[Closed Bounty] NxM Artists Trading Card NFTs

This Bounty is already confirmed as a collaboration with Album Trading Cards.

To celebrate the contributions of community members we are commissioning 6 official ATC created NxM Artist Trading Cards to be minted on Paras as NFTs!

Here’s an example of some of the work ATC has done

Who Will Be Featured?

For this first round of cards we will put a vote to the community to determine which 6 NxM Members will be featured! A poll will be created in our Telegram channel with the 10 most active community members, from which 6 will be selected and cards will be created.

Onboarding ATC

Through this collaboration we have the opportunity to onboard ATC into the Near ecosystem! A wallet will be created and this bounty paid out to them in NEAR.

Why Paras?

While we acknowledge Paras does not have multiple royalty splits we have been wanting to find a way to collaborate with them for some time now and we hope that through this collaboration we can kickstart something awesome together! With that said, all sales and %10 royalties will go directly into the NxM DAO and used to support our growing number of community initiaitves.

Let’s go!!!