[Closed] Funding Request To attend NearCon22 Lisbon

Hello Everyone, My name is Wealth Igolima, a Near Developer from Nigeria I have been on Near Ecosystem for about 9 months and carried out various projects on the ecosystem. I was a part of NEARCON22 held at Miami in April which I attended.

Hence I really wish to attend NEARCON22 holding at Lisbon from the 12-14th of September.
One of my main aim is to meet new devs, participate in Hackathon, gain more knowledge, get more ideas and also share my ideas with other devs on the effectiveness of devs on the ecosystem, and also increase adoption of Near in Nigeria and Nigerian Universities and build Dapps on the Blockchain network.

I got Qualified as a HACKER for the upcoming NEARCON22 but scared I might not be able to attend due to funding.

So I kindly place request to please consider my funding about my travel expenses to Lisbon, I would be really glad to attend as it’ll help me improve my skills, gain more knowledge and experience, participate in Hackathon and make new connections and friends on the ecosystem.

Total amount for my travel and other expenses request : $1.8k [as I’ll be funding part of my expenses]

Thank you in Advance as I would be so grateful if my request is approved and I finally make it to NEARCON22 Lisbon.

Funding Details:

Total : $1,800
Activity Budget $200
Travel Expenses $1,300
Transportation $200
Hotel Costs (5 nights) $500
Other miscellaneous expenses $150

To participate in NearCon hackathon and build some creative projects
Get involved with existing projects on the ecosystem and also contribute my skills to the ecosystem.
Make new friends, new connections and more knowledge, onboard new projects and more devs in my country.
Increase Adoption of devs and also increase the awareness in Nigeria, and also educate more hackers in Nigeria on the importance of their skill on the ecosystem as most devs in Nigeria rather use their skills for fraud rather than the good of the society.
Hope for my request to be approved.




@paul @williamx @kc_sollano @Cryptonaut @FritzWorm @marketingdao-council

Congrats pal.
Wish you success on this.
I’ve seen some of your dev work and I know you’re going to do awesomely on Nearcon.
Cheers :clinking_glasses:



Please change this from creative to marketing.
@marketingdao-council tag you for visibility.

Thank you


Thank you @hina I appreciate :pray:


Hello! Did you get a reimbursement for the trip and you traveled on your own? Thank You


@Dacha No reimbursement was made, I didn’t even apply for any.
I was able to attend through a private sponsorship.


Ok thank you. Unfortunately I can’t support your proposal at the moment.


Please @Dacha can you state the reasons why you can’t support this proposal.

As you have been accepted as a Hacker, you should also be receiving a $1000 stipend to help you attend the event? As has been discussed in previous applications, Lisbon is quite an affordable city, most events are held close to the main venue and hotels, and there is food and snacks provided throughout. If we can work on making this proposal as lean as possible I’d be willing to support.

I’ll add the extra note that the Marketing DAO has been receiving and funding a disproportionate amount of proposals from Nigeria, most of these proposals unrelated to NEAR or technology at all. Some of the challenges that we have faced when assessing this proposals is limited access to the local market so we can assess the quality of content, reasonability of costs, etc. I’d be happy to support developers and builders in the region, specially if they help us manage the local community and ensure it remains growing in healthy ways.