[Closed] NEAR Arabic community (MAY-JUNE)

can you please share your Calendly?

I don’t have Calendly, if you have please share the link with me.

Ok, could you please update your proposal
according to the instruction? Thanks


How to Apply for a Grant

  1. Make a forum post with the heading [PROPOSAL]
  2. Give an overview of your community.
  3. Give a brief overview in the title, for example
    [Proposal] August social media budget for WhoIsSol DAO

What to include in a proposal:

  1. Guild, community, project name;
  2. The region, country (for statistics), a number of members in your guild, community, or project;
  3. Links on social media and how many members in the social media;
  4. Link to community’s near.social account
  5. Please, introduce yourself and your teammates;
  6. Funding scheme: Quarterly (broken down into months)
  7. Proposal summary, be sure to include:
  • What problem is the proposal solving?
  • How is the problem being solved?
  • Expected impact and value for the Near community;
  • Metrics/KPIs to track results.
  1. Links to similar proposals on the forum (if applicable);

  2. Funding Details

  • Total requested amount in USD;


Please include in your proposal the following information:

  1. AstroDAO wallet id of community.
  2. YOUR name
  3. Telegram handle
  4. Email

cc @rc-admins

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Hey, Thank you for the good work you’ve done for the ecosystem,

Could you please update your deliverables and KPIs after creating near.social to include onboarding community members from the existing TG and other social handles to Near.Social so that they can follow your page as well as i-am-human too? We need to increase engagement gradually there too, especially for IAH, which is very important.

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I updated the proposal @Dacha

Added the near.social link, thank you!

Thanks for Creating Arabic Community.

I suggest you to please remove Deleted account on Telegram Group.

Thanks :blush:

Removed them, thank you.

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Hi @MostafaLotfy – thanks for the proposal and responding to the feedback. I am generally in favor of projects that focus on translations/content creation in languages other than English because they are important to helping spread the word to new populations and increase access to the technologu.

Here are my questions:

  • How will you determine/choose the content you will create and publish as part of the deliverables for this project? I think we have enough background content out there that could be translated vs. created. Can you give additional details about the topics, themes, etc., you plan to address?
  • For the KPIs, you have listed goals – things you want to do and achieve. We need to understand the actual way you will track your progress to these goals according to the guidelines given to us by the NEAR Foundation. For example, you plan to invite more people to open a NEAR wallet, so will you use a tracking link in your content so you can show us in your report how many new open wallets your content is responsible for? How will you track/show us the number of new designers, developers, investors, etc., you are bringing into the NEAR ecosystem with your content? We need to understand how you will capture this information.

Last but not least, since this is a project that involves the Regional DAO team, I would like to see support from @IgbozeIsrael @Dacha or other Regional DAO members before making a final decision. Thanks!

Are you sure to have these contents focused on IamHuman and BOS for community understanding?

Also do well to use this guide to verify IamHuman

Thanks, and I await your reply.

Hi @so608,

-For the content of articles, videos and infographics, we will focus on talking about the latest updates and partnerships of the NEAR protocol and highlighting the advantages of NEAR.
For the webinars, we focus on attracting inexperienced people with crypto and Web2 developers/designers in order to educate them about the blockchain and about the NEAR protocol.

  • As far as I know there is no referral link to open a NEAR wallet, we can certainly put tracking links in our articles and videos but this will only show how many clicks on the link “maybe someone clicks on the link but won’t continue opening a wallet”. We can share a Google form after each webinar and ask the attendees to fill it with their NEAR wallets.
    If you know a good tool to track opening wallets we would be happy to use it, and about the rest of the KPIs like increase in members and engagement we can easily find out via Telegram stats or via a bot like Combot.

Yes, there will be content about BOS for sure.
I’m still trying to verify IamHuman but something is wrong with GoodDollar at the moment.

I will try later today.

Awaiting feedback/comments from Regional DAO members before making a decision. @IgbozeIsrael

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Hello, I don’t know the exact rates this is done, but this seems expensive. Can you review this please

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It is better to work on translations at this point. There are a lot of original materials already and we need more translations into local languages for communities to consume

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Hello, I saw the range here 75$ ~ 90$ per video, I have lowered the cost to 75$.

Got it, will working on translations into Arabic.
I updated the proposal, please take a look again and let me know if you have any other comments, thank you for your support.

Tagging @marketingdao-council to confirm these rates based on the structure put in place.

Please change timeline to MAY-JUNE

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Hello! Unfortunately, we can’t support your proposal because RC working group decision.