[BOUNTY CLOSED] Create a piece of art for the Philosophical Thought Experiment 4: The Famous Violinist

Dear Community,

The Philosophers DAO is very glad of launching this artistic bounty. Philosophy is full of thought experiments, that are deeply important to argue for or against a certain thesis. We want to see NEAR community to express its creativity by creating art from philosophical thought experiments and thus learn a little bit about these experiments. This one tells us about philosophy of mind and epistemology. Let the philosophical thought experiment be your inspiration, and bring us your art!

We will give 100 usd in NEAR (according to conversion rate used for NEAR to pay the DAO), for the 4 best pieces of art. The pieces of art must not be minted, must be completely original (no copyright problem - in case of copyright issues, we will ban the person for this contest and future ones), because they are going to be minted by us, with the due credits, in our Mintbase store and with royalties and revenue splitted equally between the artist and The Philosophers DAO. In case the piece of art is not an image or gif, it must come with a cover image. We accept as pieces of art: images, including memes, gifs, GAN, videos, poetry, 3d objects; and they should express in a very creative way the following thought experiment:

Thought experiment: The Famous Violinist

This thought experiment was created by Judith Jarvis Thompson in the famous paper “A Defence of Abortion” (1971) and aims to recreate some of the conditions of pregnancy in a different scenario. The goal is to test how some of the moral claims around abortion apply to a morally similar, contextually different situation. Thomson will argue that the fetus has a right to life, but defends the permissibility of abortion.

The thought experiment was originally proposed as follows:

You wake up in the morning and find yourself back to back in bed with an unconscious violinist. A famous unconscious violinist. He has been found to have a fatal kidney ailment, and the Society of Music Lovers has canvassed all the available medical records and found that you alone have the right blood type to help. They have therefore kidnapped you, and last night the violinist’s circulatory system was plugged into yours, so that your kidneys can be used to extract poisons from his blood as well as your own. [If he is unplugged from you now, he will die; but] in nine months he will have recovered from his ailment, and can safely be unplugged from you.

The big questions are: Is it permissible, from a moral point of view, for a person to disconnect from the violinist even if it causes his death? Does the right to life include the right to use another person’s body? If not, disconnecting from the violinist does not violate his right to life, but merely deprives him of something (using someone else’s body). In Thomson’s words: “If you allow him to continue using your kidneys, that is a kindness on his part, not something he can claim from you as his due.” Likewise, abortion does not violate the fetus’s legitimate right to life, but only deprives the fetus of something (the non-consensual use of the pregnant woman’s body to which it has no right).

Consultant: Thomson, J. “A Defense of Abortion”. Philosophy and Public Affairs 1:1 (Autumn 1971): 47–66.

We will close this bounty around September 19th, 2022, when The Philosophers DAO is going to choose the 4 best pieces of art.

Please, submit your art here, as a comment, together with your name, NEAR wallet, title of the work, and description of the piece. And come on to talk to us on telegram: Telegram: Contact @thephilosophersdao You must be in our telegram to be considered.

Thank you all for participating.
Let’s bring philosophy to the blockchain through art!

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i love this as a context as for creating a platform fkr deep philosophical thought and discourse!


o som das vidas atravessadas
Hi! My name is Louise Moscareli.
The name of my piece of art is “The sound of the crossed lives”.
This art expresses the violin symbolizing a fetus hurting the heart of the one who generates it.
My near is louiseam.near
Thank you!!!


I enjoy reading the text. :heart:


Renzer Kielh S. Aguila
Title: "Do you have a choice?”
First of all let me explain the title, It mainly represents both meaning of the experiment. Do you have a choice focuses on what must be done, is it for the good of others or is it for the good of oneself?. In the art I made I focused on almost 2 colors, the white and black that represents the difference in every choices we make, do we live or die, will we help or ignore, etc. You can see in the art there is a man who is suffering from something, a life and death situation to be exact. Do someone have a choice to help the man for his sake or ignore for your own?
We can also see a pregnant woman who symbolizes the main meaning of the thought experiment does she have a choice to abort a fetus? What if it’s for her own health? Third there is the music that symbolizes the violinist thought experiment. I merged the music with the abortion, what if the violinist died because the man/woman didn’t want to help? The birth of the music that the violinist will be aborted, it’s not good for the violinist but it will be good for the woman/man. Just like abortion we will not come to a conclusion on wether it is pronounced as legal or illegal.


