[CLOSED] [Bounty] Build With us in the Metaverse - 5 NEAR/hr

Earn 5 NEAR/hr for Supporting our Community and building in Cryptovoxels.

Your builder portfolio should already be posted here: [Bounties] Createbase Guild - Metaverse Builder Profiles before you reply to this thread for bounty payment.

  1. You should only be posting to this thread if you have already been accepted by the Createbase Facilitators (@lenara / @Chloe) for a build. (to submit a proposal: [Guide] Createbase DAO Proposal Submission)
  2. When the build is complete, reply to this thread with the final build info (screenshots/link to build/time to complete)
  3. Submit a payout proposal, with “target” being your NEAR account, for 5 NEAR * Worked Hours (SputnikDAO)
  4. Use the forum link from your reply for your “Link to the discussion”

Your reply thread will be used by the Createbase SputnikDAO council to decide on your proposal so please check back for updates.

Bounty Submission Guide: Createbase Bounty Guide - Createbase
For more info on the Createbase SputnikDAO: https://createbase.community/dao/

Proposal for the virtual exhibition ‘NFT(Kitties)LAB’ at the BARK BERLIN GALLERY on cryptovoxels by Serste and Iota

Virtual gallery concept (working doc): www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/cutbfuc1dzdw005e22wf8/BARK-BERLIN-GALLERY-working-doc.gdoc?dl=0&rlkey=n0zny60uuydiblzvd1l9bsdqr 5

A view from the completed gallery:
Rooftop with terrace, bar: twitter.com/womptron/status/1375913369203580930 8

Hours to build: 19

Payout proposal

Target: serste.near, for 5 NEAR * 19 hours

Proposed bonus first time but exceptional builder in CV (Iota): 15 NEAR

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Proposal: DEVOTION- the first redeemable NFT-experience to ever exist
Brought to you by the Cryptobæbes

Name, NEAR account, and the timeline you are requesting funding for**
Laura Camellini x Cryptobæbes, jilt.near, TIMELINE: 1 week, +/-2 days, possible starting point: 15. April 2021

Target address:

Funding amount requested:
90 near as per the first proposal [in this paper] (Devotion - virtual event - Google Slides) and 15 extra near for the musician, chosen by Cryptobaebes themselves :slight_smile:
Tasks the funds are required for:
Building exhibition for the collection auctioned and featured by opensea Cryptobaebes's account | OpenSea and megavoxel 3D sculpting.
Start on April 17th 2021 end April 23rd 2021
Support to the near community:
We want to bring performative art experience into the createbase exhibition space in cryptovoxels for diversification and expansion of the near community.
By playing with different forms of art we are starting a conversation for the theatre scene and cultural institutions in Berlin (were we live and operate as artists) and extensively worldwide.


@serste thanks for sending us the documentation of the build work you’ve completed. Great job!

Please submit a payout proposal to the CreatebaseDAO in the amount of 110 NEAR for yours and Iota’s work. Include a link to your post in the proposal field.


Thank you very much!
Here’s the payout proposal.

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