[Bounty for JOURNALISTS] Write Articles About Mintbase 60-180USD in NEAR

@marianeu @reginamintbase may I send the payout proposal?

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Yes please, Camila! :slight_smile:


Hello, I like to apply for these Bounty

Some of My Article’s on Crypto Blockchain Project including Eth

@Trojanhorse15 @reginamintbase and me are still reviewing your article

@Albhion we do not want any article coming from you, please.

@Ivvo @reginamintbase and me will look through your articles and let you know.


@marianeu @reginamintbase I want to write about music in Blockchain.
Is it okay with you guys?

Hi @reginamintbase as spoken, am writing here regarding your request to republish this article to the Mintbase Medium account

Please let me know how much payout I should request for thank you.

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Hi all, I am proposing to write a latest round-up of music/audio NFTs on Mintbase, hopefully I can do it monthly. I will be able to draft the first version by first week Feb.

Something I have previously written here: Audio NFTs? Mintbase’s got you covered. - MintbaseDAO

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Hey @mnshift thanks for posting! For the first article, would you be able to review it to make sure its reflects the current platform? It would also be great if you could refresh the first paragraphs too so they’re up to date :pray:You can submit a payout of 60USD in NEAR as the article has been written and just needs to be slightly edited.

For the roundup of music NFTs - love the idea! Great to shine a light on our music creators. If you could send the draft by first week of Feb that would be awesome.

Hi guys. I’m interested in this.

Here is a sample to my latest article on Aurora NEAR.

I would love to write on a number of topics :

  1. The untapped potential of utilizing Mintbase for NFT creators

  2. Mintbase -The NEAR’s creator’s workshop

  3. A dummy’s guide to using Mintbase

@marianeu @reginamintbase

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Hey @reginamintbase here’s the revised and updated article:


It’s my understanding that you’ll republish it on your end? I’ve already made the changes on the current article. I’ll go through KYC and submit a payout proposal.

Hi. Is there an update regarding the review?

Hey Debbie! Sorry for the late reply - missed this update somehow. We’ll publish with your Medium account on our Medium page if that’s ok? Can you confirm your username and I will add you?

Just asked for access to the doc too :slight_smile:

Thank you!

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Hey it is @debbiechia

Hello @marianeu and @reginamintbase. Can I submit an article as well? I am sending links to articles written, and also my Medium account.

PS: My Medium account is mostly sports, but it is written for a crypto platform, Robinos (Degen sports)


The article will aim to simplify Mintbase for people new to the crypto ecosystem and Mintbase, who are not developers or do not have prior experience with Mintbase or crypto-related projects. As a newbie it can sometimes be overwhelming.

@marianeu @reginamintbase


Hi! After talking to @reginamintbase, I’m writing a text about “Save the clan” for the topic Store of the Week. :slight_smile:


Hola buen día @marianeu , me gustaría saber si la oferta sigue en pie, ya que estoy interesado en participar.

@reginamintbase could you pleasse take a look at this?

@Ubongj nice one! I like the first topic. Can you submit a 1-page draft when you have it? Your idea is to post this on your own Medium page or be featured in our Medium? How do you usually do it?

@beet93 same thing! We can start with your first topic! For 1 pagers we usually pay around $100, but this can be negotiated depending on the article, ofc.

@Mig-Lizarzabal ¡oye! Sí, todavía está en curso, pero necesitamos que envíe su cartera y los temas sobre los que le interesaría escribir :slight_smile:


Okay great Regina. I would do that right away.

It really depends on you. Normally, It’d go on my medium page.

But if it’d be featured on Mintbase’s medium that’d be great as well

Her is the link for the text: Store of the week_Save the Clan - Google Docs

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