[Closed] Gamifying the NEAR Ecosystem: On-Chain Quests via Meteor Wallet

Gamifying quests in the wallet through on-chain interactions with ecosystem players


We aim to bring forth an innovative system of on-chain quests. This system is designed not only to enhance user engagement across the ecosystem but also to cement their loyalty through an array of rewarding experiences.

About the Meteor Wallet Team

We began with the Tinker Union NFT as an OG collection and one of the few remaining active NFT collections on NEAR. Then, we made Eneleap, a tool that helps launch new NFTs like the Tonic Goblins collection. Today, Meteor Wallet is used by over 40,000 people with more features than alternative wallets. We also look after the official MyNEARWallet.

Section 1: Background Context

Proposal Objectives

  • Develop a system that allows projects to set up on-chain quests, motivating users to engage more.
  • Use gamification to boost user retention in various ecosystem projects.

Our Mission

  • We want to be the easiest way for users to get into Web3 on NEAR. By fostering cross-dapp interactions, we activate users within the ecosystem, making their journey enjoyable, educational, and rewarding.

Key Features

Here are some features of Meteor Wallet that make it easier to navigate the NEAR ecosystem:

  • DEX aggregator for the lowest swap fees
  • Standard & liquid staking within the wallet
  • Easy-to-read transaction history.
  • Only wallet on NEAR that allows you to rotate your private keys
  • Social DB Integration (sync pfp, bio and twitter to BOS)
  • A section to see and explore NEAR ecosystem projects.
  • Available on web and browser extension

Coming Soon

  • Android and IOS mobile apps
  • Meta Transactions and Single sign-on
  • Smart Contract Accounts (enabling 2FA, social recovery etc)
  • In Wallet BOS Integration / Gateway

Section 2: Product, KPIs + Deliverables

What we will do

  • Build Quests for integration in Meteor Wallet to provide incentives and rewards for users
  • Work with projects to integrate on-chain quests into Meteor Wallet
  • Provide rewards for initial quests for the launch of the quest ecosystem

Examples of Quests

Ecosystem Examples

  • Stake Near
  • Swap on Ref.finance.
  • Borrow Assets on Burrow
  • Follow accounts or post on near.social
  • Mint/list/purchase a NFT on Mintbase/Paras.
  • Claim 10 sharddog links.

Dev Centric Examples

  • Deploy your first components
  • Deploy a component that utilizes NEAR APIs JS + External API Call
  • Deploy your first smart contract
  • Deploy a component daily
  • Deploy your first subaccount


As an original developer community, we believe in bolstering not only developers but also projects so they can achieve product market fit. This is why we are leveraging both project and developer-based quests. Our metrics are around project retention, builder consistency, and user engagement.

  • Number of projects and quests created

  • Number of quests completed

  • Active users who regularly do quests

  • Number of developer-centric quests

Why Build This

  • User Engagement Challenges: Projects within the ecosystem are grappling with effective user engagement strategies.
  • Limitations of Current Platforms: Existing quest platforms aren’t native to NEAR and often require cumbersome manual reviews.
  • Wallet’s Pivotal Role: The wallet serves as a primary touchpoint for newcomers in the ecosystem. Consistent with our mission, we aim to provide seamless onboarding into web3.


  • OnChain quests section in Meteor Web, Extension, and Apple and Android Wallet
  • Rewards section to verify and claim rewards

Future Room For Development

The following are features not covered in this scope but ideas post hitting our milestones that would be great.

  • Streamline the way to create self-service quests for on-chain actions
  • Marketing portal for keeping track of conversion of users
  • Live event activations and coordination with Regional Hubs
  • BOS components

Section 3: Budget, Payment, Milestones

Reporting Procedures

At each milestone, we will be giving updates via NEAR Social and also on the governance forum outlining the success of the quest program. We are expecting the payment upon payment to initiate the development and put rewards on the associated smart contract.

Utilization of Funds

The Marketing DAO grant will be allocated as follows:

  1. Development and Enhancement: A significant portion will be directed towards the development of quests, from an Indexer framework, front end, and design.
  2. Partnerships and Marketing: Onboarding NEAR ecosystem partners and communities to create quests
  3. Quest Incentivizes bootstrap initial incentives, pools, and matched amounts for projects.

Milestone 1: Design and Development (4 weeks)

  • Design of Quests & Rewards Section in Wallet Features
  • Development of Indexer framework to verify on-chain Quests
  • Integration into Web Wallet, Extensions and Meteor Wallet v2 in Mobile and Web

Milestone 2: Testing & Partnerships (2 weeks)

  • Partner with 3 initial quest partners in the ecosystem
  • Design developer quests and team up with projects like DevHub, Build DAO and Jutsu.ai for developer engagement

Milestone 3: Product Launch (2 weeks)

