[Closed] December - January 2022 Social Media Marketing Budget for Wizards' Guild

It’s my understanding that Ksenia is no longer working with Transform/Mukachevo as of several months ago.

Yana has two degrees, is multilingual, skilled in marketing and graphic design and is highly acclaimed by anyone who works with her. At this point I am surprised she hasn’t been made a core team member and we are lucky to have her at 200 NEAR. The Stars Guild is no longer active as of this month. Yana is not a full time member of Flying Rhino, she works part-time at 15 hours per week.

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Thank You for information.


Hello @JThompson123, can you please provide some metrics about the engagement/reach you have right now and the goals you want to achieve after funding?

It is beneficial to show what you do and what you will do represented in numbers.


Our Telegram community consists of 130 members and we currently have 856 followers on Twitter. Our Twitter metrics are:
August- 28.4k
September- 13.9k
October- 11.8k
November- 15.3k

*A caveat, we have been running the guild for free and were not focused on metrics previously, only on providing DeFi money making educational spells and participating in real world outreach/events.

Our goals when we receive funding are 150k+ impressions on Twitter per month on @DeFiWizards and 25k+ impressions on our Russian Twitter account. We aim to increase our Telegram group by 500+ members per month.

We plan to achieve these goals by becoming the go to source of news about DeFi on NEAR and Aurora, creating new DeFi spells, and launching giveaways to engage the community. We will also act as a resource/technical support for new DeFi users and provide money making strategies for our community utilizing multiple DeFi dapp money legos to compound APY.

YouTube videos will also drive new members to our community and the NEAR ecosystem.

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The Wizards’ Guild will be attending the TNABC Bitcoin convention in Miami and Miami Blockchain week in January 2022. This will be a great opportunity to evangelize NEAR protocol and possibly create a NEAR city hub or future NEAR meets.

Good evening, sorry guys will vote no.
We already have great Degens team for shilling Near Protocol and thousand awesome OWS contributors.
Appreciate your work.

Probably, you can be funded as a guild in 2022

Thank You.

What does this mean “sorry guys will vote no”? Are you claiming to represent all of the members who will vote on guild funding or are you trying to influence other voters? I’m unclear on what you are saying here and what you mean exactly.

As to the degens, your comment history suggests that you have been unhappy with their performance and accountability, so I am unsure why all of the sudden you are promoting it as something that is comparable to our proposal, it is not. Future funding of the Degens is in doubt and it appears that that project is being wound down. There are no specific groups promoting the DeFi ecosystem on NEAR and Aurora, and that will impact growth and adoption. Also, could you please clarify how our work and proposal are comparable to OWS one-off payments for memes or medium posts?

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I’m so Sorry, just my decision. We have other 5 councils in Marketing DAO.

About Degens. NF did huge work to improve and optimize Degens Guild . Now, it’s the best crypto shilling team in the industry. Thanks you @Lolson_tg @SanketN81 and your guys for great job :wave:


Hello Wizards,

Thanks for submitting your proposal and for all the work you’ve done so far.

Would love to learn more about collaboration between Wizards Guild and existing Defi platforms - I know there is a lot of demand for this kind of content and would be great if you had a system that enabled requests from these projects for specific projects (i.e. OIN Finance on how to issue nUSDO, etc.)

I am happy to support this proposal, although would be happy to revise the amount $ if any other council member has objections about it @marketingdao-council Also do kindly note that all proposals are paid out in NEAR but the amount requested and approved is agreed on USD


Thank you so much for the positive feedback and your response.

The Wizards’ Guild created two NFT spells and their accompanying presentations walking users though the steps required to maximize yield on Ref Finance and Ref Finance + Metapool. We would like to continue to develop educational spells that drive users to DeFi DApps and provide support.

As you stated, OIN Finance would greatly benefit from the services we provide (although Ref Finance needs to step up with an incentivized pool for USDT-nUSDO and USDT-nUSDO “stable swaps” to make OIN more functional on NEAR).

Every project is welcome to contact our Admin on Telegram to ask us to promote their DeFi DApp and collaborate. We have provided regular Cheddar and Metapool updates in the past.

In addition to spells and support on our Telegram, we are focused on promoting NEAR and Aurora DeFi on Twitter. We believe that if funded, we can become the premier location for up to date info on DeFi launches, updates, and yield strategies and we will provide requested metrics (which we will be accountable to) monthly as requested.

I believe we could perform the tasks outlined for $2000 in $NEAR per team member and $1000 per month for LiteLiger videos.

That’s a nice proposal, making animation to guide people on how to use Dapp.

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Hey guys!

Would be awesome to see you guys reaching out to projects, there’s so much going on in the space I can imagine it’s difficult for projects to do the sleuthing required to find initiatives like yours.

Both the Telegram and the Twitter (bar a few retweets) seem pretty inactive at the moment. Are there plans in place to change this?

Can you expand on this, please? Taking into account my previous comments. What are you doing with the NFTs?

Check this out:


Thank you for the response David.

*Some team members moved to a different country with a higher cost of living, which means they cannot devote as much time to doing unpaid work.

*The NFT spells have music and artwork related to the instructions provided in the animation. We have released two spells to date and conducted two NFT spell airdrops to our community.

*We submitted the form for the Guild Tiering System but received no response to date. We actively participate in NEAR Guilds Telegram and Guild calls.


Hey guys, gm,

I think, for the funding amount requested, I’d personally like to see more activity from the Wizards throughout the NEAR Community.

These should be denominated in USD, particularly in light of the volatility the markets have experience recently.

There is no activity on this DAO


Hello David,
We are ready to ramp up but we moved to a more expensive city and can no longer afford to promote NEAR for free. Are you suggesting we continue to work for free until a certain metric is reached before we are eligible for funding?

We changed our funding request to USD in the requisite guild funding application.

There are no funds in our SputnikDAO to allocate and no reason to vote currently as we have been working for free since August and received no funding.

No, but it’s always good to see a community passionate about the NEAR community and engaging with one another without the expectation of funding.

Pinging @marketingdao-council @MktngDAO_Advisors for review :ballot_box_with_check:

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Hi @JThompson123 are the first two members of your guild also on the forum? it would be good to see more details of their past involvement in the NEAR community.

I note that you have been funding your guild activities from personal funds, however the amount requested here seems to me to be on the high side for a new proposal.


Good evening. Still no.

Thank you for the feedback.

In addition to managing the Wizards’ Guild I previously worked as a Degen. Ksenia sells NFT music and started out in NEAR working with Transform Guild. Yana is a Degen, Rhino Guild employee, and is helping the Stars Guild.

Based on the suggested metrics, you will see that we would produce better results than the Degens for a lower fee. Additionally, there is a vacancy in promotion and education in regards to DeFi in the NEAR ecosystem, which we believe is negatively impacting adoption. We have a large number of NFT users that with a little education, could become DeFi power users.

This funding request was created in December and this has dragged on so any funds received would be for work completed by end of February.