[CLOSED] NEAR DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) - August 2023

CC: @marketingdao-council, @regionaldao-council, @rc-admins

Hi PioNears,

We are the NEAR DACH Community and started to build our community in May. Although we did not receive funding for the months of June and July, we maintained support for our community on Twitter and Telegram. Telegram is our most active channel because the community asks the most questions there. But we are also growing on NEAR Social constantly.

Our goal continues to build a community of professional crypto enthusiasts, developers, and BUIDLers and to be the place to go for the NEAR community in the German-speaking region. And as we wanna make progress with our growth and educational programms, we are hereby requesting funding for the month of August.

Guild Info

DAO address: near-dach.sputnik-dao.near
NEAR Wallet: dach.near
Email: dachisnear@skyborn.media
Funding scheme: 1 month (August 2023)

Core members:

  1. Kemal Gökdogan aka @Kemal
  2. Fritz Wagner aka @FritzWorm
  3. Daniel aka @Danielzo

Contact Details

Email: dachisnear@skyborn.media
Telegram: @iamkemoo

Goals & Objectives


Our proposal includes each of the three components of the new Regional Community Working Group structuring, i.e., Education, bOS Components, and Onboarding.



  • Conducting a NEAR Social workshop and helping community members to understand near.social better
  • Create educational content about bOS, or NEAR

bOS Components

  • Conduct a near.social contest


  • Conducting activation events like AMAs to onboard new users

:information_source: Furthermore, we would like to maintain the following activities as well:


  • Provide 24/7 support to members on all DACH channels.
  • Maintaining and ensuring the safety of community members by monitoring the condition of all channels


  • Translate key articles into German
  • Create content and banners that are aligned with NEAR’s brand design
  • Create content for AMAs. This includes preparation of the Q&As, Google Forms, banners, and copy for announcements


  • Research new potential partnerships
  • Negotiating deals
  • Communication with partners

Measurements of Success

We plan to measure success by the end of August using the following metrics.

  • Providing 24/7 support on all channels
  • Increasing the number of members in the Telegram channel organically to 70 real members
  • Increasing the followers on Twitter organically to ~40 real followers
  • Increasing the followers on near.social to ~100 real followers
  • Host 1 near.social workshop
  • Conduct 1 near.social contest
  • Conduct 1 AMA with another DACH community
  • Create 2 educational articles or threads
  • Translate 2 key articles of the month


Activity Costs incl. Rewards Times SUM
Growth and Moderation on all channels 250 $USDT 3 $750
Near.social workshop $400 1 $400
Near.social contest $300 1 $300
AMA with another DACH community $1,300 1 $1,300
Write 2 educational articles or threads about bOS or NEAR $200 2 $400
Translate 2 key articles max. 1,000 words per article (Using LNC calculation $25/500) $50 2 $100
Design for banners in NEAR brand design $25 8 $200
Management (Business Development, Brainstorming, Research, Reporting & Communication) $1,200 1 $1,200
SUM $4,650

Total costs for August $4,650 $USDT


Thanks for your proposal. Can we see the link to your previous report, please?

It’s a little hard to see the metrics here on how they add to increasing transactions on-chain. You should check this draft, please. RC-DAO KPIs - Google Docs

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What do you think a near.social workshop or near.social contest does?

On your proposal, only one near social contest, and it has $300 placed on it.

This leads to why the question of how transactions can be increased.

Also, is the focus from your community for August only on near social, and no other product on NEAR?

This is not the first time you don’t read our proposal properly, because you already proved in our last two proposals that you have no idea of what you are doing, @IgbozeIsrael.

As you can see in our proposal there are two activities planned to increase the on-chain interaction on near.social, the WORKSHOP and the CONTEST. Why two? Because we are a NEW founded community. The goal of a newly founded community MUST be to GROW the community first and then FUNNEL them into the ecosystem. And I’m talking about real people here, not like other Regional Communities at NEAR that got funded easily.

That’s why our proposal is weighted 80/20, meaning 20% of the activities go into engaging existing members to familiarize them with near.social and other projects from the ecosystem, and 80% of the activities to bring new users into the community so we can fucking GROW. Because that’s priority number one for any business. Especially when it’s just launched.

I can’t stand your incompetence anymore, unfortunately, as you are not only hurting our community and other regional communities but also the Protocol. It cannot be that a person who obviously has no idea about how to start a business, build a community, or marketing strategies, (because these are important qualities that a person who decides on funding of this type should have) is given the authority to decide on the funding of Regional Communities, which are so essential to the growth of the Protocol.

It is also important to note that because the RC DAO does not yet exist, because no Councils have yet been appointed and funding is attributed to the RC DAO, you as an Admin cannot have the authority to make decisions that are actually the responsibility of the Marketing DAO until the transition. Not only because you have no idea of the matter, but because until the RC DAO exists with the announcement of the Councils, the Marketing DAO is responsible for these decisions. That is according to the protocol! The agreement between the Marketing DAO and the Admins does not change this! We don’t live in a dictatorship where one person makes decisions on behalf of an entire community.

I expect therefore a statement of the Councils of the Marketing DAO, as is usual with Proposal, which concerns marketing activities.

cc: @so608, @Klint, @cryptocredit, @satojandro, @Dacha

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I appreciate your view of me and your comments. There is always room for improvement.

You should know that the MDAO cannot fund your community if it does not align with the basic focus of RC-DAO.
except you are going to MDAO for funding. In that situation, you will have to align with MDAO KPIs given that there are a little differences in the KPIs of both DAOs.
While some of your comments seem to be personal attacks, I will let them slide.

