[APPROVED] NEAR Turkey December / January 2023

Hi everyone,
Hi @marketingdao-council,

I am excited to see Marketing DAO is resuming operations. I’ve read the Marketing DAO Handbook and submitted the Marketing DAO Application Funding Form.
We have been representing NEAR to Turkey since March 2021 and are active on Telegram, Medium, Twitter, Youtube and have implemented a MVP project on NEAR together with our developers.

FYI: We will not request prior funding for the current and past month. Furthermore, we will take the current market situation into account and reduce our costs.

Therefore, our plans for December 2022 and January 2023 are as follows:

Guild / Community Name : Near Turkey
User: cizi31.near

Funding scheme : 2 months

Previous Proposal: [APPROVED] NEAR Turkey July / August / September 2022 2

Previous Reports :

July: [REPORT] Near Turkey July 2022
August: [REPORT] NEAR Turkey August 2022
September: [REPORT] Near Turkey September 2022
All other previous reports can be found under my profile.

NEAR Turkey Linktree: nearturkey | Twitter | Linktree


I have taken the Marketing Dao Handbook and the topic “[Announcement] Marketing DAO Resumes Operations” into account. For this purpose we would like to focus on content and social media in the next two months.

Unfortunately, we haven’t received a budget in the last two months, but we were still able to keep the Turkish group active and now want to invite even more new users to our group over the next two months and focus on our main goal: increase blockchain and crypto adoption in Turkey and heighten awareness of the NEAR ecosystem in the turkish-speaking area.


  • 8000+ members on Telegram Chat
  • 1000+ members on Telegram News Channel
  • 5500+ Followers on Twitter
  • Successful 12 articles / content about NEAR in turkish language
  • High impression on Twitter and successful promotions


  • active Near Turkey Telegram group
  • support / answer all questions
  • share news and announcements in time
  • active Near Turkey Twitter account, latest news
  • successful giveaways with high impressions


Content Writing Medium

  • Topic : Featured Stories, Web3.0 and Social, Defi, Nearweek, ecosystem updates, Guide
  • KPIs : Medium account followers, article views, comments on social media regarding the article (TG, Twitter, Medium)
  • Goals : Total +12 articles, +500 total views, 5+ comments
  • Budget : 750$

Content Writing Telegram

  • Topic : share daily news, ecosystem updates, partnerships, small giveaway
  • KPIs : increase channel members (growth), amount of viewers, daily news, high giveaway participation
  • Goals : 3-5 daily news, +1000 Members on Telegram channel (now 400+, target 1500+), average 3-5 daily news, average 400+ viewers / post
  • Budget : 250$

Social Media Telegram

  • Topic : support community members 7 days/week, share daily news from NEAR channel, ecosystem updates, infographics, partnerships, small giveaways to increase group activity, NEAR wallet/staking explanations
  • KPIs : increase group members (growth), amount of daily messages, daily support, high giveaway participation, more NEAR wallet creation, more NEAR staking
  • Goals : 1000+ Members on Telegram (now 7200+, target 8200), average 250 daily messages (now 200), +100 new wallet creations / staking on NEAR, 50+ active quiz/giveaway particaption.
  • Budget : 2600$

Social Media Youtube

  • Topic : two weeks news & updates, ecosystem updates
  • KPIs : high amount of video viewers, Video comments from our community, knowledge about ecosystem updates and generally about NEAR
  • Goals : 4-5 videos, 1000+ Viewers on YT, average 20 comments, 500+ views on TG, 20+ like + rt + Comments on Twitter and in our community group
  • Budget : 400$

Social Media Twitter

  • Topic : daily news & updates, partnership announcements, Web3.0, small giveaways
  • KPIs : Followers, Tweet impressions, Tweet Like + Retweets + Comments + Mentions
  • Goals : 1000+ Followers on Twitter (now 4500+, target 5500+), average 1000 impressions, average 5-10 Likes / tweet
  • Budget : 900$

Total Costs : 4900$

Thank you for your support!
CC @marketingdao-council


Hello, @cizi31 could you please split the total budget for each category?

For example

Content → Writing → guide > $400 / KPIs, goals, metrics
Social media → Twitter → $400 / KPIs, goals, metrics/

And exclude not supported categories.

Thank you!

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Hi @Dacha Sure, I’ve splitted the total budget down into five categories, more details here:

Thank you for your support!
CC @marketingdao-council


Hi @cizi31 thanks for your proposal and your understanding during the pause in funding.

The DAO is now actively working to clear the backlog of proposals.

I see that you have adjusted your proposal, but before i can support it would be useful if you could complete this form .

To assist you please take a look at the new Marketing DAO proposal funding guidelines .

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Hello! Happy to support you, Thank you for the great job for Near and Aurora Communities.


