[Closed] NEAR Arabic - August


Guild Name: NEAR Arabic
Region: Middle East
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @NEAR_Arabic
Twitter: https://twitter.com/NEAR_Arabic
Near.social: https://social.near.page/u/NEAR_Arabic

Funding scheme: August and September
Core member : 3
gemy | Near Social
Nesma | Near Social
Vica | Near Social

Previous report: Report: NEAR Arabic for month of July

We aspire to continue providing support to Arab users and educate them about the NEAR Protocol.

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-Increase the number of the on-chain transactions (we hope to reach 600-700 transactions, now 180) and increase the active users.

  • Get new developers to involve them in the NEAR ecosystem, targeting to onboard at least 2 developers to use BOS.
  • Spread the word about NDC and invite users to participate.
    -Educate the users about NEAR and the projects built on it (will focus on BOS and NDC)
    -Onboard new users in near social
    -Reach more users during the next month, we aim for 8%-12% increase with more interaction.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — -

How we can achieve our KPIs:


-Managing the community, provide daily support on Telegram and post the latest news in Arabic and create posts
Cost: 500$
-Providing daily support on Twitter and post the latest news in Arabic and create posts and make retweets
Cost: 350$
-Creating 2-3 videos to spread the latest news about the NEAR protocol and the projects built on it, will focus on BOS and NDC.
Cost: 250$
-Creating 5-8 infographics and visual content for NEAR Arabic social media, will post them on telegram, twitter, near.social
Cost: 200$

BOS Building and NDC
-Create 3-4 articles about BOS and NDC
Cost: 200$

  • Workshop about BOS to guide developers in BOS development.
    Expected 10-15 users to attend the workshop
    Cost: 300$
  • Translate the NDC

-Making 1 AMA
Cost: 100$
(We still have about 110$ from the previous month, will use 50$ for the AMA fess + 60$ for the giveaway)

-Onboarding new users for Near.Social by making contest and publishing the latest news: 200$

Total: 2100$
Wallet: near-arabia.sputnik-dao.near

Thank you for your support
cc: @Dacha @so608 @cryptocredit @marketingdao-council

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Hello! Thank you very much for your proposal.

I suggest postponing your proposal to next quarter and focusing on the oncoming Elections in NDC. We all need to get at least 500 people to participate so that the Grassroots DAOs continue receiving funding. Thanks!

Hello Dacha, why we should postpone our proposal? Our previous proposal was get approved but you asked to edit it to meet the new requirements:
NDC elections (We will make content + invite users to participate hope to reach 10-30 users)
Increasing numbers of active Developers (Will try to onboarding at least 2 developers)
Increasing numbers of active Users and Transactions (our goal to achieve more than 400 transactions this month and add active users)
Increasing numbers of Tools on BOS (Will make content and a workshop)
So I think we meet all the requirements.
If you have any suggestion to improve our proposal please let me know.

Hi @MostafaLotfy

Thank you for your detailed application.

As mentioned, we’re in the midst of focusing our efforts on generating traction for the NDC election.

At the moment, this proposal doesn’t align with the initiative to drive more engagement toward those elections. While supporting community growth is something we’re trying to push for, we need to make sure we hit the numbers leading up to the election.

Therefore, I cannot support this proposal at this time.

Hi @Klint
Our proposal will drive more engagement toward the elections by creating content and spread the word about the election + we will ensure to have at least 10 - 30 voters (hope to hit +50) and add active users.
Also, according to the last KPIs announcement of the marketing DAO it’s was not only about elections but it’s about BOS and transactions on chain, as you can see that our goal to add more than 500+ transactions and make a workshop about BOS and much more.
I hope you can review our proposal again, thank you.

Thank you for your proposal and your great contribution to the ecosystem.

Your proposal is out of scope for our August core KPIs, I saw your concern while responding to other councils, if you carefully check our August CORE focus, your proposal does not align with it.

Take a look at your EDUCATION activities and tasks under it, the only activity that aligns with our KPI is your BOS BUILDING AND NDC section.

Unfortunately, i won’t support your proposal

I encourage you to apply next quarter. Thank you

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I think these are the KPIs for August?
NDC elections - We will add 10-30 voters at least
Increasing numbers of active Developers - We will add 2 developers)
Increasing numbers of Tools on BOS - We will add +500 transactions

We cover it all! the education activities help us to provide support to users and make content to teach users about NDC and how they can vote and to spread the word about NDC and BOS.

Hi @MostafaLotfy i have reviewed your proposal and read your replies to comments by fellow council. Due to our very limited budget this month we are unfortunately unable to fund every proposal. I appreciate that some of your work is aligned with our KPIs but i am unable to support.
Please continue your good work and consider resubmitting your proposal next month.
Moving to Closed

Hi @cryptocredit, thank you for your reply, since our work is aligned with your KPIs, what is the budget that we must stick to? We need support - like other communities - to contribute to the NDC and BOS.