[BUDGET] Marketing DAO Vertical Budget Request for September 2021

Hi everyone,

In anticipation of the proposals we’ll be approving this month, we’re estimating the following for the Marketing DAO Vertical budget request:

TOTAL Requested: 11,690 USD
Contingency for 2nd half of Sep: 10,000 USD

GRAND Total: 21,690 USD
NEAR conversion as of 9/21 3PM UTC: 2885 NEAR

Also flagging the following proposals that have more recently been paid with existing funds:


Hello @jcatnear, is there some kind of live channel (TG, discord, other) where I can ask a couple of questions (and guidance) about marketing issues (Incubadora DAO, of which I am one of the council members, is launching both a website and a catalogue)?

Thank you for including Kitchen Guild in this list. It is an honor for us to be a part of Near Protocol and fully devote ourselves to our work.
We will prepare an amazing report for our guild at the end of the month.
We already have something to show and we have already proven our effectiveness, but we want to create something incredible.