Card4card stipend to support participating artists

NFT Social Club is awarding a stipend of 5N to any artist who participates in card4card. We had to put some price on the cards to keep bots away. We also realize not everyone has extra NEAR to spend. With this stipend every artist will also have an opportunity to collect :grin:

Instructions to claim your stipend:

Step 1

Create a new proposal at

Step 2

Payout proposal

Step 3

Target: your name.near :warning: Must match the Artist name on the Paras card you minted!
Description: card4card

Step 4

Form link: URL to your card, for example
Payout: 5

That’s it! The council will verify the proposal and vote to approve your payout :v: Have fun swapping art this weekend :black_joker::twisted_rightwards_arrows::black_joker:


That Great! I Love it!