[Closed] NEAR German July / August / September


Hi @marketingdao-council

Since November 2021 we are growing a NEAR community for the German-speaking area (Germany, Austria and Switzerland). Our community exists on Telegram, on Twitter, on Medium and we are also supporting the Discord channel. In the last weeks we have made some partnerships with other German communities and influencers and have taken part in Offline Events. You can see some facts about our activities and some statistics in our latest report. To be able to grow further the community we want to continue with our work and take the next steps.


  • In the next three months we want to continue with our work on Telegram, Twitter and Discord. Our main goal is to motivate our users to believe in the future of NEAR. Many users are really frustrated because of the bad market situation but our responsibility is to reactivate them.
  • Online events: We hosted a Twitter space a few weeks ago. Next time we will do it on Telegram with a Voice Chat. There we want to get to know the users in our community better and their skills and thoughts about Near and the current situation.
  • Partnerships: We want to expand our partnerships with other German communities. The goal is to present the NEAR protocol to their users, to convince them about the promising future of NEAR and to reactivate the frustrated users. As we have done two really successful AMA Sessions in April and May we want to repeat that.
  • We want to translate/write some (9-11) articles of the NEAR ecosystem in German and present these articles to our community through our Medium account. We think it’s important that there is some content in the German language to engage more German people for the NEAR ecosystem.
  • Contests: In our last proposal we have planned some contests to increase the engagement in our community. Due to the market situation we have decided to delay the contests because we have thought it hasn’t been the right time to do such contests. But we are sure the market will improve, so we are planning them again.
    • Telegram contest: We will do a contest in our Telegram group where the most active users will get some rewards.
    • Twitter contest: To promote the Twitter account we will create a Twitter contest over Gleam.

We will do the activities listed above but we also want to expand our activities. We will continue to look for Blockchain developers for NEAR. Therefore we are currently planning some more Offline Events (Blockchain Hackathons, Blockchain Academies, Blockchain Conferences etc.) we want to take part in. And some activities from our last proposal like the Partnership with Bitcoin2Go are still ongoing. (We have postponed the interview due to the market situation). More to follow in the next few weeks.


Till end of September, we are expecting to reach:

  • Active Telegram and Twitter community
  • Articles about NEAR in German Language
  • Online events in our community (Telegram Voice Chat, Twitter Space)
  • Successful partnerships with other German communities.


Successful activities till end of September means:

  1. Active Near Germany Telegram group, talking about the NEAR Ecosystem.
  2. Active Near Germany Twitter account - with the latest news about NEAR.
  3. 9-11 articles in German about the NEAR ecosystem published on medium.com.
  4. At least 1 Online event (Telegram Voice Chat, Twitter Space)
  5. Successful AMA session with Binance German
  6. Successful AMA session with KuCoin German
  7. Successful AMA session with Gate.io German


  • Telegram + Twitter + Discord (3 managers): 5100 USDT total (1700 USDT/month)

    • Support our communities on Telegram + Discord + tweet regularly the latest news of the NEAR ecosystem on Twitter.
    • Online events (Telegram Voice Chat, Twitter Space)
  • Partnership with Binance German: 800 USDT total

    • Warm-Up event: 300 USDT for prize money
    • Planning, Warm-Up event, prepare Questions + Answers, implementation of the AMA: 500 USDT
  • Partnership with KuCoin German: 800 USDT total

    • Warm-Up event: 300 USDT for prize money
    • Planning, Warm-Up event, prepare Questions + Answers, implementation of the AMA: 500 USDT
  • Partnership with Gate.io German: 800 USDT total

    • Warm-Up event: 300 USDT for prize money
    • Planning, Warm-Up event, prepare Questions + Answers, implementation of the AMA: 500 USDT
  • Telegram/Twitter Contests: 0 USDT total

    • We have already requested funding for the contests in our last proposal
  • Write/translate 9-11 German Articles: 950 USDT total

  • Management: 1000 USDT total

    • Planning, reporting, team meetings, coordination, prepare articles, brainstorming
  • Overspending Sustainable Blockchain Hackathon '22 powered by NEAR: 350 USDT total

    • We have requested 795 USDT in our last proposal for our participation (flight ticket, hotel room, train ticket, taxi)
    • Our actual costs amounted to 1150 USDT so we have to request 350 USDT additionally.

Total costs (July, August and September): 9800 USDT


Hi @cryptoheitzi thanks for your proposal. Happy to see your progress with the German speaking community.

We normally fund social managers at between $200 -$300 per month.

The rest of the proposal looks good to me.


Could you share contact with these companies?
We want to do same things for Near TĂĽrkiye.
And did you do Partnership or just AMA?
I think Binance-KuCoin etc… cannot be Partnership with. $500-800.


Hi @cryptocredit thank you so much for your comment

  • Telegram + Twitter + Discord (3 managers): 5100 USDT total (1700 USDT/month)
    • Support our communities on Telegram + Discord + tweet regularly the latest news of the NEAR ecosystem on Twitter.
    • Online events (Telegram Voice Chat, Twitter Space)

We are more than social managers as we don’t only tweet, retweet or answer questions, we also do research and organize Online Meet-Ups (Telegram Voice Chat, Twitter Space) etc.

