Break down of council duties for each council members

In this month proposal, we asked for 30% of total budget for council work, hereby is the breakdown of the work shared among each council members.

@larkim [larkim.near]

writing proposals and reports
hosting of physical event [Rhythymic circle]
voting on astrodao
managing community telegram channel
organise the smile open bounty and teaching members on how to vote on astro dao
weekly call with w3 music developers and brainstorming on ideas for w3 music

brainstorming on new ideas, writing proposals and reports
answering to questions from new community members
create wallets for new members in the songwriting competition
voting on astrodao
coordinate the open call for songwriters
weekly calls with developers, testing and brainstorming of ideas for w3 music

writing reports and brainstorming on proposals
create contents for young fresh tv
vote on astrodao
coordinate physical event
weekly calls with developers and scouting for creatives to test w3 music

manage all acivities on the dao
support in managing bounty challenge
brainstorming on ideas with other councils
voting on astro dao
weekly calls with w3 music developers

Total amount requested : 1350$

activities are shared among council members at the end of each council work.