[Closed] Near Turkiye Community October and November)l

“similar projects” those which deliver, one-fifth of what’s being produced here and most have one-tenth of interaction.
I saw these results when I looked at a few. maybe you want to be more specific?


I couldn’t go very deep in all your networks, but I don’t see quality in your posts (visually)

There may be some originality in the content (I’m not sure as I didn’t go into detail)

Is the reach you say you have caused by paid traffic only? I feel that all the networks have used this and it can give an image that is not the real one.

Projects that ask for less don’t use ads and may be doing a better job - organically. Maybe

There are 5 people working on your team. Either someone is making less or that requested amount is overpriced. IMO

Who should judge this is the Near team. But if this value is approved for you, it can be approved for everyone. I just don’t think it’s fair.

Iam not saying you are doing a bad job… I see action and passion for Near… Just saying that imo could be more


it’s not my team, we aren’t an agency but a decentralized community and friends value my opinions.
The reaches I mentioned aren’t paid traffic but people enthusiastic about web3 and blockchain those who are looking to hear what we are going to say about the Crypto Space, the Market and Near Ecosystem. You can’t force people to listen to a stream they come willingly (yes sometimes did a giveaway for the announcement tweets but tuning in to the stream wasn’t a requirement and that can’t be tracked for each user :slight_smile:
And for the graphics we don’t hire someone professional or get it done but prefer to do it ourselves. On the contrary I believe our content ingredients and visuals are above average and getting better each day, just go to our youtube check first videos and latest ones you will see the improvements -same with twitter-
and sorry but have to disagree with the rest :wink:

Thank you for the comments, feedbacks.
I really would like to hear from you that which of the contents do you think needs to be improved and in what way and what other marketing strategies would you suggest?


I understand… and its a team.

Well, Im not convinced about the paid ads. Ill keep my eyes on your work.

Also, its hard to find people interested to work on this universe, so, its not perfect, but a good job. Congrats.

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Hi @crypto_blckhntr thanks for your proposal and your understanding during the pause in funding.

The DAO is now actively working to clear the backlog of proposals.

I see that you have adjusted your proposal, but before i can support it would be useful if you could complete this form .

To assist you please take a look at the new Marketing DAO proposal funding guidelines .


Hi @cryptocredit.

Thank you for your help!


There’s been a rumor circulating about the contributors of these efforts used bots to increase engagement and give the appearance of traction on Aurora.

Can you please give some insights into this? @Dacha

Hi @Klint . We are here for near, but I can extract all the data online for you.
Our social media links are open; you can check them one by one.

and also, if we talk about bots, then I can prove it and show you some accounts of how they received thousands of followers and so on…

Can you all check the links, please?
whether the posts and impressions on our Twitter are made by bots or not.
whether the article on Medium has been written by bots or not.
whether the video on YouTube has been shot by bots or not.

by the way we are the first content producer about Near in Turkey.

here is the latest report of the marketing we have recently done;
so the guest who attend the spaces are ghost?

(@Dacha was there too)

for NEAR:



To be back to AURORA:
We started with accounts with high followers on Twitter planning that the visibility of the accounts would be high. It is true that there was a decrease in the number of followers afterwards. This has nothing to do with organic followers. The audience we reach and our interaction on the contrary increased day by day.

We continued to produce quality content that everyone can understand and to increase their quality. Organized events with KOL’s and Key influencers to attract people into the Near Community.

The videos, articles, infographics, quality original design tweets we produce are very important to reach Turkish users who do not speak English.

According to many research in Turkey only 15% people speak Turkish and among them very few can understand authentic English web3 content probably not more than 1% people can understand plain English texts and applications without proper authentic Turkish content.

The interaction we achieved in our events is completely organic. Our Twitter spaces participations are the best examples of these. @Dacha himself participated in some of these sessions he can tell you better… We did our best to explain Near and Aurora with live chats with 600 and 400 organic participations. We made gave best speeches around crypto for hours on subjects that most had no idea or competence about. To ignore these and focus on bots coming and going from Twitter is ignoring the important work we do. You all know that the followers of many social accounts (especially on recently launched crypto account followers) are 90% inorganic. Some are declining faster, while others will last a little longer. This is not a situation that we highly approve of. As we said at the beginning of the article, by attempting this our only goal was to bring more visibility and voice, thinking that high-follower accounts would benefit us, and we do not deny it.