And as we live in Germany and Austria respectively we have higher costs of living. 200$ - 300$ are nothing in our country. It’s impossible to find anyone in the German-speaking area who does these tasks for 200$ - 300$. But the big advantage is that if someone who lives in the German-speaking area wants to invest in NEAR he or she has more financial power.

I think you have to consider the proposal as a whole package. In my opinion we have included some interesting partnerships in this proposal that can really help us to grow further.



of course i can give you contacts, but i only know contacts from Binance, KuCoin, Gate.io that are responsible for the German-speaking area. I don’t have any Turkish contacts.
We are starting the partnerships with AMA sessions but if the partnership works well we are planning to do more.

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I propose doing just one AMA with one these communities. AMAs are way overdone and have questionable returns on investment at best with little to no accountability. Willing to support one experiment and see what lessons we are able to learn from it before we expand to more.

I agree with the sentiment that people are a bit down during the current market conditions. What I’ve noticed is that IRL events are able to capture a unique energy and ROI that is impossible to match online. Compare NEAR Miami or Austin Hacker houses with the same level of online enagegemtn during the same time period.

Would strongly suggest you revise the percentage of funds and efforts dedicated to online stuff and focus on IRL. While the cost of living is definitely a relevant consideration, three people to hang out online is hard to quantify and increasingly difficult given current market conditions.


Agreed with the other council members on the high price points.

The community management cost is just too expensive for what is required.

What is the partnership fee of $800 related to?
Is it the cost associated with joining the community and asking them to join your AMA? if that is the case, isn’t this covered under your “Management” fee of $1000?


Hi @satojandro thank you for your suggestions. I really appreciate them.

We already did two AMA sessions in April/May. Please check out our latest report ([REPORT] NEAR German April/May 2022). The AMAs were pretty successful we think, we got so many questions, especially MEXC users were incredibly interested in NEAR.

Yes i completely agree with you. We want to go more int that direction. We are currently planning a Grant project where we want to focus only on Offline (IRL) events. We are planning to create a Blockchain Academy with an university where students will be able to learn about the NEAR blockchain technically and we are also planning to represent NEAR on a big Blockchain event in Germany in March 2023 (https://www.blockchance.eu/).

  • Partnership with Binance German: 800 USDT total
    • Warm-Up event: 300 USDT for prize money
    • Planning, Warm-Up event, prepare Questions + Answers, implementation of the AMA: 500 USDT

Hi @Klint the partnership fee of 800 USDT is composed of:

  • 500 USDT for the whole work regarding the AMA: coordination with our partners, create banners, prepare questions + answers, promote the AMA session and implement the AMA session)
  • 300 USDT are for the rewards for the users what they can get for submitting the best questions and what they can win during the AMA. (But it’s possible to reduce that amount)

Hey @cryptocredit, thanks a lot for your feedback. I understand what you mean, however you have to understand that this is a German speaking community.

I can only agree with @cryptoheitzi that the cost of living in :de: or :austria: is many times higher than in the countries where most social managers come from. I personally don’t know of any German speaking community where the manager gets $200-300 for managing multiple channels.

Furthermore, we are talking about multiple channels, i.e. Telegram, Twitter, Medium and recently also LinkedIn.

I hope you understand this and can reconsider your opinion.

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Hey @satojandro, I am also more for offline events, because the contact with people makes a lot and you can pick up the people much easier. However, we have made quite good experiences with the last two AMAs, as we have not only educated other German-speaking communities about NEAR, but also active German users have joined our community.

Since this proposal is planned for 3 months, we have 3 AMAs planned. If it was only for one month, we would have planned only 1 AMA as well.

I hope I could bring a little clarity here.

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Being active in a Telegram and managing a community like that should not be a FT job. The funding is, generally, more of a thank you for the efforts that the most hardcore supporters put in.

People who moderate communities like that tend to come from the communities themselves and they do it, not for monetary compensation but, for the love of the community they’re involved with.

At least, that’s my $0.02 :white_check_mark:


Hey @David_NEAR, you’re totally right and it is not our FT job. We are talking about $1,700 / 3 = $550 each, which is the usual amount of a so-called “Minijob” in Germany, so very far away from a FT job.

I can’t quite understand this statement. Of course, we do this because we love the NEAR community and want to help it grow in the German-speaking area, but ultimately this also costs us time and therefore money.

Thanks for your proposal. I can’t support retroactive payments for overspending. Once a proposal receives funding, it is the responsibility of the recipient team to manage costs. Otherwise, the Marketing DAO would be in a really tough spot trying to manage all kinds of costs/factors outside of our control.

As for the rest of the proposal, I do think what you are doing offers value to the community and is aiming to bringing more people to the NEAR ecosystem. But given the current market conditions and our need to ensure we are getting great ROI for the NEAR community on funded activities, in my view it is important that we are funding only the most impactful aspects of projects. Of what you are proposing in this, what are the top 2-3 aspects that you think will have the most impact generating long-term growth of German speakers in the NEAR ecosystem?

Also, with the partnerships, I’m not sure the Community should pay for huge international companies to essentially get introduced to your audience? Are they shouldering any of the cost? Thanks!

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Hi @marketingdao-council @David_NEAR

thank you so much for your comments and suggestions

We completely understand your concerns because of the current market conditions. In this difficult situation we should concentrate on the top aspects of our work.

I propose to close this proposal and create a new one and reduce the scope.