[APPROVED] Interdisciplinary artist residency by the sea

It’s getting colder, cozier and the sunsets over the Lisbon horizon are still shortening. With the new year just around the corner, we are delighted to announce an open call for a multi-disciplinary artist residency in the lovely beach town of Parede just outside of Lisbon. The residency will be a collaboration with and hosted by Ouriço, a cultural gem located in Parede. Ouriço holds space for 4-6 artists who will be able to create an interactive artistic experience in the spacious house. The chosen artists will spend a week in accommodation nearby Ouriço, with workshops and brainstorming sessions each day with the aim of producing a collaborative multi-disciplinary event on the final day. The artists will receive accommodation to avoid daily travels and breakfast as well as an onboarding into the NEAR ecosystem. We will create one NFT per artist which will then be sold in the muti mintbase store.

We ask every artist to prepare a workshop of about 45 min which can be shared with the group. The workshops are intended to share knowledge whilst also strengthening connections between participants and each artist is free to choose the theme and focus of their session.

As no travel expenses will be included, we are looking for artists located in Portugal.

We provide a budget of 100 USD in N per artist to cover the materials to create the final show.

We are looking for artists of following categories:

  • Audio/music
  • Visual
  • Performance
  • Poetry

Dates: 10.-14.1.21

Event: 15.1.21

Open Call: 9.-27.12.21 (published through all our social media networks)

Artist pick: 2.1.21

Application process: Please state your interest by posting a brief introduction as well as some links to your work here & fill out this google form

Production Team:

@davinmadeit Davinking.near
@thefalmon Falmon.near
@tabear Tabear.near
@ted.iv Tediv.near



  • 600 USD Pre-production ( 5 team members, 4-6 meetings, open call, evaluation process, onboarding)
  • 75 USD Visuals for the open call & event @davinmadeit
  • 500 USD 1st part of the rental for acomodation
    total 1175 USD


  • 65 USD remaining rental for accomodation
  • 500 USD caché for material (100USD / artist)
  • 150 USD props (prod team)
  • 100 USD communal meals
  • 270 USD Videographer @roadworks
  • 90 USD Photographer
  • 30 USD sound system rental @gardencollective
  • 30 USD lights rental @thefalmon
  • 80 USD cleanup & onboarding workshops
    total: 1305 USD

Residency structure:

Breakfast together
5 Workshops held by the residents
Daily brainstorm for preparation of space
Onboarding session
Recap/Closing Sunday

Theme/ Brief:
Fool’s journey

Ouriço and muti collective are combining to host an intensive 6 day Artist Residency in which Artists will work collaboratively to create a multi-disciplinary performance/event presented on the final day. We are looking for 4-6 Artists to work in residence at Ouriço from Monday 10th January to Friday 14th January with a performance/event on Saturday 15th January 2022. Accommodation will be provided for selected artists and may consist of both private and shared dorm rooms, depending on availability.

The theme for the residency and performance is “The Fool’s Journey”.

“When the Fool takes his next step, he will walk off the mountain ledge. It is possible he will plummet to his death. It is possible he will walk on air and cross the divide. Only time will tell.”

The fool’s journey is a metaphor for the timeless tale of the human’s passage through life, a shared yet individual journey. It is an exploration of new beginnings and endings… and then a new beginning and new end… and so on.

The performance will be an interactive experience carrying visitors along a journey through a labyrinth of wonders and uncertainty. We are looking for artists of all disciplines who are keen storytellers and enjoy working in collaboration to create an immersive world within Ouriço.


Here are the visuals for this project that I compiled.


Is there the possibility to participate in the artistic residency remotely? Sending files for physical exhibition, and video class for the 45-minute activity?

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Hey there,

This time unfortunately not as the goal is to work with the house in Parede, so a physical presence is needed. Maybe the next residency could be online though, let’s see what the new year brings :slight_smile:

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No problem! Congratulations for Project. Thank youu so much.

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Thank you!

Please go to our Astro DAO, create a new proposal for a transfer and request 75 nDAI for the work done :slight_smile:

muti and Ouriço’s production work to coordinate this residency has included the following, from November - End December 2021.

  • 6 meetings over 6 weeks. Formulating the residency’s concept, structure and logistics. Onboarding sessions to the NEAR ecosystem for Ouriço team members have also been incorporated.
  • Drafting application form and candidate selection documents, budgets, brief & proposal
  • Booking accommodation for artists
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Thank you, the full production team can request 120 DAI each in the Astro DAO :slight_smile:

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Chosen artists:

All artists have received 100 DAI to their wallets today. As all of them are new to crypto & verification through Binance takes time, some have exchanged the DAI for €.


Requesting payout for cleaning of Ouriço following the residency. 40 DAI


Thank you & thanks for having us there! Council will vote on your proposal :slight_smile:


Hello there! Thanks a lot for inviting me to this awesome event and get-together. It was massive fun!
@tabear: May I hereby request the first part of the video payment? 1/2 of 270 DAI = 135 DAI to target: roadworks.near, please? Obrigado!


Yes and yes! thanks so much, looking fwd to the final video!

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