[Closed] Merchants of NEAR funding report March 2022

  • The Merchants of NEAR has had a break the past months due to some personal situations of previous leaders from the DAO. We are back this month with the renewed version of the Merchants of NEAR.

  • Monthly highlights:

  • New roadmap for the Merchants of NEAR.

  • 1681 members in the telegram chat.

  • Moving forward:

  • Restore past initiatives such as:

  • Monthly prediction contest

  • Social media presence: twitter, youtube, tradingview, telegram, etc

  • Weekly information on the NEAR ecosystem

  • Start new initiatives:

  • Merchants of NEAR Academy (Q4)

  • Merchants of NEAR Ambassadors program (Q4)

  • Merchants of NEAR ecosystem review and roundup (Q3)

  • Merchants of NEAR live calls & events (Q3)

  • Merchants of NEAR DAO (Q3)

  • What are our future projects ?

Merchants of NEAR DAO:

Initiatives for this already started but weren’t finished. By starting the DAO we can ensure that everyone who participates in the DAO will have its say in the upcoming plans and projects of the Merchants of NEAR. By involving everyone we want to show that we are serious about our decentralized & autonomous ambitions.

Merchants of NEAR Academy:

In this part we will start an educational academy where we will have 15+ hours of content regarding technical analysis. The aim of this academy is to elaborate a plan with all the students who will start the academy. This will be personal to each and everyone one of them and we will help them every step of the way. Example of the course will include:

  • Basics (risk management & general economy)
  • Analyzing the price (trends & range)
  • Location (fibonacci, moving averages, volume profile, liquidity, etc…)
  • Many more…

This is an non-exhaustive list of the courses that will be given.

More information will follow soon.

Merchants of NEAR Ambassadors program:

The goal here is to promote the NEAR ecosystem with entrepreneurs all over the world. With more than 1500 members in the Telegram group we need to aim to find entrepreneurs that will help grow and build on the NEAR ecosystem. Different product managers, industry experts, consultants and passionate people who want to work on the blockchain in an open-source and public manner, NEAR offers this opportunity of becoming a blockchain entrepreneur. Together with the different teams on NEAR we will help you make this a reality. There is no limit to what can be done.

Business ideas such as:

  • Launching an IEO/STO/TGE on NEAR
  • Building dApps on the NEAR blockchain
  • Migrating an existing business or service on the NEAR blockchain
  • …

Merchants of NEAR ecosystem review and roundup:

Every week we will propose a new topic on what is going on in the NEAR ecosystem. The aim is to keep everyone posted on what is going on and cover new things that are cooking on NEAR. It will include different analyses, news, and many more. Promoting the NEAR ecosystem to make sure that it becomes a reference everywhere is our mission and we want to help along and push it as much as we can.

Merchants of NEAR live calls & events:

To make sure that the group becomes more dynamic we want to introduce live calls & events within the members that want this. The aim here is to get to know each other and make sure that we become an even stronger community. This will be a moment to ask questions, explain some concepts more thoroughly, reward the most active and members that help the most. In short, making sure that it becomes more organic and that we can make a stronger collective to help the NEAR ecosystem become the biggest ecosystem in crypto and DEFI.

Merchants Guild MAR Budget

Merchants Contest:

Monthly Participation: 32*5 = $1400 = 90N

Monthly Rewards: 40+20+10+7+5 = $ 750 = 45N

Weekly Rewards: 4 * (7+5+3+2+1) = $ 660 = 40N

Weekly Highlights: 3 * 2 (only did two weeks) = 6N

Total: 181N

Sanket: TG moderator, NEAR community liaison, roughly 2hrs/day

Engaged with merchants community, discussed their charts or their views on NEAR and overall market

Kept chat engaged by bringing in new topics to discuss

Posted All Latest Yield Opportunities whether be it farming or staking within the ecosystem.

Shared Airdrop posts too which helped the community to stay engaged n be rewarded at the same time.

