Bringing near closer to the youth

*Greetings *
*I have a proposal to make don’t you think it’s will make more sense if we have a near representative from all the region in the country *
*In other to draw people closer to the system *
Through my research I found out that near protocol NIGERIA was in uniuyo
*That was great *
But looking at my university (akwa ibom state university ) best believe me people that know about Near is not up to 50 .
I honestly think it will be appropriate to put representatives in higher institutions were we have mass number of youths who are looking for opportunities like this at the end of the month the representatives will report the progress in it’s region or higher institution .
I honestly think Near deserve to be closer to the nigerian youth more than it’s now .
*One of the reason I want near to be closer to the people is *
*It will help give under graduate/youth a vision *
*Curtail and stop crime to some extent as Near has so many opportunities available. *
Thank you




Would be great to hear a little more about this proposal. Is this something you could work with the NEAR Nigeria Guild on?


Yea I do honestly think it should be under the near NIGERIA protocol
Since it’s in Nigeria.
You know it’s more like the federal system of Government
In other to bring power closer to the people you need to have the state and the local Government
You know the near protocol nigeria have been trying but they need to have subsidiaries to look into the grass root matters
The near protocol nigeria is more like the federal here
So many people out there in certain areas are still yet to hear about NEAR
Example is my state university
In akwa ibom state
Best believe me as I said earlier not up to 50 have heard of this project
So I think
A subsidiary guild should be created which will operate under the umbrella of near protocol nigeria
The aim is to bring near closer to the grass root people residing in Nigeria
They deserve equal opportunities .
Thank you

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We noticed that blockchain hubs are very active in various universities and this is what we would want to work with as we can track down success rates and make implementation of policies very possible we are currently in contact with uniuyo blockchain community if ur school has a blockchain hub, community we would like to work with you very closely

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Great idea @damboy22 but currently we don’t have a block chain Hub
So what’s next ?
We start something like
*NEAR FOUNDATION Akwa ibom state university
OR near protocol nigeria Akwa ibom state university
Am honestly down to spread the good news about near to my people

You can tag the necessary authorities here to see if they like the idea. If they do I will sit down with Nearprotocol nigeria team to draft out a workable plan that will involve many universities all over Nigeria. The reason why we contact blockchain clubs in school is to make sure team work is achieved and we get the targeted audience. This will remove any form of back log from our side and make sure and program we do is 100% effectively

Alright I will do just that

Hey! This is a neat idea for sure, but if you’d like to pursue it I’d like to see a proposal with more depth, including:

  • Clear goals
  • Metrics for measuring success
  • Breakdown of costs
  • A more in-depth overview of the project as a whole
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I think we can kick start it from January because we would need to see if we would kick start it as an ambassadorship program or a Near blockchain hub, what is the purpose, evaluation, roadmaps and projects start-ups and many consultantations need to be made

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Chipping in here. There’s a tech community launching soon (~a week or so) in the said university (Akwa ibom state community) and blockchain would be one of the focus area for the community. I don’t mind working alongside @Hsmoney to get this off the ground. The reason I didn’t take this up earlier is because I’m due for my 6 months industrial training and won’t be available to facilitate the initiative.


Can you draft out a proposal on how you envision it to be, your roadmaps, how you want to be evaluated and how we can apply this to other schools.

You can pm me on Telegram be4 it will be posted here


Just seeing this now and having being part of different projects campus teams. This would really help a lot in getting NEAR deeper into the Nigerian youths. We sure are interested in working something out with you @Hsmoney @simeon4real

if you are already in contact with @damboy22 then we good

:blush::blush::blush:. We are In contact with @damboy22

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