[CLOSED] C1 Guild Marketing proposal for August-September 2023

Warm greetings @marketingdao-council ,

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Previous report:

Some team members
Community advisors:
@Dedeukwu , @JCB
@reespect, Acho @Mr_Royalty
Technical lead:
Technical assistance:
Graphics design:
Marketing Team:
Myself (lead) ,
@salautunde15 , @sandrapius038

Events, Social Media, Email marketing.



For the rest of August and September, our marketing activities will focus on the following:

  1. onboarding Developers to build on BOS through outreach to two developers communities and a university outreach. The university outreach will focus on the School (faculty) of Information and computing technology, federal university of technology Owerri, Imo state.

  2. Election education and voters sensitisation.
    We will be creating election awareness/education through AMAs, Email marketing, articles for not just C1 Guild community but all the Near communities birthed by C1 guild such as Thespian DAO, Apex Tribe DAO, Black stereo Guild, Mastermind DAO, planet lukukul, Afro star Guild, Near Digital fashion Guild, Spirit Yut DAO etc.
    Our goal is to encourage active participation, eradicate apathy for both voters and OGs, ensure sound knowledge of the procedures, requirements and the governing rules of the election.


Number of Developers : 50
Number of Verified humans: 100
Number of OGs : 8
Number of nomination: 5
Number of voters: 50


  1. videos -Election teasers : 3

  2. Infographics. 5

  3. Threads. 4

  4. short posts. 10

  5. pamphlet 200 (for the university outreach)


3 AMAs, 4 community calls:
Focus: The NEARdc, voters eligibility (wallet Creation and I’m human verification, Who is an OGS and how to obtain the OG badge,structure of the NDC, the Seats available and the importance of active community participation. How to vote and how to self Nominate.

Video- teaser: Instagram (reels, story, post), Facebook, twitter Near social.

Infographics: twitter, NEAR social, telegram, Instagram, Facebook, Email (we have an email list of over 200 readers within the Near community who signed up for C1 newsletter. We intend to utilize it and share election contents with them)

threads: twitter.
short post: twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Near


Election quizzes - Telegram, Near social, Twitter
Election content competition (tweets, comments, posts, infographics, blog posts, artworks) - twitter, telegram, Near social.

Bounties: 100usd

•University developers outreach:
1)Pamphlet (writing and production)
200 usd
2)Branded shirt for 9 team members
120 USD
3) Transportation/welfare: 50usd

•Developers communities outreach.
114 Usd

•AMA planning, management, content planning, social media moderation, quizz and contest management
600 USD

•Content writing: 400Usd
• Infographics, artworks, videos: 430 USD

Total funds requested
1,964 USD.

Targeted wallet:


Hello @Blessedchidi ! I am happy to support you.

We all need to get at least 500 people to participate in NDC elections so that the Grassroots DAOs continue receiving funding.


Thank you @Dacha for your support. As a community, our goal is to contribute positively and help the ecosystem meet its target.


Hi @Blessedchidi have reviewed your proposal and noted your KPIs

Keep up the good work - happy to support.


Thank you @cryptocredit for your support.


The price points are just a bit too high with unclear deliverables.

I cannot support your proposal at this time.

Hi @Klint , thank you for finding time to comment on our proposal.

I promise, the prices were allocated after careful evaluation in consideration with the current economic situation and over 200% inflation.
For example, the cost to print a page of a pamphlet has tripled in the last few months, transportation cost has experienced more than 200% increment.
We ensured that every cost is well calculated and a penny isn’t added, not even by approximation. The work load is much which the team is happy to take on as nothing will be more satisfying than knowing we contributed to the success of this election. it is a bragging right, we are making history!

For example, the content writers will be writing contents for infographics, email, threads, various short posts including teaser scripts for 200Usd per person through out the period of the election. we honestly don’t agree that it is on the high side. Also, we took into consideration similar proposals.

On the deliverables, I’m open to provide more information and will appreciate if you tell us what information your will like us to provide in other to give you more clarity.

Warm regards.


Thank you for your proposal.

I am interested in learning more about your strategy for onboarding 50 developers.


Hello @Bakaka ,
We are planning a physical meet up for our 2 years Anniversary which we celebrated visually last week Sunday. we would utilize that to reach out to some developer communities within Lagos to share our journey, our growth and onboard them into the ecosystem. More like party and onboard.
This was why we didn’t ask for funds to rent space and some other stuff for the event except the 100 dollars to support welfare. We wanted to utilize the opportunity to promote the ecosystem and also attract developers into our community to build and leverage on BOS.

  1. we are hosting a hackathon by month end ahead of our collaboration with Mama j gaming and will be attracting developers through that not only for the hackathon but we intend to retain them and onboard them into the ecosystem.

  2. most importantly, we will be onboarding developers through our proposed university outreach targeting students from the school of information and computing technology at the prestigious federal university of technology Owerri. We’ve been there before and our technical lead was onboarded from there months ago. We realised that they have so many of zuri graduates who are awesome developers and programmers.
    I’ve been opportune to be in a room with them during my last visit so we will have a mini meet-up to onboard them into the ecosystem.


Hello @so608 , @Bakaka can you please check our proposal. Thank you for always!

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Hi @Blessedchidi I am following up on this proposal, which was postponed for review this month after not reaching a consensus during the previous review period. Last month, we asked to postpone this due to:

  • Continued questions around the KPIs and their alignment with the MDAO focus for the month
  • Budgetary constraints - we cannot fund all proposals from the community and at times have to delay final decisions based on a number of factors related to budgetary approval.

In considering this proposal again after postponement, I cannot support it at this time due to the following key reasons:

  • The KPIs here are not entirely aligned with the MDAO September KPIs. Please review as these will likely be similar for Q4 months. We are not allocating funding for the NDC election during this review period as the election will be over by the time funds are likely to reach recipients.
  • The value of community funds to pay for pamphlets, t-shirts and AMAs is not clear to me. While they may not detract from the success of a project or initiative, I do not see these as the best value for community funds.

I’d recommend reviewing the current KPIs and resubmitting in Q4.


Hi @so608 thank you for finding time to review our proposal.

I’m aware that the proposal isn’t inline with the M DAO’s KpI for September and that was why I personally reached out to council members asking if we are to edit/review the proposal inline with the new KpI because I felt I shouldn’t tamper with a proposal that is already being assessed without clear directives to do so.

Like you said, we will revise it in line with the new kpi and resubmit.

Warm regards.

Thank you for your patience as your proposal was postponed until this month.

As highlighted by another member, your proposal does not align with our current KPIs.

Suggestions, next time you need to keep a watch on the forum announcements especially if you have a pending proposal to stay up to date on what’s going on, you could have edit and update it without contacting anyone to align with the KPIs earlier.

Unfortunately I won’t support this proposal, and feel free to apply next Quarter.

Thank you

Closing this proposal for now - you are welcome to resubmit in Q4. As always you can reach out to us directly at marketingdao@proton.me or via Telegram