I appreciate your honest response, and while I do not condone the use of bots, I understand why accounts experiment with inorganic growth when they are trying to get visible quickly and grow.

We are facing different guidelines for assessment right now and a reduced budget. With that in mind, I can’t support the proposal in its current form. Here’s what I could support:

  • One month of funding
  • Remove moderation fees for management, which the Marketing DAO can no longer support

Then the team can report back and we can review and see about the next month. Also, I encourage all projects at this stage to consider plans for additional revenue streams in the future funding does not guarantee ongoing funding. If you are building something great, it is important to build with a roadmap to fiscal sustainability in mind.


Hello! By the way, what’s happened with your twitter account? :thinking:

It looks like someone hacked it … https://twitter.com/Aurora_Turkiye


Thank you for your positive attitude, nice approach, and positive thoughts.

  • One month of funding
    We actually created the proposal before the pause in funding. During this pause, we continued our work non-stop for NEAR, ensuring that people are alive in the ecosystem without reducing the information flow. Please consider the work we have done.

As you said, we will make our proposals and reports monthly from now on.

  • Remove moderation fees for management, which the Marketing DAO can no longer support.


Channels Focus Amount Growth (KPIs, goals, metrics)
Social Media Twitter / Instagram $ 2,000 To keep the community alive and informed, posting Turkish-specific, simple and understandable news, important updates, authentic research, and infographics.
Social Media Telegram $ 1,000 Provide 24/7 support on every ecosystem issue and doing some events like Quiz Night contest etc.
Social Media YouTube $ 600 Shot 4 videos about the NEAR ecosystem in the Turkish language.
Content Writing → Guide $ 350 Create 5 articles about the NEAR ecosystem in Turkish language

Subtotal : $ 3,950

TOTAL (for October and November) : $ 3,950 x 2 = $ 7,900

Thank You!


Hi Sir.
hacking me? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

The account has undergone some changes and maintenance.
Besides, you remove our all accounts from the list of supported communities in Aurora, Why did you ask? :thinking:


I’m continuing to monitor this as I’m noting that a final decision has not been made. I understand your perspective on the funding across multiple months, but I remain in support of one month.

The rest of the @marketingdao-council may have other opinions. Tagging for visibility.


please check the EOY report which @crypto_blckhntr has recently posted cc: @marketingdao-council

@crypto_blckhntr @REK @dadathoo_crypto and all other contibutors delivered awesome job in less than a year which couldn’t be done in two years. Near Protocol was almost unknown in Turkey. You have made a big difference with your quality content, Twitter presence, interacting with the community every day keeping them up-to-date, and with loud events and collaborations with KOL’s influencers, universities.

In case you are missing the Community is asking for past months work payout (Oct and Nov*). Proposal for the current and upcoming months yet to be posted. Like most other guilds they are used to ask it for 2 months. Imho it would be more appropriate to discuss this one month reduction or anything else there.


Thank you, @so608, for your good intentions.

I accept your one-month offer.
tagging @cryptocredit @Dacha @Klint @satojandro to get their feedback.


Hey @crypto_blckhntr

It’s really challenging with the new KPIs to continue to push funds to ecosystem community-building projects. We’re trying to support projects that directly result in the growth of specific projects that result in more wallets, transactions, and projects the list on AwesomeNear.

Unfortunately, I can’t support the price points and nature of these projects at this time.

Thank You, Sir. :pray:

hope the other @marketingdao-council members will consider the nature, efforts and success of this project, which were completed in less than a year.


I think Elon Musk give a huge insight into this.


Thanks for your proposal and patience.

I’ve been struggling with this proposal for a long time.

I am unable to support this proposal:

  • I lack context or understanding on the historical issues that led to the Turkish community splitting.
  • M DAO is not in a position to support both communities for the same region at their current budgets. There may be a separate initiative led directly from NF directed at Regional projects. Until then, if approved, Turkey alone would represent an outsized % of the total Marketing DAO budget
  • I am not in a position to objective and fairly differentiate between both communities (language barrier) or whether the Turkish community output matches the budget demands

I am open and would strongly encourage an initial meeting between the the NEAR Turkiye team and M DAO council too address some of the topics above. While I speak for myself, the fact this proposal has not reached a resolution in so long should also serve as a statement that other Council members also have doubts and reservations.


We are always ready for the meeting @marketingdao-council please share your calendly.

Thank You