[Approved] Marketing Vertical DAO council members remuneration - September/October 2021

The arrangements for remuneration have been outlined and expanded on by @satojandro in this previous post - [Discussion] Marketing DAO Council Members Remuneration

We had greater than expected requests for funding during October and the marketing DAO team ensured that as many projects and guilds recieved prompt funding payouts.

This left the DAO with insufficient funds to cover a small number of projects… and the remuneration payouts to the two council members - myself and @satojandro

As we are now two months in arrears I will be requesting payment for myself for September and October.

Total requested - 800 NEAR



I agree, but could you please in the next time prepare some report? Just briefly, how many projects councils reviewed, what kind of projects, why declined, etc?

May be time to create transparency commission? Some guilds (NIA, Flying Rhino) and members still ignoring questions and violate transparency policy.