Also happy to support


Hi Cizi, thanks for your proposal.

I would be interested to learn more about:

  • Number NEAR projects are based in Turkey?
  • Number Turkey based participants in MetaBuidl hackathon?
  • Number of Turkey based participants completing NEAR learning pathways?
  • Relationship with local crypto communities - has NEAR Turkey held Meetups? (even if funding for this now fall under Events team at NF)
  • Relationship with Universities. I met a blockchain club from a turkish university at Dev Con Bogota, they are pushing to have Dev Con in Turkey next.

Seems to me like Turkey has a very large population and a growing crypto scene. For a budget this size I believe we need more concrete KPIs around activation and conversion. Pure social media for funding sake is not viable.

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Hi @satojandro Thank you for your feedback.

I got in contact with the Near Foundation Grants Team and asked them in a group chat for a list with Near ecosystem projects + country, the first answer was that they don’t think this information is public (not that it can’t be) at the moment.
I also found two monthly reports (october and september) regarding grant funding from the NF. If you apply for a grant you give them the information “country”, so they should have the stats in my opinion, but I am not sure if they can share it with everyone.
From my experience I can say that there are Turkish projects that build on Near, such as:

The projects and some more ask us for support. I try to help introduce their project to our community with AMAs / pinned posts / tweets. We also support all other country projects that build on Near, see my previous reports for more details.

Nice to hear that I know someone who is on the Near Core Dev Team and would be happy to support them in any way. Can contact several blockchain developers or students from different technical universities and invite them to the Dev Con.

We continuously refer users to complete the courses and apply for a grant or fellowship. In order to send you the number of participants based in Turkey, I need to contact Near University and ask them for statistics. Will report when I can get information. We also redirect users to our (MVP) project called Nearzombies where users can learn about Near in a fun way. Currently we are planning the roadmap for 2023 and are in talks with the NF Grants team.

We are continuesly in contact with local crypto communities and turkish event organizators. Due to pandemic it was not easy for us to hold meetups or do events in a monthly base. But we could hold two blockchain events this year where we got in contact with students.
Currently we are extending our developer and education team and some of them will apply for a fellowship, then we can hold such meetups even more in the next months hopefully.

To sum up, I understand your point that pure social media statistics are not enough. But to get deeper stats, we have to ask the platform itself directly.
Next year we have some plans (of course, the costs will be covered by our side), such as: *
/shooting professional videos on the street and doing reportage with Turkish people about blockchain and Web3.0,
/opening a crypto coffee shop, do meetups and explain the benefits of Web3 while enjoying the delicious turkish food.*

Also, we are working on a metaverse project called Shopyverse where we can think about adding online meetups too. The project has not yet received funding from NF or VCs.
Some demo videos and hackathon participation can be found below:

I hope I was able to answer your questions, we can also arrange an appointment in the next weeks where I can show you our previous and current work.
Thank you! :dizzy:


Hi @cizi31 – thanks for the proposal – and also thanks for your patience as we work through the backlog of proposals after relaunch, your form submission, etc. – it is clear you ready through the guidelines and tried to shape your proposal with those in mind.

I want to note here that even though you are not requesting past funding, you have kept this organization active without funding and are advocating for the NEAR ecosystem as a natural, organic part of what you do on both your project and personal accounts.

Because of our new guidelines and budget, what I’d request here is that you revise to one month. I know we have funded multiple months in the past, and I note your presence in the ecosystem and the trust you have built. That said, we may have different avenues and protocols around regional groups next year, so I think one month is the best timeframe to support.

If you revise according to that, then I will support this.

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Hi @so608 thank you for your trust and support.

Yes. I am very happy that we were able to keep the community active during these difficult times. It really wasn’t easy to answer all the questions and still let the community believe in the project and our goals. I think we only managed to do that because we have had an existing crypto community for over five years and we help each other as a team.

I would appreciate, if we could work for two months and send the report in February. It’s almost mid-December and the process is taking quite a long time before the budget arrives and thats why it’s really hard for us to succesfully finalize our plans. Thats the third time I am trying to reduce the costs or adjust the plan.

Since this proposal has already two approvals and a decision from @satojandro and @Klint is still pending, I would like to await their feedback as well.
Thank you for your understanding.

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Thanks for your thorough response,

It is very important that even though the core of the proposal may be social media, etc. you still highlight all of the milestones and initiatives as you’ve outlined before. That is the kind of growth and momentum we (including NF) looks at when trying to determine whether we are getting good value for money.

I take note of Lorraine’s request for revision. Due to the ongoing relationship with the team and the inconvenient timing with holidays, I am willing to support this proposal as is (two months). Please keep us updated on the conversations with NEAR NF Grants team.