[Bounty] Display & Curation Tool for Mintbase

There are several use cases for choosing only specific NFTs to display on a page.

  • organize your mints by theme or project
  • curate an exhibition
  • show a subsection of your collection
  • charity event with NFTs from different minters and stores
  • all kinds of creative uses for a flexible display tool

Do you have use cases in mind? We would love to know more about it.

And if you are a developer and want to take on this bounty, leave a comment with your coding experience and proposed budget.

This is what we want to have in the final submission:

  • React + Typescript
  • MIT Licence
  • Source code available on Github for code review
  • Live site or demo we can access for user testing

Tools you will need:

Telegram group for dev support: Telegram: Contact @mintdev


@lenara we would love to use the nft for charities and also tickets at or events based on NFT artists.
We’re organising a event so we want to use the nft to make the tickets, anyway we would love to have more info about it pls ^^


Mintbase is working on a “redeem NFT” app that can be used for tickets. They will probably announce at the Telegram group when it’s ready, if you haven’t joined the group yet you can join here: Telegram: Contact @Mintbase

This tool is only for display, a way to organize NFTs.

We are hoping a developer takes on this bounty and then we can make this available to all Mintbase users.