[Closed] Branding Minting Music: NEAR Conference

Guild: Minting Music

Target Address: mintingmusictreasury.near or mintingmusic.near

Total Requested: 200 NEAR

Team Members: Quinton, Amber, Rhyme, Nick, Jaswinder


The MM team is going to Lisbon.

Attendance at the conference gives our company a parabolic boost in terms of perception and credibility within our industry, on top of the value in being able to learn and connect with so many members from the NEAR ecosystem.

With branding and marketing being a central component of what we do and how we position ourselves in our market, we will be documenting the trip with our videographer/photographer to use for marketing and educational purposes, capturing highlight reels and other content that will improve branding and marketing efforts.

Few moves can give us more instantaneous credibility than attending an international blockchain conference, while documenting our involvement and contributions at the intersection of Web 3.0 and the music industry.

The 200 NEAR tokens will be used as compensation to our videographer/photographer while on the trip. To which, we will be taking full advantage of accumulating and creating content for the Minting Music brand.

It also allows us to bring followers and viewers along with us on our journey, growing with us, as we reinvent the music industry through the blockchain.

The ability to capture our attendance and interaction in high definition, as well as, the educational opportunities along the way, will be imperative for us in building our company narrative and exponentially elevate brand awareness and our reputation in Nashville and the music industry, overall.

The tech team has been working diligently and progressively at myriad upgrades and customizations to dApps and our white-label marketplace services, which we are looking forward immensely to presenting in greater detail.

We have also been collaborating and conversing with numerous projects and teams within the NEAR ecosystem and the ability to network in-person to build stronger bonds and working plans will only help us grow as a company.

The music industry, for better or worse, holds much stock into, who is doing what, doing it the “biggest” and the newest innovation.

One of the lessons from our first event was something that seemed relatively “small” to us, but played up big to those in attendance for the Influencer Event.

Perception is reality.

People felt they were a part of innovation, and that Minting Music is leading the charge with NEAR. There was a palpable buzz and it has led to continued meetings and conversations with higher profile prospects and clients.

Our network is growing, as is our reputation in the space. Attending the NEAR conference will only accelerate our growth, in a multitude of ways, and we are confident we would maximize the opportunity.