[CLONCLUDED] World Art Day Exhibition

World Art Day Exhibition


Iago DS

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Isa Danone

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Alexandre Macieira

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Holding a virtual exhibition from April 11 to 17, 2022 with 40 works by 40 artists from the Gambiarra store.


Title: World Art Day Exhibition

On April 15, 1452 Leonardo da Vinci, one of the most complete artists of all time, was born. In order to promote awareness of creative activity around the world, in 2012 the International Art Association (IAA) decreed April 15 as World Art Day. Our goal is to celebrate the date with an exhibition of the Gambiarra store, which now has 181 artists and over 800 published works.

Holding events and exhibitions is an incentive for our artists to continue producing and publishing their works on the Mintbase-NEAR platform. The group formed by Gambiarra’s store believes that it is punctual actions like this that generate the growth of the network, showing the strength of the collective in the Mintbase-NEAR network.

History: The members of the Gambiarra store have been carrying out actions like this: tribute to the 100 years of the 1922 Week, celebration of Women’s Day with FEMINU and 4 Women are some examples of the engagement generated by the collective.

The Action: Research and study of more than 800 publications made in Gambiarra’s store, to make a selection of 40 participating works and evaluate those that best fit the format of the project. At first the works will be organized in 3XR Space, but we hope to find a place in Cryptovoxels or another platform where we can hold an exhibition with all the works together.

World Art Day exhibition becomes NFT: The gathering of all visual works will become an NFT, to compose this final work a JPEG file will be produced.

The pre-event is already being organized since February 2022 by holding meetings and conversations between those involved.
As of April 4, 2022 the graphic materials and texts will be produced for the following week.
From the 7th to the 11th of April, texts, posters, and divulgation will be organized, as well as invitations in Telegram, Whatsapp, and Discord groups of the network of artists interested and active in NFT. All this content will also be available for dissemination in the social networks of Gambiarra DAO and the proponents.
The World Art Day Exhibition will be available virtually on April 11th.

Budget: USD 500 in NEAR

USD 166.66 in NEAR to be paid to iagods.near
Production of the graphic artwork to promote the event.
Publicize and call for participants (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook of Gambiarra DAO and in the personal profile of the proponents).
Accountability at the end of the project

USD 166.66 in NEAR to be paid to isadanoninho.near
Publicize and make the call for participants (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook of Gambiarra DAO and personal profile of the proponents).
Organize the event
Be accountable at the end of the project

USD 166.66 in NEAR to be paid to macieira.near
Publicize and make the call for participants (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook of Gambiarra DAO and personal profile of the proponents).
Organize the event
Be accountable at the end of the project


Link Curriculum Vitae: iagoDS | Linktree
Website: https://iagodsarte.wixsite.com/meusite

Isa Danone
Link Curriculum Vitae: Danone Psicodélico | Linktree

Alexandre Macieira
Link Curriculo: @alexandremacieira | Linktree
Site: http://alexandremacieira.com.br


This is a beautiful project :clap::clap::clap: @Isa_Danoninho @macieira @iagods


Congratulations on the presentation of the proposal @iagods, very nice to have you here participating with us! :tada: Let’s strengthen together even more our Gambiarra! :star_struck: Thanks @Isa_Danoninho for accepting the covite to make this tribute to the World Art Day! :heart: It was six months of great dedication and enthusiasm, we reached 182 artists, with more than 800 works published. Congratulations to all Gambiarra artists! Thanks @Mintbase team for the platform that allows the presence of so many artists here.


Wonderful project @iagods @Isa_Danoninho @macieira :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:


Let’s go team :slight_smile: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


Beautiful project @iagods
Very well thought out to hold this beautiful event on World Art Day. We are working to have our space in the cryptovoxel, I believe that until the date of the event we can make a beautiful exposition inside the metaverse.

We need you to create a poll in our Astro for approval


Report - The World Art Day took place from April 15th to 25th, and we extended the exhibition a few more days to be able to close it together with the Metatronic party and enjoy the movement that took place there. Official closing on April 30th.
The exhibition included 40 works by 40 artists.

List of artists

01 bioplug.almost

02 natashacremoneseartist.near

03 alfredoborret.near

04 wasem_simon.near

05 cleusaraven.near

06 prislo.near

07 blueskozmico.near

08 felipedevicente.near

09 ritamaria.near

10 dazo.near

11 raimoraes.near

12 marisacrini.near

13 edmarola.near

14 isadanoninho.near

15 bellavirus.near

16 umpoucomaisdeiso.near

17 martamonteirovix.near

18 nandopontes.near ceitou)

19 bagadefente.near

20 vinniegcp.near

21 ghini.near

22 brnmerli.near

23 leorezz.near

24 macieira.near

25 filmesdeinfiltracao.near

26 biancavictal.near

27 igormoura.near

28 viny_mac.near

29 retormar.near

30 marvin_nft.near

31 luluca_l.near

32 l3v1at4.near

33 flygoa.near

34 architect3d.near

35 iagods.near

36 kdortearts.near

37 karipontes.near

38 brunomine.near

39 fabiomotta.near

40 japajou.near

The announcements were made on Twitter, Telegram and WhatsApp channels.

Exhibition was exposed in the Vibes By the C building, Gambiarra Dao’s new headquarters building.
The mounting of the exhibition was done by @Ghini , curator and responsible for assembling the building.

Link to the building: Cryptovoxels

The flyer was developed by Iago and had exclusive versions in NFTs.

NFT Art - Gambiarra Store | World Art Day Exhibition (50 units)

NFT Participants - Gambiarra Store | World Art Day Exhibition

NFT Art - Gambiarra Store | World Art Day Exhibition (30 units)

The visitation of the building varied a lot, we had between 5 and 12 people visiting the site daily, and on the day of Metatronic’s event we had over 60 people passing through the site at peak hours.

Payments: Project: 500usd
Isadanoninho.near - 166.66USD = 9.833NEAR
iagods.near - 166.66USD = 9.833NEAR
macieira.near - 166.66USD = 9.833NEAR

@macieira kindly post the pictures of the exhibition.


This one I had the opportunity to follow closely and participate with a art piece in the exposition.
Congratulations @iagods @Isa_Danoninho and @macieira
You can ask for payment in our Astro of 29.50 Near for the project. The value for each participant is 9.83 Near.

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