$550 = 30N to Sanket

9ce: Video editor, 5hrs/vid for 2 videos

$260 = 16N to 9ce

MansaKeita: Merchants analyst, 3-4hrs/day

-Weekly podcast on 4NTS Rise and Grind segment

-Daily analysis on NEAR

-Answering and engaging questions in TG chat

-Educational content on NEAR, blogs

$1,000/NEAR price of $16.38 = 60N to MansaKeita

Yuppie: Merchants analyst, 3-4hrs/day

-Weekly Videos for Merchants YouTube channel and other educational content

-Daily analysis on NEAR

-Answering and engaging questions in TG chat

$1,000/NEAR price of $16.38 = 60N to Yuppie

MansaKeita: Guild Lead

-Administrative duties, managing socials, running Merchants contest, interacting and engaging with the community as the face of the guild, moderating discord

$2,500/NEAR price of $16.38 = 152N to MansaKeita

Total: 500N * $9.18 = $8200,00

Let’s get it started again and get back to work!

@David_NEAR @Grace


Moving this funding request to the MarketingDAO for the time being as I believe it fits within their scope


Good morning, could you please share the links (video and links on airdrops posts)?

Propose, reduce to $100-200 (average monthly payment)

Could you please share the links (educational content + blog)?

Could you please share the links? (educational content + other content )?

Good morning, couldn’t find you in Merchants of Near DAO ,

I see you didn’t include Telegram: Contact @merchantsofNearRu in the proposal. Do they run independent group from Merchants of Near?



Hello Dacha, thank you for your reply.

Some context:

Zucchini Fries (previous DAO Lead) left the Merchants DAO on the 20th of February and since then there was no activity from here. A contest in January was not paid out to those who participated and after that there were no efforts from his said after that.

Work has been done without being rewarded since no one was looking out for it. This is why we request it now so everyone can be compensated and we can go ahead and move again in the group as you can see in the Roadmap above.

The content and posts are all to find in the pinned area in our TG chat: Telegram: Contact @merchantsofnear


This has already been reduced from were it was the last time so I propose going to $350 dollars is the fair thing to do.

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All content and blogs can be found in our TG chat: Telegram: Contact @merchantsofnear

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All content can be found in the pinned area in the TG chat: Telegram: Contact @merchantsofnear

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The prevuous Guild Lead didn’t include me in the Merchants of NEAR DAO but I am the one who is taking over. I will have to find a way to make a new DAO since the previous Guild Lead has all the info. This way we can have a fresh start and really get this going on.

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Hello @dacha I just want to make clear that I am also part of the Merchants Guild, have been helping there for long time.

I am not supporting this proposal, I believe the proposal from the merchants still needs more work and more support from other Merchants. 4 days and no support or likes can tell you something.

I wish Merchants can take some good steps into decentralization, adding first more members into the DAO.


I agree with @FritzWorm Thoughts Here.


After organising a contest for month and making participants do the tasks and then its been around 2.5 months without the rewards being processed has really dented the reputation which was very good until january end.
Previous lead is absent from chat and i see every now and then the same question and clueless answers on the same.
All things later first community fundings should be distributed and rest the things at the leadership and council level can be decided with discussions here on forum or wherever necessary.


Yes, and I remember how many members you have onboarded in the group.

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Ok guys, as I know a leadership meeting was scheduled on next week , so I propose come back here after the meeting and update proposal.

From me: would be great to see in your proposal more rewards for Merchants of Near members, 70% members, 30% leadership


This is something that i would love to see.
Usually over 70 percent of the budget in past has been alloted to the team and i remember you have pointed it earlier too.

Will love to see more fundings for the community.


Yeah, Rewards to the community will bring back the reputation of Merchants of NEAR . It used to be fun before :slight_smile:


I am rejecting this proposal:

  • Current member of the Council are also against this proposal
  • This seems to be a very recent takeover which seeks to capitalise on the brand and legacy of the Guild. There isn’t enough information about new leader and their ability to execute

While I admire the community stepping up to keep existing guilds alive, I believe there needs to be cohesion amongst the group before proceeding with funding

Thanks, AVB, we did have a big meeting today on the Telegram, even David participated (very greatful to him).

@Mansa.Keita was there and we could all organize the next steps, right now the DAO will onboard 11 councils, and then we are going to propose a similar but different plan for the Merchants, a fresh start

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Good evening, nice comments suggestions and contributions so far. Going forward, I support @Dacha 's suggestion.

Let’s exercise a little patience, by next week this will be settled.


  1. Just make sure that merchants of near won’t include rewards for all 11 councils in new proposal;

  2. It should be open poll of candidates and include active Merchants of Near community members;

  3. Propose re-elect content managers;

  4. Revise rewards system , accent on Community (80-90% of budget).

Closing the proposal and looking forward to see new one.