Please note: the residency will take place in Portugal, therefore we are looking for artists which are currently located there.

This post serves to get an overview of the applicants for the residency.

Please state your interest by

  1. Commenting on this post with your social media links, NEAR name if applicable
  2. Filling out this form.

For more infos, conditions and the theme of the residency have a look here

We’re looking forward to your applications and will get back to you after the 2.1.21 ! :purple_heart: :orange_heart::purple_heart:


Hi! My near is eal-50591.near
My social is @e.a.liu
Some links to my work:

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My social media handle is @lylacdahlia :relaxed: You can find my photographs there!

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Thank you! Please also fill out the form mentioned in the initial post if you would like to apply :slight_smile: Google Forms: Sign-in

Hi my near name is @JAOD


Telegram @kyrianuzoagba

Discord JaoG#3830

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Thank you!

If you would like to apply, please make sure to fill out this form: Google Forms: Sign-in

I have filled in the form and sent it as I am very interested in this event and I feel I could contribute to it in a meaningful way…

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Hey! my socials are @macila.com.br (instagram) and Behance :slight_smile:

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instagram: @m41.m
youtube: masya - YouTube

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Hello, i am interested in.
instagram: @_mariajoaoalmeida
last exhibition: http://avesso.virose.pt/maria

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Instagram - iritcahn
Facebook - Irit Cahn

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Hi there,
My NEAR name is hannahruthwalker
My instagram handle is @hannahruthwalker
My website is www.hannahruthwalker.co.uk
Youtube is hannahruthwalker
Many thanks!

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my NEAR name is nararosetto
my instagram handle is @nararosetto
my youtube channel - Nara Rosetto - YouTube

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Hello! 🧚🏽‍♀️ My Instagram is @tashpinto. Thank you for this opportunity :leaves: