[BOUNTY] Croncat + Mintbase automation for Mintickt

Hi guys,

I´m Guille founder of Mintickt. Seems like no one achieved our bounty in Austin Hacker House. Anyway we would like to get it asap. If anyone with experience on Croncat would like to earn $1.000 USD just have to achieve 2 automations interacting with a contract on Mintbase:

What is Mintickt?

Mintickt is a NFT ticketing marketplace powered by the digital artists community which is built on top of Mintbase, NFT factory tool for everyone who wants to build their own contract easily.

This bounty program looks to support community members that help us to be more efficient automating processes being involved on every event.

When you purchase a NFT ticket you receive the collectible and other NFTs more depending on the needs of the event organizer. For example:

  • Collectible ticket: (Utility before and after the event).
  • Burnables tickets/vouchers: Control access, drink deals, popcorn, pizza, merchandise or any kind of goods that the organizer would like to reward for the purchase of the ticket. (Utility during the event).

Burnable tickets mean that this kind of NFTs burn right in the moment you use them and then disappear from your NEAR wallet.

What do we expect to be developed?

We would like to get 2 automations using Cron.Cat that interacts with our contract on Mintbase:

  • Transferring one more NFT when someone buys a given NFT ticket.
  • Transferring another one NFT when someone has burned a certain NFT from their NEAR wallet.

This translates to when you buy a ticket for any event, you immediately receive an NFT as a “voucher” to enter the venue, and once you burn it at the entrance you will receive one or more NFT to spend at the event as a free drink or whatever the promoter/organizer has in mind.

You and your team should develop a simple front end where you can paste the thingID of a NFT listed on our store on Mintbase which is going to work as a trigger and the thingID of a NFT that we would like to transfer to the NEAR account once the first NFT is purchased.

For the second automation the same front end where you can paste the thingID of the NFT who is working like a control access and another field where you can paste the thingID of the NFT that we would like to transfer to the NEAR account once the first NFT is burned.

These are the documentation we suggest you and your team should read to learn about NEAR Protocol, CronCat and Mintbase:

  1. NEAR Docs: Getting Started | NEAR Documentation
  2. NEAR 101: NEAR 101: Introduction to NEAR for Web Developers - YouTube
  3. CronCat: Overview - croncat
  4. CronCat examples: contracts/examples at main · CronCats/contracts · GitHub
  5. Mintbase: Getting Started - Mintbase

For any questions regarding the bounty you can contact me by Discord (guille#6367) or Telegram (guille_mintickt).

Keep building! :heart:

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