My concern has been on why the last time your community got funded, one person was rewarded with $100 for attending an AMA in your community. The wallet seemed to be of a CEX and not on near social too.

While the cost of living is high in your country or region, should we allocate $1k or $2k to your community to get 10 or 20 people to attend an AMA? What will be the ROI of those people attending such an event?

Know that my questions on your proposal is to be sure that i understand fully what is happening within your community as i depend on your honest answers to questions to help me and the ecosystem be aware of what is happening.

Thanks, and i hope that you align your activities with this RC-DAO KPIs - Google Docs

To also clarify, RC_DAO is already functioning in V0.8. The only thing left is setting the councils who will help in organizing their Continents in a best-fit way.

It will be great to have you on the community call today to understand how the structure of the Continental Councils will work.

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The last post on your community’s near social account was 26 days ago. This shows there is no frequent activity in your community

In your Telegram group, from July 19th to about 10:38 AM UTC, there were only 26 chats for those days.

Thank you for your proposal and your efforts despite the fact that funds were not received two months ago from your community.

Try to add your community social media handles too.

After some of the concerns raised by @IgbozeIsrael on how funds has been distributed which is available in our tracking sheet.

My concerns is that,

The amount attached to your activities is high in comparison to your previous proposal, what has increased the costs to host the same activities now??

If you could give me a more detailed breakdown of your costs, how much you plan to distribute for rewards, what you mean by “near social workshop and contest,” and how many AMAs to expect and what is the ROI. Although we do not encourage spending much time on social media, I would like to see some emphasis on basic Keypom use, widget building, and other how-to workshops.

Am always happy to see newly formed communities to get funded and see what value are they going to bring to the ecosystem from their regions.

Happy to have a call and align to see how we can restructured the proposal and get funded. Thank you

If you had read our proposal correctly, you would have seen that we did not receive any funding for June and July. Our last funding is from May! And despite not receiving any funding for the last two months, we have continued support on Telegram for the past two months.

The fact that you took a screenshot from our near.social from the month of JULY here to prove that we are not active when you should know that we have not received funding for the last two months and therefore no activities could take place, just shows again that you don’t understand what you are doing.

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Thanks for your response.
Just to let you know, some communities had no funding for months (even three months) but kept building. If your community is inactive without funding, we need to see how to work out the right structure to get the right believers.

The idea of NEAR we sell to newbies or those who are blockchain enthusiasts matters.

Thanks, thanks, brother.

I already answered this to you in the Telegram chat:


I understand your concerns about the CEX addresses. These are addresses that have been recently created. I have successfully introduced people to NEAR who were previously unaware of it. These addresses have long forms because their owners have not yet claimed their name.near addresses. However, it is important to note that these addresses are not CEX addresses.

When creating a community, the starting expenses tend to be higher. However, once the community gains a certain size, its growth can spread through word-of-mouth as people bring in their friends. Prior to reaching that point, it is essential to actively engage with other communities and attract high-quality crypto enthusiasts. These are fundamental aspects of community building that should be understood by anyone reviewing proposals and reports.

When a community is in its early stages of growth, it is not realistic to expect immediate ROI. Therefore, anyone inquiring about short-term ROI for such a community is not well-informed. However, the long-term ROI of building a community includes spreading knowledge, enhancing brand reputation and loyalty, generating UGC, expanding the community, and potentially even developing projects on NEAR. Despite these benefits, the actual ROI of AMA sessions may not be immediately noticeable.

I’ll give you an example of a long-term ROI

This person was previously unaware of NEAR, but after participating in an AMA and gaining more knowledge about the project, it has become one of his favorites. It’s likely that this highly active member of our community will speak positively about NEAR to others and potentially attract new members in the future. It’s impossible to predict the exact outcome, but it’s unreasonable to place a value on the worth of community members.

I know that, but you don’t read our proposals properly and don’t understand them either, it seems. In fact, you don’t know what’s going on in our community because you don’t understand German and you haven’t seen how important it was for our community members to maintain Telegram support because some of them struggled with the transition from wallet.near.org to mynearwallet.
That being said, any business relationship is built on trust and I’m not new to this ecosystem as I’ve been here for over 2 years!

I am glad that now you are answering questions properly to help gain understanding. I have no personal objections to you growing your community.
I am here to support you.

Being in charge of how funding goes to Communities now, It is appropriate for us to be aware of at least what funds were used for.

We keep building.

Good point!

:bird: Twitter
:scroll: Medium
:necktie: LinkedIn

I guess you are talking about this:

This is because the partnerships have increased in quality. The AMA, which is planned with this budget, is a voice AMA with one of the largest Telegram communities in the German-speaking crypto scene and they charge about €800 (~890) only for the interview. Then you have to add my costs for planning and conducting the interview and the rewards.

This makes sense for a community that has already reached a certain size since you can then plan a workshop for the applications mentioned with a bigger group. However, our primary goal as a still very young community is to grow and that can only be done via events on social media. Referring to the 80/20 rule mentioned above.

Thank you for your responses, can you share the tg link please ?

Telegram: Contact @coinationlobby this is the lobby link, which will redirect you to the group after solving the quiz, which has more members.

good keep going keep grow

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Thanks for your support, @vinod69! :pray: :muscle:

Thank you for your patience while we reviewed your proposal.

Unfortunately, due to RCDAO’s limited budget, we won’t be able to support proposal with huge budget request for August.

Please feel free to apply again next month.