Hello everyone, hope we are all good
Hello @marketingdao-council, presenting our report for the three months, basically just Twitter spaces according to our approved proposal, but we did a whole lot more.

Based on our proposal, the months would just be for Twitter spaces, and here are some of the spaces we organized:

Secondly; The section here has been removed as it sounds like a claim of something not done, it was meant to be reported as an opportunistic scenario of talking to couple of people in a Fintech&Healthcare event in Morocco about NEAR, the team member didn’t travel specifically for NEAR Health but for something else.

Thirdly, for the past three months as well, we’ve been working on pur first big project for the community, we started building CONSERVITY, a “decentralized play-to-earn review platform promoting ethical and sustainable consumerism”
We building it on the BOS, everything entirely.
it has the following features

-Susteinability review page
-News page
-Discussion forum

on our derived phases of development, we are now at the fourth phase, we’ve concluded:

  1. Requirements gathering and planning
  2. Hypothesis testing(done at oxford school of climate change)
  3. Platform UX design also completed
  4. Now currenting coding the different pages and features of the project on the BOS as components/widgets.

if you are interested in checking anything about Conservity, please here are some documents and also the link to the UX design.
Conservity Introduction.pdf (433.8 KB)
Conservity Project Plan.pdf (171.5 KB)
Conservity’s Biz Model Overview.pdf (146.0 KB)

Design links:


We’ll definitely need some support building this guys
@marketingdao-council @Dacha @so608 @Klint @cryptocredit @satojandro


Really happy with the development in Near health, keep it up guys

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Thank you man, really appreciate

Thank you for your reports and outstanding work…

please, which one is your team member among the Arab guy and the black ??

hi @Bakaka, its the black guy there, this is his username @Ibrahimbk

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