications I made here was the same thing I stated earlier in the proposal where the questions were asked initially. I understand that these write ups may appear lengthy therefore you may not be able to go through everything in details.

Hi captain,
I thought I cleared this earlier, there was nothing like “copy and pasted remarks” I answered all the questions @williamx asked in full details and I updated the information in the original proposal just like @ted.iv will always tell me to do,

(update any changes made in the comments to the original proposal for transparency sake)

The @creativesdao-council did not reach out for further clarity on the proposal but decided to close it on just a mere misunderstanding that could have been “asked” or talked out. Even if you suggest we hop on a call to get things better and clearer instead of just “closing”.

Spiritual Dao proposal for august went through a long debate and conversation before decision were made on its approval… It will be only fair if the near x art Dao’s proposal is looked at again. I am not against “closing” a proposal but it should not be on the basis of a little misunderstanding.

I understand how time consuming the moderator’s task could be but it would be best to reach out for clarity in matters like this. All the reasons to why this proposal was closed is already cleared and I am glad you are satisfied with the answers.

The creatives Dao has been preaching sustainability for a while now. Our major step towards sustainability should not be frowned at. Our sustainability goal is going to crumble if we do not get funding for this month all because of a misunderstanding from the side of the creatives moderators.

Next month will be dedicated to reaching another goal and this cannot be attained if this month’s goal is not achieved.

Thank you for always staying in touch.

We look forward to receiving a positive response!


Near x art.
@creativesdao-council :hibiscus:


All concerns and questions were clarified by @ supercoolkay in the proposal comment section.

If you would check closely, the remark @Supercoolkay made was not copied but updated in the original proposal. @ted.iv recommeded this approach sometimes around June.

I believe the @creativesdao-council concerns was not communicated before moving this to “close”. It was all a misunderstanding from the moderators and I am glad @ Supercoolkay has been able to clear it with @ kc_sollano.

Now that everything has been cleared and there’s a better understanding. It will be great if the moderators can have a brief meeting to decide on this again. Since there’s no rule that state that proposal tagged as “closed” can not be revisited.

Tagging : @adrianseneca , @blusw @Cryptonaut @hevertonharieno @Monish016 @williamx @Paul . Please deliberate on this again.

With love,

Near x Art.

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Goodday @creativesdao-council

All the misunderstanding and concerns raised by @kc_sollano has been cleared and I am glad @ kc_sollano is satisfied.

Ofcourse it is a decentralized system and only @ kc_sollano cannot move this proposal to approved without the other moderators.

I urge all the @creativesdao-council to kindly read through the thread and revisit the proposal. We can’t afford to forgo funding for this month because of a little misunderstanding from the moderators side which has already been cleared. We have over 257 community members will benefit immensely from this month’s project moreover, this will increase our Dao’s advancement.

Today is 24th and of course it is not too late as we can still meet up with our August projects.

Please I appeal to all the @creativesdao-council not to ignore this call tag.Your remark on this will be much appreciated.

I look forward to receiving your feedback.

Best regards,

Near x art.

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Dear @Supercoolkay,

I believe that every decision on DAOs proposal has been discussed and voted among creatives Mod, and receiving feedbacks from Creatives DAO moderators doesn’t mean your proposal is officially approved or rejected. So I don’t think a re-vote from moderator should be opened, you can still put up polls for other DAO councils to review your proposal.

Hope this can clarify.

William X

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I am not against closing a proposal, but I think a proposal that was closed because of miscommunication and misunderstanding from the moderators end can always be re visited. It’s fine if its a rule that closed proposal can’t be revisited.

I don’t think DAO councils are aware of this feature, as it has never been implemented. It will be great to see this feature come alive in future.

Thanks once again for your response.