[CLOSED] AfroStar Guild JUNE Marketing Budget

Project Name: Afrostar Guild

DAO Adress: afrostar.sputnik-dao.near

Project Council
@bgem abhaa.near
@sterryo iamsterryo.near
@duchess ducheswinnie.near

In June, We are having our Female Creatives festival.
[Approved] AfroStar Guild Female Creative's Festival

More Activites we need to carry out at the event is supporting all our creatives with buying 1 copy of their NFTs created and minted with us on mintbase
WE HAVE MInted 422 NFTs with 13 Creators

Which means we are going to buy 13 NFTs from 13 Creators
Each of NFTs in our store costs 10 NEAR
10 NEAR of 13 NFTs is $400

We wanna advertise the event for one week on radio which reach the people in our immediate environment

Radio advert for 1 week costs $500

Our instagram handle has 3,890 followers Login • Instagram
we wanna make sponsored ad on our IG. $250
Twitter $200
TikTok $200

Total: $1,550

Target: afrostar.near



great one, here we go! @sterryo


nice one cant wait for the concert!


Hello, here to remind marketing doa council! Thank you @marketingdao-council

Good evening! Could you please share the link? Thanks!


hi, @Dacha thanks for asking, i’m the one in-charge of all social media platforms. and here is the link for tik-tok

https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMN2m6FbF/ thank you


It’s still a fresh page we are trying to build it up big in particular

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hi @marketingdao-council kindly help us see into this, so we can bounce on time… thank you so much

This proposal may be more suitable for the creatives DAO.

In its current form, I do not support it. There isn’t a strong enough connection between the project, event, and helping NEAR grow to 1 Billion users.

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hi @satojandro we could scrap the quoted texts out, but 150 creatives are certified to the event,

Radio advert is effective here, and will expose people to knowing more about NEAR which we will definitely convey them,

buy of NFTs will encourage more attendants on whats going on with NEAR.

our community and instagram has got about 4000 memebers and followership.

kindly help us see into this proposal, at the end of all we will show you result of how it works.

thank you so much @marketingdao-council

Unfortunately, you will not be able to run ads across any of those platforms promoting NFTs or NFT projects.

Therefore, I will not be supporting this project for funding.

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Okay,thank you again​:heart:

Thanks for the proposal. While I am a big fan of joining music and creatives with NEAR, I am not able to support this proposal in its current form. Here are a few reasons why:

  • As @klint pointed out, the social platforms in the proposal have a policy against running NFT/crypto ads. So that part of the proposal is not fundable.
  • I do not fully understand the strategy of buying your event participants’ NFTs in the way that you are outlining. I would rather support projects that are marketing their events in order to bring new people into the NEAR ecosystem so that the new people buy the NFTs, not the store that is selling them. Maybe I am misunderstanding that strategically, but it seems to me that true fans should buy the NFTs, not the merchant that is selling them?
  • Overall, without the marketing component clearly stated, this seems like a better fit for the Creatives DAO because it is a creative music project and the funding would primarily go to supporting creatives through prizes.