[Closed] NEAR Health Onboarding, BOS marketing and building AUGUST

Hello everyone, Hello @marketingdao_council.
I am proposing to request funding to carry out our strategized and planned events and ideas to onboard a larger number of individuals to the BOS(we are targeting a thousand), follow up with them, teach and recruit them on the BOS.
then we will also be creating contests about the BOS, carry out some workshops and also organize widgets building conte.

Report from the last proposal



Titled "The President Health Fest and Capacity Building Praxes.

Themes: Healthcare, Health Tech, Solutions to Health Problems, Role of Tech in Healthcare.
On-site Event, 3 days duration, consist of Speech delivery, Education series, Career Guidance, Health Insurance, Workshops, basic life support training and medical outreach with of course reservations and fun sessions.

This is organized under the body of “Consortium of Nigerian Healthcare Students” in honor of the new president and it will be done this his approval.
We were given the opportunity as NEAR Health to take care of the Health tech aspect of the event,
-opportunity to speak to the audience,
-to structure a table with our gadgets where we would engage and onboard,

  • and also the opportunity to organize a physical workshop with the some of the brilliant audience that are interested in building.

the event will take place in early September, will last for 3 days, we deliver speech on day 1, continue onboarding from day1 to 3, and do the workshop on day3.

This event will have thousands of Audience including Students(not just Healthcare Students), Academia, Founders, Medias, Techies, Political leaders etc.

summary of marketing we will do there:

-Speak of Blockchain, specifically NEAR
-Give NEAR shirts and Caps
-Structure Big Banners
-Getting Captured by National Media
-Onbording to BOS through QR quote on all banners and i-am-human also.
-Workshop on BOS components, forking and deployment
-Explaining the technicalities of -Meta transactions, Account Abstraction, Privacy during Workshop
-General Introduction to NEAR

Marketing the event will be done by the organizing body through National Media, students bodies, Universities Posters, Flyers and social medias.
To foster networking and collaboration after event, we intend to organize online workshops for onboarded techies, community engagement for non techies, videos and articles of how to go with using NEAR for the general audience.
Timeline and Milestones: all activities within this proposal will be completed ending of September.
From this month we will start making the vidoes and Articles on time to have them ready before the event in August, Our webinars present depends on the date of the webinars and we will attend as much as possible withing July, August and September.
We will begin Online workshops in August all through September. And our Twitter spaces will continue weekly or bi weekly.

Potential risks are the risks in large On-site event with high number of attendees and not to be able to specific fish out the better audience to engage, to mitigate this we’ll focus more on students, founders, sponsors and technical individuals.
Summary of vision for the event is to onboard high numbers of students, techies, founders, Medias and other interested individuals

Event Impacts on the ecosystem:
1.Onboarding new individuals and increasing number of transactions: we are targeting to onboard 700 or nearly a thousand through FastAuth and ShardDog for fast onboarding, then use i-am-humna for records.
2. Increasing the visibility of NEAR and NEAR dapps to people that will engage
3. Sourcing Founders and Devs to build on NEAR by showcasing how easy and cool it can with the BOS
4. Getting more number of participants for a BOS widgets building contest
5. Good Community perspective of NEAR being Carbon Neutral and allowing cheap use of infrastructure
6. Positioning NEAR at the top for innovation in healthcare and other apps in general
7. Sourcing potential collaborations
8. Award of excellence to NEAR through NEAR Health


we will organize 4 workshops to keep engaging the newly onboarded individuals after the event.
With or without the event, we planned to start series on BOS and other new tech improvements Workshops for our community and beyond, to be posted on your YouTube channel and other media.
We started building Conservity since February, and now we are at the state of developing BOS components. here is a link to the design of the widgets we are creating

you can also see the pictures of the design from our last report(link up here)

We will develop at least more than 5 detailed Widgets and use them as a demonstration for our community, then organize a Widget building contest for the community, and reward those that will be able to create responsible and meaningful widgets, we’ll take like 5 winners.


we planned to attend, speak and onboard in at least 5 Tech and Health Webinars from August to September.


we will create short explanatory YouTube videos amd articles related to BOs and other NEAR infrastructures and how to use them from July to August/September, we’ll create around 5 videos, 10 articles. Focusing on explaining NCD, BOS and other cool infrastructures.

    we’ll continue our Twitter Space open discussions.
    Focusing on NCD and all about the BOS

    Get both our old and new community members to Near Social, we’ll target to gain atleast 100 followers for the go.

Our Social Handles
LinkedIn 867 followers:https://www.linkedin.com/company/near-healthy
Twitter 711 followers: https://twitter.com/NEARhealth_
Telegram 609 members: https://t.me/nearhealth
Medium 30 followers: https://medium.com/@nearhealth
YouTube 77 subscribers: https://youtube.com/channel/UCVPJpJZvEPe2ZTHJ3344zog
Instagram 415 followers: https://www.instagram.com/near.health

-Record of number of individuals Onborded with i-am-human >500
-Number of Widgets developed > 10
-Widgets contests participants >15
-Near Social new followers >100
-National Media appearance
-Views and engagement on Videos >200
-Reads and engagement of articles >400
-Workshop participants >40
-number of Devs and founders to onboard > 15
-Event audience > 1000
-Number of twitter spaces >10
-Twitter space listeners each > 20
-Number of attended webinars > 5

We will use this funds to extend most of these activities to ending of September

Funding Details

Physical event:

  1. 200 Shirts and caps, $10 each : $1000
  2. Banners and book covers: $1000
  3. Offline Worskshop: $400
  4. Widgets creation(8): $300
  5. Widgets building contest rewards(5 winners): $250
  6. Online workshop series: $300
  7. Webinars(5): $100
  8. Videos(5): $200
  9. Articles(10): $200
  10. Twitter spaces: $200

Total: $3950

wallet: nearhealth.near

Happy to provide more details or answers, thank you!
@marketingdao-council @rc-admins
@Dacha @Bakaka @IgbozeIsrael @Klint @so608


Thank you for your proposal.

