[Closed] NEAR Arabic Marketing and Community - August | $1875


Guild Name: NEAR Arabic
Region: Middle East
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @NEAR_Arabic
Twitter: https://twitter.com/NEAR_Arabic
Near.social: https://social.near.page/u/NEAR_Arabic

Funding scheme: August and September
Core member : 3
gemy | Near Social
Nesma | Near Social
Vica | Near Social

Previous report: Report: NEAR Arabic for month of July

We aspire to continue providing support to Arab users and educate them about the NEAR Protocol.

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Growth (KPIs, goals, metrics)

-Educate the users about NEAR and the projects built on it (will focus on BOS)
-Increase the number of the on-chain transactions (we hope to reach 500 transactions, now 180)
-Onboard new users in near social
-Reach more users during the next month, we aim for 8%-12% increase with more interaction.
-Get new designers, developers, investors to involve them in the NEAR ecosystem.

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What we will do with past examples:


-Managing the community, provide daily support on Telegram and post the latest news in Arabic and create posts
Cost: 500$
-Providing daily support on Twitter and post the latest news in Arabic and create posts and make retweets
Cost: 350$

-Creating 1 videos per month to spread the latest news about the NEAR protocol and the projects built on it.
Cost: 70$

-Creating 5-8 infographics and visual content per month, will post them on telegram, twitter, near.social
Cost: 175$

BOS Building
-Create 2 articles about BOS
Articles will be published as a press release here for free.
Cost: 120$
-Create 1 widget for NEAR Arabic on near.social, and invite users to use it
Cost: 100$ ,
Workshop about how to build a widget.
Expected 10-15 users to attend the workshop
Cost: 250$

-Making 1 AMA
Cost: 100$
(We still have about 110$ from the previous month, will use 50$ for the AMA fess + 60$ for the giveaway)

-Onboarding new users for Near.Social by making contest and publishing the latest news: 200$

1875$ per month

Total: 3790$ for two months.
Wallet: near-arabia.sputnik-dao.near

Thanks for submitting your proposal.
On your proposal, there is no provision for activities that will increase transactions on-chain.

Also, are you focusing only on near social?

All activities contribute to attracting transactions on-chain and attracting developers and new users.
For example, when publishing daily news or publishing an article or making an AMA and attaching this product/DApp link, it helps to attract new users and new transactions.
We focus on near.social and BOS but in general we have many users use some other DApps like (Paras, Sweat). We also will use neardrop and will encourage users to register in neartasks

Thank you for your proposal

We have very tight budget. I’d like you to cut your budget to $2,000.

Managing a community and providing daily support and community management appear to me to be the same thing. I’d like to learn more about the distinction.

100$ for a single AMA giveaway is a lot, but I’ll take 50$.

How much will you giveaways to the widget build bounty? And how many widgets will we expect?

Hello Bakaka, I deleted the management fee to reduce the budget.
I agree with you that 100$ for a single AMA giveaway is a lot, last month we was have 150$ to giveaway and we haven’t used them all (will use them this month), I edited this section.

For the widget, we replaced it by a workshop as we believe that the community needs a workshop first to learn how to build a widget then we can launch a bounty.

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Thank you for making the necessary changes. Happy to support for one month (August)

@IgbozeIsrael @Dacha

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Approved $1875 due to low budget for August.

Wait for directives from @marketingdao-council on funding.



Hello! @MostafaLotfy , your application was approved by RCDAO (part of the Marketing (Ecosystem) DAO constellation). The proposal will be included in the following request to NDC Trust @TrustNDC (~ on August 15th). Expected payment time ~ August 16th-August 31st. Some additional requirements may apply. Please join NDC Marketing HUB Telegram: Contact @ndc_marketing

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Hello @MostafaLotfy . Unfortunately, RCDAO couldn’t find support at Near Foundation because the current approach is still discussing with the Foundation. Due to the specific limits and KPIs for August and September, NDC Trust cannot support this proposal. You can re-apply with focus ONLY on increasing:

  • of active Developers
  • of active Users and Transactions
  • of Tools on BOS

Marketing DAO councils and advisors will review it and approve/reject and send request to NDC trust. Please join our chat: Telegram: Contact @ndc_marketing

Thank you!