[Closed] NEAR DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) - July 2023

CC: @marketingdao-council, @rc-admins

Hi NEAR Community,

We are the NEAR DACH Community and started to build our community in May. Our goal is to build a community of professionals and developers and to be the place to go for the NEAR community in the German-speaking region.

Even though we did not receive funding for the month of June, we continued to maintain support and did BD to build new partnerships with more DACH communities. And as we are making progress and have met our May KPIs, we are hereby requesting funding for the month of July.

Guild Info

DAO address: near-dach.sputnik-dao.near
NEAR Wallet: dach.near
Email: dachisnear@skyborn.media
Funding scheme: 1 month (July 2023)
Core members:

  1. Kemal Gökdogan aka @Kemal
  2. Fritz Wagner aka @FritzWorm
  3. Daniel aka @Danielzo

Contact Details

Email: dachisnear@skyborn.media
Telegram: @iamkemoo

Goals & Objectives


Our goal for this month is to gain more exposure in other communities, continue to create good content, and increase on-chain activity on NEAR Social. Therefore, the primary goal is to do more AMAs and events to bring new people into our community and onto NEAR Social and to create articles about NEAR.


Community & Growth (incl. on-chain activity)

  • Drive growth through AMAs with other DACH communities on relevant channels.
  • Interact with the NEAR community on relevant platforms to increase awareness and grow the community
  • Bringing new users to NEAR Social and boosting activity and engagement


  • Provide 24/7 support to memebrs on all DACH channels.
  • Maintaining and ensuring the safety of the community by monitoring the condition of the canal


  • Translate key articles into German
  • Create our own articles about NEAR technology or ecosystem in German
  • Publish content on all channels in a platform-specific style
  • Create content and banners that are aligned with NEAR’s brand design
  • Create content for AMAs. This includes preperation of the Q&As, Google Forms, banners, and copy for announcements


  • Research new potential partnerships
  • Communicate and maintain existing partnerships

Measurements of Success

We plan to measure success by the end of June using the following metrics.

  • Providing 24/7 support on all channels
  • Increasing the number of members in the Telegram channel organically to 50 active members
  • Increasing the followers on Twitter organically to ~30
  • Translate/create 1 good article per week
  • Host 2 online AMAs/events


  • Growing the DACH community and providing daily support on all channels = 750 $USDT (250 $USDT x 1 month x 3 core)
  • Translate/write at least 1 article per week, bringing us to a total of 4 articles = 400 $USDT total.
  • 2 AMAs with another DACH community, incl. planning & conducting the AMA = 1,600 $USDT
  • Creation of content and banners that are adapted to the brand design of NEAR = $200 (25 $USDT x 8)
  • Management = 800 $USDT
    • Business Development, Research, Events, Ideating, Reporting

Total costs for July 3,750 $USDT

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Thanks for submitting your proposal!

I see you have a few activities on your near social. However, your community doesn’t engage at all.

To begin, have you checked the updated KPIs? Post by Regional Community Working Group | Near Social

It will be good to give clear metrics in numbers for us to understand what to expect from your new community.

Thanks, and waiting for your reply.

Hi, @IgbozeIsrael,

Thank you for taking the time to review our proposal and providing your feedback. I understand your concern about community engagement and wanted to provide some additional context to address the points you raised.

Firstly, I want to emphasize that our NEAR DACH community has been actively engaged on Telegram, where we started our first two events. We have fostered a vibrant and interactive community on this platform, with regular discussions, knowledge-sharing, and support for our members.

Yes, we have checked the updated KPIs, and regarding NEAR Social activities, I must clarify that we faced a funding gap in June, which impacted our ability to organize events and activities on that platform. Despite this setback, we remained committed to keeping the community active and engaged. We continued providing support and engagement on Telegram and shared relevant content to keep the community informed and connected.

While NEAR Social plays a crucial role in expanding our reach, we are fully aware of its significance and plan to improve our presence on that platform. With funding for July, we aim to organize a series of engaging events and activities to increase community participation across multiple platforms, including NEAR Social.

We genuinely appreciate your feedback and understand the importance of clear metrics to showcase the potential impact of our community. We are committed to providing transparent and measurable goals to ensure the success and growth of the NEAR DACH community and increase on-chain activities as mentioned in our proposal.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any further questions or suggestions. We value your insights and look forward to collaborating to make our community thrive.

Thank you once again for your time and consideration.

Best regards,

Can you update the spreadsheet with the list of community members who won bounties or rewards with your community please. Their near wallet is what you will enter in the tracking sheet and the amount they won.

Also, do enter the amount of bounty claimed by your core team members with the near wallets used.

Those records are instrumental in the approval of this proposal.


The proposal was closed by @IgbozeIsrael and RC DAO admins’ decision. Thank you!