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My Entry for the bounty of the theme “The famous violinist”

Art Tittle : Music never dies
Art Creator : @ImJami2017

When you hear a music it vibrates inside your body into your soul. It connects to every part of the body. They say “Music never dies”, in the end it won’t but it live from our memories and thoughts. It give us energy to feel the sensation of the song. Same as our body that needs our life. For the example is the kidney in part of our body that connects our lives, this two parts is very important.

Same like the rymth of the song that level the sounds. If your kidney is left one piece, your life will be living in half and everything will not be in balance. Cherish the moment of your life, live with the sound of music and live with your two kidneys.

Hope you like my entry. :hugs: Thank you!

Near Wallet ID : jami2017.near


Just Unplug It.
Made with DALL-E2, prompt: “grinning woman holding up an unplugged cable, standing next to a bed with a smashed up violin laying on it, 50mm”
Edited and text added using BeFunky image editor.


In “A Defense of Abortion”, Thomson grants for the sake of argument that the fetus has a right to life, but defends the permissibility of abortion by appealing to a thought experiment: You wake up in the morning and find yourself back to back in bed with an unconscious violinist.

Near wallet : guardian22.near


My submission.
Driven by the philosophical thought experiment, the famous violinist, where it is argued that the fetus has a right to life, but defends the permissibility of abortion. Is it moral to abort?
A baby stands at the gate to the world, waiting for the door to be opened at the appointed time. The decision is up to the owner of the womb whether to open the gate or not. The baby has a right to life but, should the mother chose to abort the baby, is it morally right?


“I am the music” by Skaz One (skazone.near)

Sometimes we are so connected to one certain positive thing that we become indistinguishable from our passion. To separate and crush such a love would be medical malpractice as my piece clearly shows.


stop to say explicitly that I am not claiming that people have a right to do anything whatever to save their lives. I think, rather, that there are drastic limits to the right of self-defense. If someone threatens you with death unless you torture someone else to death, I think you have not the right, even to save your life, to do so. But the case under consideration here is very different. In our case there are only two people involved, one whose life is threatened, and one who threatens it. Both are innocent: the one who is threatened is not threatened because of any fault, the one who threatens does not threaten because of any fault. For this reason we may feel that we bystanders cannot interfere. But the person threatened can.



by bitpixi - September 16, 2022
NEAR wallet: bitpixi.near
Link to Purchase: OpenSea, 0.15, ETH-on-Polygon

My art was made using Midjourney AI in 9:16 ratio. This sheet was recovered from the Society of Music Lovers. It was the case of person stolen to the medical bunker for their proper blood, to save a famous unconscious violinist who will regain strength in 9 months time. Scrawled notes, diagrams of the body as examined through technology, and in person, are all shown on the page.

To stay or go? There may be personal reasons to cut and go quickly, such as pre-existing or future obligations, or the physical discomforts of not having agency. There may be societal pressures to endure, or to reject the notion of being stolen for one’s blood - would the Society punish, praise, or act neutral for the choice of separating from the famous perso? How would they acknowledge the reasoning? What is the risk tolerance of punishment or praise that could come? Does it even matter what the society might think or do, and the matter is in the hands of the individual making the choice? Should the sleeping person be allowed to wait and have a say? It’s all an imperfect burden.

What does the choice depend on? Does the choice depend on belief and value systems, cultural mental models, our views of famous people or as a simple stranger, past life experiences, patience level in isolation, our sense of autonomy, yet within a society’s precious ecosystem? Must we become the voice of another? Since this situation was by force, does this change the ethics? Will they spend their life re-doubting the decision or feel acceptance?

