[Closed] Central India Community building and Expansion

Hello Everyone!

I am Arpita this side from India.
I hope everyone in the community is doing great.

Currently, I am in my hometown Bhopal. I have been involved with @dmitryne from sometime and now we are amused to announce that we are ready to put forward our new steps in most unexplored regions of Central India having great potential and widespread reach.

For starters, I would like to mention that I have completed my Masters in Business Administration in Marketing from Christ University Bangalore in 2018.

I am a proficient English speaker with good Hindi language skills as well. I am into sales and marketing by profession and I have a marketing firm named Raw2regal Brandworks in Bhopal. I am a W3 technologies enthusiast and have been conducting educational sessions related to Blockchain, W3, NFT, crypto and metaverse ect in various music, art and business communities around the city.

I have got good amount of experience in market expansion of any product and services in different parts of India through various business channels. I have been associated with multiple firms in the past in various parts of India and have added new people in their networks successfully. I have a complete understanding of customer psychology and technology transition behavior currently prevailing in India at fast pace. In 2018, when India was experiencing movement into digital transactional landscape, I was not just the one who witnessed it but I was also actively involved in educating and converting people into the digital landscape by letting them understand the benefits for them.

Recently, India is experiencing a great shift where they are ready to understand more about the future technologies and eventually becoming full time users. Recent establishment of new rules with regards to owning virtual assets in India itself tells about the fast transition of Indian customer segment in the virtual space. This shift is happening very rapidly and in order to take first mover advantages we need to make the near community expansion quicker than before.

With regards to exploring the Indian market, we can push NEAR through the existing market channels in India which can become our long term strategy to penetrate the local market. Some of my plans for this proposal are:

1, Entering through social media space through partnerships with popular Indian Instagram influencers and crypto enthusiast groups

  1. Entering through retail market space by collaborating with some well known retailers in India with a scheme of collective benefit.

  2. Entering through existing educational market by sponsoring their educational content.

  3. Entering through innovative marketing strategies via making relatable promotional content for Indian market space in local languages to make NEAR services more accessible and user friendly by targeting and educating the right segment.

Indian market is very big and at the same time each category have their own buying behaviors and therefore I have plans to deep dive into each horizon with new strategies.

I have already started negotiating with the influencers and social media in order to understand how it can be worked in the best interests of both the parties. Moreover, I have been creating content script for the promotional videos in order to target different Indian audience.

I have already planned first meet up in the city with @dmitryne and we will keep you guys posted about it.

Before I explain my plans in detail about this expansion guild, I will really appreciate some comments and feedbacks from the other community members.



Hey Arpita,

Just to clarify, this isn’t a proposal yet, right?

Love to see the enthusiasm, where else are you active in the NEAR Community?


As David mentioned, love the enthusiasm! Are you aware of the NEAR India community? I think instead of narrowing down the scope to just central India, we’d love to have your experience in building the NEAR India community. Why not start big and narrow down to specific regions when we have a critical mass? :slight_smile:


Feel free to join>> Telegram: Contact @cryptonear_IN

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Yeah these are just outlined ideas that goes along with it. I will soon be posting the detailed proposal.

Meanwhile, I am working with @dmitryne in building new communities in Bhopal.

Also, with regards to making educational content, I have been researching about the gaps in the competitive landscape of NEAR in order to come up with better solutions to fulfill the existing gaps and provide better, safe and easy onboarding process for new members.

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Crypto marketing agencies inhigh demand. You’re in the right place and time :blush::blush::blush:

Couple opportunities for you :

We have Flying Rhino guild (now it’s private marketing company) who works with many guilds and Near Projects. But I’m happy to see new companies.

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Hey @shreyas … The complete idea is not to narrow down the market but focus on specific market as per the specific requirements.
The expansion approaches that will work in metropolitan cities in India will not necessarily work in tier 2 and tier 3 cities like Bhopal as people here need to be educated first rather than just mere onboarding. Proper education is essential in order to make an effective long term association for new members.

Also, the one of the main goals for my upcoming proposal is to add new businesses and corporate companies into the ecosystem rather than just individuals.


Would love to connect with you Arpita and get to know more about what you’re building! :slight_smile:

Please add some of the basic elements of the propsal in terms of work, tasks, budget, etc.

For now- it’s a “no” from me.


Hi. Can you clarify as to is crypto legal in india or not?
Last time i heard FM in parliament there isnt any answer to this though taxes are legal.
Need a detailed information from 4 lines of law.


Probably, we can close the proposal