Kindly follow our new guidelines for funding and align your proposal. https://gov.near.org/t/announcement-marketing-dao-constellation-ndc-v0-new-proposals-and-funding-procedures/35476

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Done, hopefully it’s good now.
Thanks @Bakaka

Hello @Bakaka @IgbozeIsrael
we haven’t heard from you guys yet

Hello brother!
Just to clarify, this proposal doesn’t fall under the RC-DAO but @marketingdao-council do I have nothing to say about it to either get it approved or rejected.

The councils will attend to it

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Alright thanks @IgbozeIsrael
I thought we are not are not running a product based campaign, some of these activities here, with the event are regional

There are guidelines to being ‘registered’ as a regional community and on your first proposal, you answered that tour community is not a regional community.

well that’s true @IgbozeIsrael , our activities are not restricted to a specific region. Thanks
so @marketingdao-council @Dacha will decide

if MDAO is not funding for events, our proposal is basically $1550 without the event to cover up BOS, NCD, near social, widgets building and contest, workshop, webinars, twitter spaces, articles and vidoes.

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Hello @Mohaa ! Thank you very much for your proposal. It will be reviewed soon.


Alright, thank you for the reply @Dacha


Hi @Mohaa thanks for the proposal. In reviewing this, a few questions:

  • Did NEAR Health do all of the spaces proposed as part of the previous proposal (two spaces per week for three months)? It’s not clear from the report. There are ~3 spaces where metrics are shared. Can you give us an update and more specific metrics around the engagement, attendance, etc., of the spaces you produced as part of that proposal?
  • Is the event you’re proposing part of another event that is already taking place (i.e. with the NEAR Health team as participants) or is this an event you’re proposing to produce on your own?
  • When is this event taking place?
  • If it is your event, have you produced similar events in the past?

In general, this proposal seems to have a lot of different elements. I would be more confident if this were a request to fund a very specific activation spreading the word about BOS vs. attempting to produce a wide variety of activations/activities at the same time. What do you think the most crucial, high impact aspect of this proposal is? Where will the NEAR community get the most value if funding is allocated?


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Hi @so608 thanks

  • we didn’t complete all 24 spaces(as for 2 weekly for 3 months) but we tried, we held/engaged in about 19 spaces. the spaces we held had an average of attendance of 50 individuals, average time of 40mins, average of 3 questions asked. For those we participated in, an average of 150 attendance, 1hr average time, lots of questions.

  • this is an event organized by another body and it’s already taking place, we were invited to participate and from the details shared with me, i felt it will be a big opportunity considering the nature of the event, number of speculated audience and the type of audience.

  • It’s taking place now first week of September

  • it’s not our event, and we’ve collaborated for something similar in the past, i think around 3 times, though not as big as this one.

The event is meant to serve as an excellent way to spread the words of the BOS physically to some good target individuals and, onboard as many as possible and captivate the most interested once with follow up engagements and learning of the BOS and the whole NEAR ecosystem.

So for assured high impact here will be based on things we’ve done similar in the past, and things we can do better based on the current timeline, so that will be from item 4 to 10 in the funding details above which includes;
4 . Widgets creation(8)
5.Widgets building contest rewards(5 winners)
6. Online workshop series
7. Webinars(5)
8. Videos(5)
9. Articles(10)
10. Twitter spaces

however i foresee us participating in the event as a very good opportunity to achieve a lot, but it all depends if MDAO can and it’s within it’s scope to fund.

But if I’ve to choose an aspect from the whole proposal, I’d go with those above, the cost for those is $1550 to keep us highly active for a month, where as the event is $2400 for 3 days plus the followup teachings for a week.

We’d like for both aspects to be approved if possible but if we are to choose, we’ll go with the other activities, we can still attend the event without sponsoring anything, with no shirts, caps, books, we’d just need a $500 banner(2) and we could try to capture the few interested individuals we can.

Thank you for your proposal

Going over council questions and your response to them.

I recommend that you split the activities and apply differently for in-person and normal monthly engagement

After deciding which one you want to focus on, try to create a very clear breakdown and achievable details too.

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Alright, thank you, will do that

Hey @Dacha can you close this proposal, i saw he posted new one with a focus on online activities. Thank you

Hello @Mohaa . Thanks for great job! Due a specific KPIs for August and September, MDAO can allow only proposals focused on:

  • NDC elections
  • Increasing numbers of active Developers
  • Increasing numbers of active Users and Transactions
  • Increasing numbers of Tools on BOS

Could you please update your proposal, or we can postpone it to September. Thank you!


Hello thanks @Dacha
as mentioned by @Bakaka under this proposal, he tagged you to close this one as he recommended and aslo based on @so608 comments that i create another one focusing on on-chain activities, which i already did, this is it;

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Thank you very much!

I suggest also focusing on the upcoming Elections in NDC. We all need to get at least 500 people to participate so that the Grassroots DAOs continue receiving funding in NDC v1.


Sure, we’ll do our best and contribute our quota maximally to the upcoming NCD election

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@Dacha Please review the new proposal, thanks