What is the right way? We may never know, but we weigh our options. We can sit in this same painful loops, try to shift our focuses, but at some point we have to make a choice. Endure or cut. This choice is always personal and contextual. We can use our minds, our hearts, our souls, and our gut to make this decision. So the decision I believe, is up to the individual’s full assessment of the context from within and outside of themselves. Everyone has their own personal story, both molded by us within our control, as well as things that happen outside of our control. I believe that on the whole, the choice is up to that individual’s true spirit and personal decision. As the Thompson quotation mentioned, “If you allow him to continue using your kidneys, that is a kindness on his part, not something he can claim from you as his due.”


Artist: @louietism

Description: the uncertainty in our society wherein inside has right to live defends the permissibility of abortion by appealing to a thought experiment. The art the chains symbolize the dark of light choosing where she decide to save or get rid off, Just like this experiment when we can’t decide whether it’s the right thing or the wrong one.



NEAR ID: kingjeymsph.near
ARTIST: @kingjeymsph

Welcome to the Mission Kidney Dilemma Project. Are you ready to onboard on this philosophical journey between the worlds of decisions and actions that may result to either loss and adversity or success and victory. This piece of art showcase the ethical dilemma parallel to abortion, where decision for the common good and the most reasonable to do weighs heavier than the other.

This sets an avenue to unveil that an act depends on the permissability of a person, his own will to commit to it. The rights of each party end the emotions and feeling where empathy and sympathy takes place. We can see here a specimen of kidneys and bloods for the violinist. I chose to symbolize the man being kidnapped and mutually used his kidney for the violinist, having a heart rate monitor head, why? Because it shows that the life of the violinist depends on him, there are tubes that connects them both with his kidneys as well as the blood.
This will be a battle between following his own will considering his rights as a human being, being abused due to kidnapping and being involved in an act without his permission to do so, on some point maybe he will likely to participate but he wasn’t asked. And also his empathy and willingness to help the violinist for the common good.


Title: Your Life, Your Rule
Artist: @cjaneartz
Wallet: cjaneartz.near

The arrow represents the choice that supposedly a person can make but is denied to him. The art piece shows the pregnant woman whose taking care of the fetus in her worm is back to back with the fetus that was being disconnected to a pregnant woman. The violin shows the connection of this piece to the thought experiment “The famous Violinist”.
Everyone has the right to live but no one has the right to force someone to do something against his will.


My Little Angel

My artwork is about abortion. The girl in my artwork is a mother who aborted her baby because it is the result of rape. The mother was a victim of rape and was traumatized by it, and then a few months later, she discovered she was pregnant. She tells her family what happened and they all say that they need to abort the childb3cause it is a product of rape. But the mother of the child disagrees and says that no matter what happens, it is still her child. However no matter what she said to her family, they forced her to abort the baby. After that, her trauma became severe, and it was caused not only by the rape case, but also by her family’s pressure to abort her child.

I hope that this artwork will help people understand that abortion is a choice, not a crime; regardless of the circumstances, the mother is the only person who can decide about her child. We do not have the authority to decide for the mother, nor do we have the authority to decide for the life of the fetus.



“Right to life”

The Famous Violinist is a “thought experiment,” not just an analogy to, say, pregnancy as a result of rape.

It is a way of testing our intuitions about what follows from ‘x has a right to life.’ If anyone has a right to life, the Famous Violinist certainly does.

Is it then morally wrong for you to unplug him?

Near id: swilart2.near


:wave: hi, my name is Jello Jarabe, from Philippines :philippines: And i am a Digital Artist.

TITLE: From the Tiny Voices that Calls You “Mama”
ID : jrbemint.near
Twitter: @JrbeMad

“This beautiful little song is for a little boy with a sad poem about a mother who often cries and unconsciously from her eyelids the tears fell and banished. but still passed her songs to his son. who have not yet been born into this world that full of wonder and with a good future ahead.”

-And We are the Lucky One.


Hi everyone here’s my entry!

The Famous Violinist: CONNECTION

I just think the primary reason existing in this thought is all about connection. Connection could either help or deprived someone of something. We face into different accounts because we are connected to someone or something that validates our thoughts and get hooked into it. Later on we’re full of choices and the decisions we came up with always correlate with the ones we’re connected to.