[Bounty] The Auction M & G (Mint and Grab) NFT Contest

The Auction M and G (Mint and Grab) NFT Contest

We would love to bring you a new contest this month.

As Now NFTs can be created and collected on The Auction, a secondary market for NFTs.

Here’s a new contest for art lovers and artists. This occasion intends to draw more artists to the Web3 platform so they can purchase and sell your work for less money.

This event will undoubtedly attract artists from various chains, allowing people to join the NEAR ecosystem. This event will benefit not only The Auction but also the entire NEAR NFT ecosystem.

What are the steps to participate?

  • Anyone can participate in the event

  • List your NFTs in The Auction using M & G tag. No more than 0.1 NEAR and the minimum increment should be 0.01 NEAR. The objective is to list your NFTs for cheap with other creators or collectors.

  • As a secondary market for NFTs, you are welcome to list any of your NFTs that have already been sold on another site or you can directly mint your work at The Auction Marketplace

  • The number of NFTs that creators post is up to them. Winners from The Minter category are chosen from the number of NFTs listed.

  • NFTs must be purchased via The Auction Marketplace by collectors. The winners in The Grabbers category are determined by the number of bids and the number of NFTs collected. In order to boost your chances of winning, collect more NFTs. The number of NFTs that may be purchased is unrestricted.

  • A creator can also collect from their co-creators. You have the option to both list and bid.

Suppose you’re a new user of the Auction marketplace. Make an account on https://app.mynearwallet.com/ or The Auction Satori NFT onboarding to begin listing your work.

We will only accept applications after September 21, and the event will end on October 6. Early submissions will not be accepted, and late submissions won’t be taken into consideration.

Participate and stand a chance to win.

Bounty will be given to the Top 10 Minters and Top 10 Grabbers.

Each creator will receive $150 and collectors are awarded 150$ each.

Join the event.


Whre cab we find that tag?
Cant see it in categories or any other place?
Also can’t see any work

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Hi @lowcanft we met again haha, I’ve already raised the concern to the team, they should be working on it already.

Feel free to join the telegram group as well


Ha ha, nice to hear that mate. To be sincere I have a lot of chats already and would like to discuss specific themes on the forum. Here is a lot better structured conversation and easier to track chances :innocent:
People in the chats have discussions on different topics :wink:

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Hey. I’m having problems with my storage, I have a locked balance but when I want to mint I can’t. Help? That tab on the side for support also no longer appears here.

I want to participate in the bounty, I spent 5.5N to create the project and I am not able to continue with it.

In case you don’t figure it out, it wasn’t a tag you were looking for but a hashtag, and they have now done away with hashtags so I am assuming no one needs to add this any longer. Not an official, just a fellow Auction user here…

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I had a similar issue when trying to mint in a newly created collection. Have you tried disconnecting your wallet and connecting again?

Hello @alfonsotech, thanks for your answer. It’s nice to see active community members, especially when the team is ignoring questions. I saw the reply of @gmachines in the telegram chat.

But unfortunately, I can’t see any option to add a tag while during listing, even on PC, if you think that you succeed in founding it can you please share a screen where?
More over, I don’t think that anyone can make it, because there are only 3 days left till the deadline and this is search result for now:

So, can please @TheAuction or someone from team send a step-by-step guild how to apply to be eligible for winning? I don’t want to hear later response that conditions were not completed.

A second question to the team is: How many works were already submitted for this bounty? Can you please share at least 2?


Hey, thank you for tagging me.

Regarding the # you no longer have to worry about it and you can just mint and list your nfts as it is.

This was also the response from @Monish016 about the # inquiry.

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Here’s also the steps I got from the tg group.

:star: Here’s the Auction Marketplace Guidebook for the users :star:

Step-by-step instructions to #Mint a new #NFT and list it for the auction.

Medium link : The Auction Marketplace Guidebook | by The Auction - Secondary Marketplace | Sep, 2022 | Medium
Twitter link : https://twitter.com/the_auction_io/status/1574754983249321986?s=20&t=7QglaPEtjGxaUngMU4UAfw


Yeah, they did away with hashtags completely, so that is why you can’t find them. They are gone. You no longer need to worry about using these, just mint as usual for no more than 0.1NEAR to enter the contest.

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And about that? Pls…

Thanks for answering. Does that mean the # criteria was remowed?
Sorry for being so censorios, but would like to see a defined answer from the team member, cuz " you don’t have to worry about " can be defined in many ways :wink:

So, basically now all listed NFTs on The Auction in term of 21.09 and bought till 6.10 , with starting bid 0.1 and increment 0.01 will be considered?

I am not sure with how we can troubleshoot this, Lulu, but perhaps @monish16 can help. Come to the TG so we can troubleshoot it there faster.

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Yes, that’s my take on it. Everything that is listed within the specific period of the event is considered.


Hello fam
Bid me


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Hello here my project

Near wallet: bazer08.near

@TheAuction can u check my entry i dont understand m&g tag i hope u accept my entry

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Idk how tag m&g but i minted

wallet: urukhai.near

tnx for this bounty


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