[Closed] NEAR Arabic - November 2023


Guild Name: NEAR Arabic
Region: Middle East
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @NEAR_Arabic
Twitter: https://twitter.com/NEAR_Arabic
Near.social: https://social.near.page/u/NEAR_Arabic

Funding scheme: October
Core member : 3
gemy | Near Social
Nesma | Near Social
Vica | Near Social

Previous report: Report - NEAR Arabic - September 2023

October report but please note that we didn’t received any funds in October:

After the success we achieved in attracting more than 47 new developers in September, we look forward to continuing our journey with them, where we will hold webinars and workshops for them in order to teach them about NEAR and BOS and start building.

Metrics of Evaluation

  1. Accounts Retention: Aim to retain 55% of our onboarded users after 8 weeks, maintaining interaction on the chain.
  2. Account Acquisition Cost: Target to reduce the acquisition cost to below 4.5 USDC per account through our initiatives.
  3. dApps Engagement: Ensure that at least 60% of accounts retained for over 1 week are engaging with more than one dApp in the NEAR ecosystem.
  4. Social Engagement Score: Through our various channels, target an overall 10-15% increase in the number of posts, likes, followers/views in the coming month.

To track on-chain transactions:
We can provide a table including the wallets list and number of transactions, we will collect them from the users through a form.


-Increase the number of the on-chain transactions (we hope to reach 1700 transactions, now about 1160) and increase the active users.
-Get more new developers to involve them in the NEAR ecosystem, targeting to onboard at least 2 developers to use BOS and 5-10 developers from web2 to start learning about blockchain and Near.
-Educate the users about NEAR and the projects built on it
-Onboard new users in near social
-Reach more users during the next month

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — -

How we can achieve our KPIs:

-Managing the community, providing daily support on Telegram and posting the latest news in Arabic and creating posts.
Cost: 600$
-Providing daily support on Twitter and post the latest news in Arabic and create posts and make retweets
Cost: 400$
-Creating 2-3 videos to spread the latest news about the NEAR protocol and the projects built on it, will focus on BOS and NDC.
Cost: 250$
-Creating 5-8 infographics and visual content for NEAR Arabic social media, will post them on telegram, twitter, near.social
Cost: 200$

BOS Building
-Create 3-4 articles about BOS and NEAR
Cost: 250$

-Holding two webinars about blockchain and NEAR
Cost: 250$

-1 Workshop about BOS to guide developers in BOS development.
Cost: 300$

-Making 1 AMA
Cost: 150$

-Onboarding new users for Near.Social by making contest and publishing the latest news: 200$

Total: 2600$
Wallet: near-arabia.sputnik-dao.near


Thank you for your proposal.

Your guys are doing great with following what is going on in the ecosystem and updating your community about the trends, and I am seeing your active participation in the near social

But you still need to have some activities that make your community very active and engaged, not just posting. Try to utilize other existing tools that help in increasing onchain activities.

Again, where are your October engagement reports? As a regional community, it is very important to submit reports on their commitments if they want to get funding, whether the previous month is funded or not.

please could you clarify on this…

Hello Bakaka,
We are always exploring new ways in order to increase the number of transactions on-chain. We currently have a good number of transactions, but we want to double the number and attract new members in the incoming months.
As you mentioned, we are always updating our community, and we are actively participating in near.social even though we did not receive funding in October.
Here is our October report:

  • onboarding users in near.social
  • About 400 on-chain transactions
  • Published the latest news and interacting with the community on Twitter and near.social.
    *Published the latest news on Telegram and members’ questions were answered.

Please create a separate report post and attach every necessary outcomes and tag me to the report post.

Hi @MostafaLotfy We do need to have a separate report posted on the forum and linked to the proposal. Please resolve that if you can in the next day so we can continue to consider for the November round.

In general, I support this for another month of funding, but do want to emphasize that it is important to include links to all of the deliverables (i.e. blog posts, videos, etc.) in your reports so we can document the what’s happened and follow up.

Hi @so608, thank you so much for your support.

Here is our report for October but please consider that we didn’t get any fund for October: Report - NEAR Arabic - October 2023 - #2 by MostafaLotfy

And here is our report for September, it’s included all links (blog posts, videos… Etc): Report - NEAR Arabic - September 2023

I added the reports in the proposal.

Happy to support too, i have checked your reports

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Hello @MostafaLotfy please support new GLOBE DAO (focus on regional development) and apply for a grant to the DAO . Thank you!

Hi @MostafaLotfy thank you for your proposal. Please consider the suggestion from @Dacha as this seems to be the best way forward for your project.

Hello @Dacha we hope that MDAO support us this month as we align with the KPIs, thank you.

Hi @cryptocredit I don’t think it’s the best way for us in the current time, we hope that MDAO can support us this month as we align with the KPIs, thank you.

@Dacha Why you closed the proposal (this is the second time you do that without any reason)! The Globe DAO doesn’t exist yet, and I see that you support another regional communities this month, our proposal align with the KPIs + we have a good on-chain transactions even we didn’t receive any funds from MDAO last month + we have a support from 1 marketing council and 1 advisor.

I am so sorry, but I don’t see the way to pay $2600 for not active community / 3-4 comments a day/ no news about Near Eco

  • please note that we didn’t receive any funds in October.

If you see that 2600$ is a huge number you can suggest a reasonable budget.

  • Could you please share the list of tXs?
  • And LinkedIn profiles of the new 40 developers?


@Dacha Looking forward for your positive reply, thank you for your help.