  • Launching initial quests with incentives

Itemized Budget

Line Item Description Estimated # of Hours Traditional Hourly Wage (based on Levels.fyi) Estimated Total Cost Per Line Item
Graphic + Product Designer Designer Create graphics/illustrations in the application, social media announcements. Design quest features on the wallet. `10 hours $50 an hour $500
Product Manager / Solutions Architect Project management, proposal writing, daily scrums with the team. Holding engineer’s accounts. Developing specifications for products. 5 hours $70 an hour $350
Community Manager / Partnerships To advertise and team up with projects to create on-chain quest campaigns. 15 hours $40 an hour $600
1 Front End Developers Develop wallet integration of quests. 80 hours $50 an hour $4,000
DevOps / Backend Engineer Developing Indexer to Keep Track of Solution. Smart contract for quests. 40 hours $70 an hour $2,800
Quests Incentives Subsadized quests incentives for onboarding projects in the eocystem $2,500
Total Needed $10,750
Total Requested $7,500
Discount $3,250

Important Clarifications:

  1. We’d like to emphasize that we aren’t seeking full coverage of development costs from the Marketing DAO; we’re offering our services at a reduced rate.
  2. Additionally, these proposed features align seamlessly with our broader product strategy. Independent of this grant, we are committed to further developing and enhancing these functionalities.

Payout Wallet: meteorgrowth.near
Telegram handle: web3hedge

Thank you, MarketingDAO, for considering our proposal. We’re enthusiastic about the positive changes we can drive together and eagerly anticipate the next steps.



Meteor Wallet is our favorite wallet and we would love to see gamified developer quests. One of the biggest challenges we have had for tracking consistent developer activity is indexer activity and incentivizing them to continue to developing.


Thats a great Proposal I am really into this gamify thing :eyes: NEAR Gaming


The team as a strong success record and focus heavily on the ecosystem. They have been a great partner with ShardDog and we think projects like this help improve the quality of the onboarding for new users.

Hope to see this come to life.


Love this, let me know if I can help, have Soleco reach out :wink:


The people know its our favorite wallet and suppor t team is fast on handling case. Believe this initiative will turn out to something!


Thank you for your proposal.

Great team and project! MDAO is always looking for ways to support ecosystem projects, and on-chain quests are an awesome approach for driving mass engagement on-chain.

My few questions are: although our KPIs toward the V1 transition do not align with your proposal, not because they are not related, we want to focus more on ecosystem projects that need funding for marketing, user engagement, and participation rather than building grants.

-could you elaborate on the specific targets or benchmarks you hope to achieve in your KPIs for projects and quests created, the number of quests completed, and active users? It looks a bit unclear.

-how will you ensure that the on-chain quests resonate with users on a personal level, keeping them engaged not only for the rewards but also for the experience? because any incentives based on engagements are not sustainable.

-in measuring user engagement, what strategies do you have to address and incorporate user feedback into the ongoing development of quests, There was a saying, “building with communities together in Web3 is a great strategy.” Sometimes it is not about the great product, we have so many products with no users currently in the ecosystem, and i used to have a chat with some founders about how they get feedback and the process of communicating with them. Most of them don’t care much about that, thinking that they have a great product. As a result, features that were not required were added or build.

-for developer-centric quests, as indicated, how do you intend to maintain a balance between challenging tasks, ensuring that developers feel a sense of accomplishment and encourage continued participation, and encouraging developers to progress through multiple quests and remain active contributors over an extended period of time? This is a critical component in most developer-centric quests.

-Aside from completing quests, how do you intend to measure the impact of quests on user behavior within the ecosystem? For example, increased participation in other projects, higher retention rates, and so on.

-in what ways will you ensure that quests cater to a diverse range of users with different levels of experience and interests?

Overall, it is an awesome features, and love to see it implemented

Hi @web3hedge thanks for the proposal. In reviewing this, some questions and comments:

  • Would like to see your responses to the questions from MDAO advisor @Bakaka
  • For KPIs, my perspective is that the most important of those you’ve listed are number of quests completed and active users who regularly do quests. I don’t think the number created demonstrates value (just volume). For reference I’m pasting MDAO KPIs & Funding Guidelines for October below these questions – can you review and provide some notes on how your initiative will meet those?
  • Have you currently identified any ecosystem partners? How do you plan to choose the partners?

Thanks for your response – here are the KPIs we are asking proposers to align with for October:

To evaluate the results, please use the following metrics that will be used for tracking individual initiatives’ performance by Marketing (Eco) DAO. All the metrics must be attributable to the relevant project/initiative through on-chain activity and off-chain reporting, ensuring GDPR compliance and preserving privacy:

  1. Accounts retention after 1/2/4/8 weeks — the percentage of accounts who continue interacting on the chain over a given time period (higher is better)
  2. Account acquisition cost — budget divided by the number of accounts interacting through the funded initiative (lower is better)
  3. Median number of dApps used by P95 accounts retained for 1+ week (higher is better)
  4. Number of accounts retained for 1+ week using at least three dApps (higher is better)
  5. Social engagement score — some compound metric of the number of posts, likes, and followers/views in social media produced by the users.

Let’s take this example: Why should Marketing (Eco) DAO fund Project X?

  1. Project X should have a clear goal and target audience
  2. Project X should bring improvements to several metrics listed above

Hello! Unfortunately, your proposal doesn’t align with NDC goals and KPIs, so I can’t support it. Please revise your proposal and submit it again.

PS: glad to see you in NDC wallets WG