[CLOSED] Hype Battle Week 3

What if Mulan becomes the next Evil Shan Yu?



Hello! Here’s my entry! I made princess Jasmine into a villain. I’ve always loved how the character designers are able to alter simple facial features such as the eyebrows or by using make up, and just by doing that, a cute princess could became a scary villain. I experimented with her features and here’s the result!



Typical day Wall-E is doing its duty organizing and cleaning trash on earth peacefully, Wall-Es found a very huge pile of computer trash, while cleaning it he found a strange looking black box, it turn out to be memory hard drive. Curious wall-e tried reading it by attaching it to himself, unlucky he got a destructive virus from it corrupting his system, program and wiping out his Memories.

Mission Save Earth: Terminated
Engage New Mission: Exterminate all life

A hostile machine is born on the middle of the dying planet, the last hope of humanity is finally dead and turn into a nightmare.

KILL-E “Kill-Earth”

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Princess merida is from the disney movie entitled “BRAVE”

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This is Princess ARIEL Character in walt Disney Picture… Animated film THE LITTLE MERMAID…

A ROCKER VILLAIN…:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Scrooge Mcduck vampire.

After the coronavirus, Scrooge mutated into a vampire
and began to hunt for those who hold contests for likes :heart:

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What if Snow White turns out to be the evil?

  • The concept started when Snow White flipped the story and made herself as the victim so it won’t be obvious for others to know her true evil intentions. Snow White wasn’t poisoned by her step mother but the one behind all the tragedy was her, having to poison herself in order to blame her step mother. After the flipped story Snow White prepared, the dwarves therefore was enraged and ended up killing Snow White’s step mother. The reason behind all these horrible things was her intention to sit on the throne and replace her step mother. She was obsessed and self absorbed with herself in gaining powers as she manipulates everyone in the story.

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cuasimodo decided to take revenge against esmeralda because he didn´t realize she doesn´t fell in love him



Hi there! Here is Mhie mhie’s entry from the movie of “Moana”

Moana is one of Disney’s most beloved contemporary animated films.
But, this is my version. The focus is not on the main princess finding a prince to make her happy, self-discovery, adventure and finding happiness in herself. But rather than loathing, hating and destruction.
For every moment, a dark side lurking in the shadows. There is a barrier between the spiritual, real and the demon world. Moana access to the underworld to get the powerful necklace and destroy the human kind.

           "The Curse of Moana"



I’m always wondering what’ll look like if my favourite Disney character Vanellope turns into a villain, Imagine a cute Disney character become sugar tooth hunter ^^

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My favorite Disney character is Ariel. Little Mermaid is a 1989 film that runs about a teenage mermaid princess who gets interested with life on land and falls in love with a human.

I do love the storyline because it sounds so magical when we talk about mermaids. During my childhood, I was interested on how these different races fought hard to be together. How someone can turn their world upside down against all odds in order to pursue what they think could make them feel genuinely happy. It’s about getting out of your shell while aiming for your dreams which can be applied in real life.

I turned Ariel into an evil witch and use colors that fits to a villain. Hope you all like it!



My favorite disney character is GoGo Tomago from Disney’s 2014 animated feature film, Big Hero 6. @HypeDao

She’s a tough industrial design and mechanical engineering student who has an intimacy for speed, hence she developed a bike with magnetic-levitation technology. Later incorporated to her supersuit, the discs do not only act as a mode of transportation but they also act as dangerous weapons. She can cause them to become incredibly cutting which creates powerful impacts against enemies.

GoGo Tomago is such a badass character, and I was really excited to turn her into a villain because personality-wise, she already has that archetype of a potential antagonist.

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Elsa has once again out of control of her power and chooses to runaway. In the times of her despair, she met a companion and promised to help her. She was fooled and this companion take over her body who has a fire power. Elsa’s snow and its fire power has been combined. With her uncontrollable power, she had gained much stronger ability than before. She became the towns villain and ready to wipe all those near her.

Haluuu! jariavex here​:raising_hand_woman: heres my entry for this months competition.


Hello everyone,:wilted_flower: here’s my entry for hypedao battle #3 it’s my First time joining this kind of event btw. My favorite Disney Character is Ariel " The Little Mermaid" and I tried my best to make her cute face to become wicked but still glamorous as I can, I took a little while doing the tail because of the scales and thankfully I manage somehow :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:
Hope you’d like it :relaxed: Thank you…



Māui, a God in Maori and Hawaiian mythology of South Pacific Legend being Evil God for removing a stone heart on Teffiti With the power of his giant, magical fish hook and being A villain.



What if the King and Queen of Arendelle’s deaths were staged and their daughter Elsa was the murderer? hmm
Here’s my Illustration of Villain Elsa taking part in HypeDAO Hyle battle #3.

I hope everyone like it.




She was once the benevolent island goddess MOANA, but after her heart was condemned by the evil god Maui and turn her heart full of hatred and became savages, she became a destructive demon Witch and evil Voyager. And possessed by the demon of earth and fire. Name Tekā.

HD VIEW: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/NGmoez
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Aladdin, once a simple thief turns into an assassin because of the belief that a Genie in the Magic Lamp can grant his wishes; but instead the Genie is an evil entity that possessed Aladdin to do his own agendas and controlled him ever since.

Aladdin has been hunting every single one who has riches and wealth and kill them for sacrificial offering for the Genie to gain more power, even the poor once who owns even the little gold in their pockets are not exempted. All who possess gold and silver will be slayed by the Whipslash of the Greedy Assassin (Aladdin) and none shall be breathing for his blade will be the tool for the Genie’s evil offerings

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The elderly witch offers Snowhite an apple called Evil Bomb Potion whomever consumes the Evil Bomb Potion will develop an evil habit greater than that of Black witches. Snow White had become accustomed to the evil witch’s cruel slaughter of animals in the forest for food. Nobody could stop her from turning all the people she would meet into animals.

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It shows that this bounty is no longer a competition but rather it inspired to challenge our participants to showcase their skills and turn their favorite Disney characters with their new characters.

Lets Go Fam​:heart::rocket::fire: