[CLOSED] Muti bakes | NEAR Spooky Cookies | 3rd round

Hey :slight_smile:
Since the poll was already on and with votes when you submitted your cookie, it consider it for this challenge.
Hope to see again in our next bounties :slight_smile:

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Voting is closed!

Got a bit delayed but that gave 2 extra days to vote and the results are ON!

This month winners are:

Please proceed to ask for the payout proposal of 2N in our mutiDAO and send your spookie cookie to muti.collective@gmail.com with your near name and they will be minted in our Mutibakery!

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@thefalmon What a pity! I posted it a little before you posted the poll, I thought there would still be time! But since I spent some time making this art, wouldn’t you like mint es at Muti store?

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