[Approved] Mintickt, a NFT Ticketing marketplace driven by community

Hello everyone, :blush:

It’s been a while since my first post. I didn’t want to write a proposal again without having the product more detailed. Without a doubt I think anyone in the NEAR community could benefit from using Mintickt in the future. For us and especially for me, it would be a blast.

Overview/project benefits

Keeping tickets as a souvenir was always an exciting thing for me in the past, why don’t we keep the next tickets in our NEAR wallet forever? Why don’t we put this ticket on the blockchain so you can prove that you were there?

As many of you may know, tickets are one of the best use cases for NFTs. It also solves the classic problems of the ticketing industry: Fraud tickets, scalping and ticket touts and no control over the secondary sales.

Obviating such benefits as preventing fake tickets and scams because blockchain provides a single source of truth for both ticket holders and organizers, our solution is centered in building a NFT ticketing marketplace driven by the community of artists/illustrators/designers and giving tools to artists/organizers to grow their communities.

In detail

Mintickt will have two sides, event pages and admin site. Event pages where potential attendees will buy the NFT tickets and an admin site where the organizer creates tickets.

Event page

When an event is created, an event page gets created (ex: mintickt.com/event/fw872br) where everyone can buy tickets or even some merch.

Our main page will not show all the events listed by countries, cities etc because for now we do not see it necessary.

Admin side

This is where the organizers/promoters will create tickets by choosing from dozens of templates made by the designers/illustrators community, then start filling the webform (event name, location, date and hour…) with a preview of the ticket.

Designers/illustrators will earn a fixed percentage (such as Mintbase or Mintickt) on each transaction when their templates are used in each event. This will help build a community of illustrators around Mintickt that will bring value to our project.

If artists had a Mintbase store, promoters could paste the URL of their store in order to make pre-sales of their merchandise at the event page.

Proof of attendance (PoA)

Once the event date passed, the ticket item page will be updated with all the attendees NEAR wallet ids so you can prove that you were there.


Promoters/organizers will be allowed to schedule a date for making a massive NFT’s airdrop to all attendees as a reward for their fidelity.

Secondary sales

NFT tickets will be “non-transferable" until the day after the event. Then ticket holders will be able to sell their tickets that other people would love to collect. if the ticket holder is unable to attend the event due to force majeure we will burn the ticket and refund the ticket price.

New opportunities reducing costs

Artists can create a pre-sale of their merchandise as NFTs in order to know how much t-shirts they should bring to the gig. At the event, token holders will be allowed to redeem it for a real t-shirt.


Each time a ticket is sold that person will be added to our “Community” group in our DAO. We can reward our community members.


Every time an event gets created we need to automate the deployment of a NFT like Mintbase did on the single release of Deadmau5 x Portugal the Man “This is fine”. But in this case when you buy that NFT you receive a couple of NFT’s more because your ticket could include as many NFT’s as the organizer wants. Example: You buy the collectible ticket but then we transfer you 2 more NFT’s for an access control and a drink deal.

To achieve that we’re going to use MintbaseJS on top to build our ticketing service using TENK (Candy Machine) and Croncat to get airdrops.

Our MVP/first step will consist of building the admin site with 2 or 3 templates made by us and getting a standalone event page created with a unique NFT layout with the organizer’s event data between any ticket template you choose.

Our next step will be to release a marketplace of freelancers run by our DAO as a reliable intermediary. This got sense when a promoter wants to have a custom ticket design for their event. We’ll mint NFT’s that will be used to hire digital artists of our community, and this will be the process:

  1. Someone buys a NFT from our DAO to hire a digital artist.
  2. Our DAO will withhold income until the job is delivered.
  3. In our Discord, once the NFT will be verified a private channel is created between the NFT holder (promoter) and the digital artist.
  4. Once the work is done, the NFT holder (promoter) will burn the NFT and It will happen two things:
    • Promoters will be allowed to get access to the job to use it at their event.
    • Our DAO will transfer the incomes (less a little fee) to the digital artist automatically with no need to vote on any proposal. (DAObot+CronCat).

We were talking with @andresdom and his team of developers to start working on Mintickt and they provided us a budget to get it real. In order to get the MVP it will take 12 weeks of work.

  • Marketing: $7,000
  • Faucet: $5,000 (≃1800 wallets).
  • Product Design: $5,000.
  • Operational costs (6 months): $18,000.
  • Development costs: $10,000.

Thanks in advance, Guille


Thanks, Guille! Grant requests are handled by the grants website: NEAR Foundation Grants

More specifically, this is where you can request for a grant: NEAR Foundation Application Manager - NEAR Startup Grants

Hopefully you will get approved soon


@Kemal you are also part of the team, come to share the love with us here :beers:


That’s right! Love to be part of the team :wink:


Great breakdown of the concept of Mintickt, Guille. :+1: I contacted you back then because I had the same idea, seeing with my community “Sisyaner” that many people fell for scammers on ticket sales.
I am still convinced of the idea and believe that NFTs will disrupt the ticketing system and I am happy to do this together with you! :fist_right: :fist_left:

As mentioned before, you need to make your grant request through NEAR Foundation Application Manager - NEAR Foundation Grants Program, you can refer to this proposal in your request.
I think you should also keep in mind that you need to budget for more costs than just development costs, because every product also needs a marketing and sales strategy.

Let’s arrange another call this week. :muscle:


It will be a successful project, we will work to achieve it