[APPROVED] Near India March 2024

NEAR INDIA emerges as a pivotal regional hub within the expansive NEAR ecosystem. Our core mission revolves around fostering Developer Relations initiatives, orchestrating potential marketing campaigns, and facilitating development for the NEAR Protocol and its associated ecosystem. Comprising a team of seasoned professionals and emerging talents, each possessing over two years of invaluable experience within the NEAR ecosystem, we consistently demonstrate our commitment to fostering growth and development.

Community Goals & Strategies:

Education and Awareness:
Our aim is to educate individuals and organizations about the benefits and potential of the NEAR Protocol through workshops, webinars, and educational content dissemination.

Developer Support:
We endeavor to cultivate a supportive environment for developers keen on building on NEAR, providing them with resources, mentorship, and hackathon opportunities.

Projects and Innovation:
We actively encourage and support innovative projects and decentralized applications (dApps) on the NEAR Blockchain Operating System (BOS).

Community Building:
Our goal is to nurture a strong, diverse, and inclusive community of NEAR enthusiasts, fostering discussions, networking, and collaboration.

Advocacy and Adoption:
We advocate for the adoption of NEAR-based solutions across various sectors, including fintech, supply chain, gaming, and more.

Alignment with Globe DAO KPIs:

  1. Onboarding 100+ new wallets monthly, utilizing online and offline events, swags, and campaigns, ensuring 30% are IAH verified.

  2. Achieving 60k+ impressions on Twitter with regular content dissemination.

  3. Hosting Telegram contests, on-chain quizzes, and gigs, ensuring 120+ active members.

  4. Executing Zelay campaigns and on-chain tasks, delivering 2000+ transactions per month.

  5. Providing opportunities for the community to create educational videos (Gigs) on NEAR and its dApps, ensuring at least 3 videos monthly.

  6. Pursuing cross-chain collaborations to attract cross-chain regional communities, with at least 1 collaboration event monthly.

  7. Conducting training sessions for Building on BOS to foster developer growth in the guild, attracting at least 20-25+ developers and building reusable components on BOS.

Council Members:

Devbose (Lead)
Ankit Soni (Co-Lead)
Rahul Goel (Advisor)
Vikash (SMM)

Budget Breakdown:

Community: $1800

  1. Events & Onboarding: $500
  2. Video content creation: $300
  3. Developer outreach: $600
  4. Partnerships & On-chain metrics: $600

Council: $1400

  1. Organizing, Execution & Managing Events
  2. Community Moderation/Engagement
  3. Social media management & Content creation
  4. Managing records & tracking metrics
  5. Reports & proposals

Total: $3200
Target Wallet: near-india.sputnik-dao.near


Telegram: @ nearindia
Twitter: @ NearIndia
Email: near.india01@ gmail .com

Project Longevity:

We require continuous funding for one year, with the Grassroot DAO evaluating our KPIs to decide on future funding. Our potential roadblocks include low community engagement and interest, which we aim to overcome by implementing diverse activities and campaigns for existing users while attracting newly onboarded individuals.


Hello team.

Thanks for your proposal. Being an integral part of the Indian community, I abstain from making any decisions on this proposal.


Hi @NEAR_INDIA Thank you for the proposal.

Your KPIs are very clear for me, but please also add a diagram showing your KPIs. If you need an example please let me know.

I am happy to support Near India under Tier C ~ 3200$

Good Luck! :slight_smile:


Will update it with a flow diagram !
Thanks for support :innocent:

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Thank you for the hardwork, I will support your proposal if we have clear confirmation about your proposed KPI. Better if it shows in form of diagram.

So far, here’s what I’ve captured from your explanation. Please correct/add if anything is inaccurate.

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Thanks for your proposal for March, I like the way you do your work, I’m happy to support your proposal.

Please add the graph that @cizi31 and @derymars asked for, showing your March KPIs.

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Here is a Flow chart as requested by Councils

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Hey derymars
here is the further explanation

As we are in Tier C, We have already mentioned what we aim to achieve:

→ Will onboard 100+ wallets for this month

→ 60k+ impressions on X
→ Telegram contests and on chain quizzes and Gigs with 120+ active members.

→ 2000+ monthly on-chain transactions through gamification.

→ Educational video’s 3 per month

→ Partnerships for attracting cross chain regional community. At least one event per month.

→ Training session for Building on BOS to foster developer growth in guild, attracting atleast 10-15+ devs and building reusable Components on BOS.

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Happy to support but please note that we only count the partnership with the non-blockchain community (web 2 tech companies)!

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