[Closed] Adoption of NEAR

Hi NEAR Fam,

I’m a scouter and analyst of the latest top tier projects launching in the DeFi ecosystem. I’ve been contributing at ShineDAO (https://shinedao.finance/) for about a year now, and currently head the Hunting Guild there, managing the whole DAO’s project hunting and deal flow process.

I believe collaborating with NEAR would let me introduce all the premium projects I scout and talk to on a daily basis for incubation at Shine, and help exponentially in NEAR’s widespread adoption.

To give you a glimpse, I’m currently in talks with projects like Myso Finance (https://twitter.com/MysoFinance), the ETH Global 2021 Hackathon Winner, and RociFi (wasn’t allowed to link their Twitter by your Forum), developing a novel approach to undercollateralized lending in DeFi, amongst other promising projects for incubation at ShineDAO.

We’re already incubating two projects (DeFi Options DAO and Kassandra DAO) that seem to be interested in onboarding to Aurora.

Please let me know your thoughts, and I’d happily discuss prospects with you.


King Kunta
:star2: Shining light on promising web3 projects

(Discord: King_Kunta#9877)


Good evening, great job :clap:. Feel free to create your proposal for Marketing DAO , thanks :blush:


Hello Hello ! :star_struck:


You have my support, please what can we do to help you?

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Thanks for your support, @FritzWorm!

I see following initiatives that might bring mutual benefit for ShineDAO and NEAR ecosystem:

  1. Adapting Shine launchpad to be able to support our projects launching on NEAR (ideally we get a grant for this, and a 10% referral fee for myself)

  2. NEAR connecting us with projects that are applying for grants (to get incubated with ShineDAO)

  3. ShineDAO trying to convince already incubated and soon-to-be incubated projects to launch on NEAR (ShineDAO gets 10% referral fee for each)

  4. NEAR gives us some senior advisors we could potentially reach out to (technical, business development, system design, growth, etc.)

  5. Cross marketing & promotion of us and our projects

  6. Some NEAR for SHN / NEAR pool (seems like this is ultimate handshake in this space)

I personally would also be able to contribute outside of the ShineDAO partnership in the following ways:

  1. Refer projects outside ShineDAO/way early in Shine’s incubation dealflow pipeline for launching on NEAR for a flat fee or % (open to discussion regarding this; I’m a scouter and have hundreds of projects I talk to on a weekly basis)

  2. Promote NEAR on my Twitter & Reddit with PR content/threads

Please let me know your thoughts!

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@Kemal @HaiVu @LarryLang let’s have a meeting with King. Let me know to organize it.